Highlights and Touchdowns: Lions 16-16 Steelers in NFL Season
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Thank you for following the Lions-Steelers NFL game.
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The Lions are still winless, but at least they didn't lose by tying against the Steelers, who remain second in their division.
4:33 PM16 days ago

End game

Lions 16-16 Steelers.
4:28 PM16 days ago

OT 00:08

Fumble que recupera Detroit.
4:23 PM16 days ago

OT 00:29

Harris with the reception and the Steelers are halfway down the field.
4:18 PM16 days ago

OT 01:43

Goff with the incomplete delivery and the Lions to clear.
4:13 PM16 days ago

OT 02:00

Two-minute pause.
4:08 PM16 days ago

OT 02:36

Rudolph with the incomplete pass and the Steelers to clear out of the zone.
4:03 PM16 days ago

OT 04:08

Santoso's 48-yard field goal missed and the Steelers remain alive.
3:58 PM16 days ago

OT 04:08

Short pass by Goff and Detroit will look for the field goal.
3:53 PM16 days ago

OT 05:32

Two controversial penalties put Detroit in field goal range.
3:48 PM16 days ago

OT 06:42

Johnson with the reception, but he drops the ball and it is recovered by Detroit.
3:43 PM16 days ago

OT 07:52

Goff is caught and the Lions will have to clear from midfield.
3:38 PM16 days ago

OT 09:47

Goff surprises with a long delivery and the Lions are already in the opponent's field.
3:33 PM16 days ago

OT 10:00

Overtime begins. Lions on the offensive.
3:28 PM16 days ago

End game

Lions 16-16 Steelers.
3:23 PM16 days ago

4Q 00:31

Goff with the incomplete pass and the Lions to clear.
3:18 PM16 days ago

4Q 00:48

Goff's short pass and the Lions move the chains.
3:13 PM16 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
3:08 PM16 days ago

4Q 02:30

Rudolph with the incomplete pass and the Steelers to clear.
3:03 PM16 days ago

4Q 04:00

Goff is caught at the 1-yard line and the Lions will have to clear out of bounds.
2:58 PM16 days ago

4Q 04:34

Rudolph does not complete to Johnson and it is fourth down. Steelers to clear.
2:53 PM16 days ago

4Q 06:46

Rudolph with the fake to find Johnson and move the chains. Near midfield.
2:48 PM16 days ago

4Q 07:43

Steelers defense rises at the right time and stops the Lions. To clear.
2:43 PM16 days ago

4Q 09:52

Short carry by the Lions who decide to take a gamble and move the chains.
2:38 PM16 days ago

4Q 10:43

Short pass from Goff and the Lions three and out. To clear.
2:33 PM16 days ago

4Q 11:31


Boswell with the distant 51-yard field goal ties the game.

2:28 PM16 days ago

4Q 14:18

Harris is patient and gets the missing two yards to move the chains inside the opponent's 40-yard line.
2:23 PM16 days ago

End of third quarter

Lions 16-13 Steelers

Lions to clear.

2:18 PM16 days ago

3Q 00:59

After getting the sack, TJ Watt has been injured on the field.
2:13 PM16 days ago

3Q 01:59

Washington can't keep the ball and the Steelers will have to clear.
2:08 PM16 days ago

3Q 03:43

McClound with the reception after Rudolph's floated pass and Steelers move the chains.
2:03 PM16 days ago

3Q 05:31

Goff's pass falls short and the Lions will have to clear.
1:58 PM16 days ago

3Q 08:26

FG STEELERS. Boswell for 23 yards to close the gap on the play.
1:53 PM16 days ago

3Q 08:29

Rudolph with the short pass and the Steelers will look for three.
1:48 PM16 days ago

3Q 09:03

Rudolph's carry puts the Steelers in the end zone.
1:43 PM16 days ago

3Q 10:11

Rudolph escapes pressure and gains more than 20 yards on the ground.
1:38 PM16 days ago

3Q 11:52

Rudolph escapes pressure and gains more than 20 yards on the ground.
1:33 PM16 days ago

TD LIONS 16-10

1:28 PM16 days ago

3Q 12:09


Ibweike with the long carry for the touchdown, although they missed the extra point.

1:23 PM16 days ago

3Q 13:00

Campbell repeats the dose on the ground and on third and long moves the chains for the Lions.
1:18 PM16 days ago

3Q 14:40

Swift with the carry for more than 15 yards and moves the chains.
1:13 PM16 days ago

3Q 15:00

Second half begins. Lions on the offensive.
1:08 PM16 days ago

Half time

Lions 10-10 Steelers.
1:03 PM16 days ago

2Q 00:00


Santoso from 20 yards out ties the game at halftime.

12:58 PM16 days ago

2Q 00:!4

The Lions tried to surprise with Swift's carry that fell short. Fourth and goal.
12:53 PM16 days ago

2Q 00:40

Swift with the jumper and puts the Lions in the goal zone.
12:48 PM16 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
12:43 PM16 days ago

2Q 04:22


Boswell 20-yarder retakes the lead for the Steelers.

12:38 PM16 days ago

2Q 07:13

Harris over the middle and the Steelers have first and goal.
12:33 PM16 days ago

2Q 08:17

Pitch with Harris and Steelers move the chains.
12:28 PM16 days ago

2Q 09:44

McLoud with the completed pass despite the hard hit for first and ten.
12:23 PM16 days ago

2Q 11:17

Johnson with the reception to move the ball to the 40-yard line.
12:18 PM16 days ago


12:13 PM16 days ago

2Q 12:44


Jefferson takes advantage of the hole up the middle and escapes to the diagonals for the touchdown.

12:08 PM16 days ago

2Q 14:57

Rudolph with the short pass and then Detroit with a nice return up the field.
12:03 PM16 days ago

End of first quarter

Lions 0-7 Steelers.
11:58 AM16 days ago

1Q 01:40

Rudolph with the high pass and is intercepted. The first turnover of the game.
11:53 AM16 days ago

1Q 03:18

Rudolph sharpens his aim and the Steelers move the chains on a couple of opportunities.
11:48 AM16 days ago

1Q 04:42

Short carry by Swift and the Lions will have to clear again.
11:43 AM16 days ago

1Q 06:42

Rudolph's lofted pass and the Steelers to clear after three plays.
11:38 AM16 days ago

1Q 08:30

Swift with the carry that falls short and the Lions to clear.
11:33 AM16 days ago


11:28 AM16 days ago

1Q 09:40


Washington with the reception at the diagonals to open the scoring.

11:23 AM16 days ago

1Q 11:01

Harris with several cutbacks and gave Pittsburgh first and goal in the red zone.
11:18 AM16 days ago

1Q 11:08

Defensive interference when Washington tried to take the ball. First and ten Steelers in the opponent's backfield.
11:13 AM16 days ago

1Q 12:55

Bad cross to Rudolph who manages to complete with McCloud to move the chains.
11:08 AM16 days ago

1Q 14:00

Harris with the carry and move the chains for first and ten.
11:03 AM16 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Steelers on offense.
10:58 AM16 days ago

Minutes away

In minutes, the game between the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers will kick off from Heinz Field.
10:53 AM16 days ago

Steelers favorites

The Steelers are 5.5-point favorites to take this game, despite the loss of Big Ben that was announced last night.
10:48 AM16 days ago

Time to win

The Lions are the only team in the NFL that doesn't know what it's like to win and today they will look to break that streak at Heinz Field.
10:43 AM16 days ago

Rudolph's numbers

Mason Rudolph played only one full game in 2020 and it was the last one of the season at home for the Browns when the Steelers were already qualified. These were his stats: 58.1 % pass completions for 324 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.
10:38 AM16 days ago


With the aforementioned Ben Roethlisberger out for Covid-19, Mason Rudolph will be in charge of taking the reins on offense as they look to reach a 6-3 record and tie the Ravens for the lead.
10:33 AM16 days ago

They jump into the field

Thus the Steelers have taken the field where they will return to the traditional yellow and black uniform, after having used the rush color on Monday night.
10:28 AM16 days ago

Lions: the absentees

These Detroit players will not start this afternoon:

No. 2 OLB Austin Bryant
No. 8 WR Josh Reynolds
No. 30 RB Jamaal Williams
No. 52 OLB Jessie Lemonier
No. 92 DE Kevin Strong

10:23 AM16 days ago

Steelers: the absentees

These Pittsburgh players will be absent for this afternoon due to injury, most notably Claypool's absence.

No. 11 WR Chase Claypool
No. 25 CB Ahkello Witherspoon
No. 26 RB Anthony McFarland
No. 45 LB Buddy Johnson
No. 67 C B.J. Finney

10:18 AM16 days ago

Hard low

Just last night it was reported that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had tested positive for Covid-19 and would be out for this game. Big Ben is vaccinated, but will be out for the process, although he could be back when they visit the Chargers next week.
10:13 AM16 days ago


The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking for their fifth win of the season against the Detroit Lions, who still don't know what it's like to win. We start with the coverage of the game.
10:08 AM16 days ago

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What time is Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers match for NFL Season?

This is the start time of the game Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers of 14th November in several countries:

Argentina: 3:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Bolivia: 2:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Brazil: 3:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Chile: 2:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Colombia: 1:00 PM in NFL Game pass

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USA (ET): 1:00 PM in Fox Sports

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 12:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Paraguay: 3:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Peru: 3:00 PM in NFL Game pass

Uruguay: 3:00 PM in NFL Game pass

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Last games

The Steelers lead the all-time series with a record of 17 wins, 14 losses and only one tie, noting they have won the last five in a row and have not lost to the Lions in the current millennium.

Pittsburgh Steelers 20-15 Detroit Lions, 2017

Detroit Lions 27-37 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2013

Pittsburgh Steelers 28-20 Detroit Lions, 2009

Detroit Lions 21-35 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2006

Detroit Lions 14-47 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2001

9:53 AM16 days ago

Key player Pittsburgh Steelers

Although Pittsburgh's ground offense has improved thanks to the presence of Najee Harris, the running back has only once this season been able to surpass 100 yards passing; however, what has made him an explosive player is his ability to play as a safety valve on Big Ben's passes.

9:48 AM16 days ago

Key player Detroit Lions

Jared Goff's experience has not been fully reflected on offense because the ground game has been limited, and he has thrown for just eight touchdowns with six interceptions, completing 66.9 percent of his throws.

9:43 AM16 days ago

How do the Lions and Steelers fare in the 2021 season?

The Steelers, who were at the bottom of the division, are currently just one game behind the Ravens and in the postseason zone with five wins and three losses; while Detroit has been winless and has accumulated eight losses in 2021.
9:38 AM16 days ago

Pittsburgh Steelers: Getting back to the ground game

One of the keys for the Pittsburgh Steelers to improve and win four consecutive victories has been their defense, but also because the ground attack has started to get going and has taken some of the weight off Ben Roethlisberger, who has stopped having interceptions and the passing game has been strengthened.
9:33 AM16 days ago

Detroit Lions: to get their first win

Although they have not won a single game this season, the Lions have had games this season that they could have won and for one reason or another they have let them slip away; the key will be not to lose balls and prevent Jared Goff from throwing too many times.
9:28 AM16 days ago

Kick-off time

The Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers match will be played at the Heinz Field Stadium, in Pittsburgh, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1 pm ET.
9:23 AM16 days ago

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