TD and Highlights Colts 41 -15 Bills in NFL
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4:20 PM15 days ago

TD and Highlights

Colts won 41-15 and Taylor has 5 TD


3:59 PM15 days ago

00:00 4Q

The game is over Colts 41-15 Bills
3:58 PM15 days ago

1:40 4Q

Jackson runs for 1 yd
3:55 PM15 days ago

2:00 4Q

3:55 PM15 days ago

3:20 4Q

Ellinger runs 9 yds 1&10
3:51 PM15 days ago

4:49 4Q

3:49 PM15 days ago

6:17 4Q

Singletary runs 7 yds
3:45 PM15 days ago

6:27 4Q

35 yds FG is GOOD 
3:42 PM15 days ago

8:47 4Q

Nimes runs 3 yds 1&10
3:40 PM15 days ago

10:20 4Q

Taylor runs 20 yds
3:38 PM15 days ago

12:36 4Q

Hines runs for 19 yds
3:34 PM15 days ago

14:42 4Q

Allen runs and 2 pts attempt is good
3:33 PM15 days ago

12:48 4Q

TD Bills Pass to Diggs 
3:32 PM15 days ago

12:53 4Q

Incomplete pass to Knox 3&goal
3:32 PM15 days ago

13:38 4Q

Great catch by Knox 1&goal
3:30 PM15 days ago

14:16 4Q

Pass to Knox 7 yds
3:28 PM15 days ago

15:00 4Q

Pass to Breida 16 yds 
3:25 PM15 days ago

00:00 3Q

End of the 3 quarter
3:24 PM15 days ago

00:10 3Q

Time out Colts
3:23 PM15 days ago

00:30 3Q

Pass to Beasley 15 yds 1&10
3:20 PM15 days ago

1:02 3Q

TD Taylor runs 2 yds
3:20 PM15 days ago

1:35 3Q

Short pass to Granson 1&goal
3:18 PM15 days ago

3:00 3Q

3 times Taylor rush and get the 1&10
3:15 PM15 days ago

4:40 3Q

Pass from Allen INTERCEPTED by Moore
3:14 PM15 days ago

5: 17 3Q

Moss runs for 3 yds
3:09 PM15 days ago

5:33 3Q

Another rush another TD Taylor his 4TD today
3:09 PM15 days ago

6:25 3Q

Great run Taylor 45 yds 1&goal 
3:01 PM15 days ago

8:00 3Q

FG from 47 yds IS NO GOOD
3:00 PM15 days ago

9:00 3Q

Incomplete pass to Beasley 4&5 on 30 
2:57 PM15 days ago

10:42 3Q

Great return kick from Breida 1&10 ball on 50
2:53 PM15 days ago

10:50 3Q

Incomplete pass 4&20
2:52 PM15 days ago

11:43 3Q

Incomplete pass from Wentz 2&20
2:47 PM15 days ago

11:51 3Q

Time out Colts
2:45 PM15 days ago

12:50 3Q

Pass Hilton 18 yds and an extra 15 yds by personal foul1 & 10 
2:43 PM15 days ago

13:05 3Q

Complete pass to Doyle 9 yds 3&9
2:40 PM15 days ago

14:35 3Q

3 incomplete pass and its 3 and out
2:38 PM15 days ago

15:00 3Q

Incomplete pass from Allen
2:25 PM15 days ago

00:00 2Q

The second quarter ends
2:24 PM15 days ago

00:03 2Q

FG is NO GOOD from 57 yds
2:22 PM15 days ago

00:03 2Q

Time out Bills 3&22
2:20 PM15 days ago

00:27 2Q

Fumble Josh Allen recovered by Singletary
2:17 PM15 days ago

00:48 2Q

Timeout Bills
2:16 PM15 days ago

1:20 2Q

Pass to Knox for 15 yds 1 & 10 in midfield
2:15 PM15 days ago

1:48 2Q

Pass to Singletary 14 yds
2:11 PM15 days ago

2:01 2Q

Taylor score his third TD 
2:10 PM15 days ago

2:12 2Q

Fumble on return kick 1 & goal for Colts
2:06 PM15 days ago

2:16 2Q

36 yds FG is good
2:05 PM15 days ago

2:20 2Q

Incomplete pass from Wentz 3&11
2:03 PM15 days ago

4:00 2Q

Taylor runs for 8 yds
2:01 PM15 days ago

6:00 2Q

Wentz escapes pressure and runs 18 yds
1:59 PM15 days ago

7:00 2Q

Fumble of Nimes and recovered by himself
1:57 PM15 days ago

7:35 2Q

Taylor's carry will be checked if he get 1 & 10
1:54 PM15 days ago

9:50 2Q

Defensive interference 1 & 10 Colts at 42
1:47 PM15 days ago

10:45 2Q

Pass from Allen to Diggs, TD BILLS
1:46 PM15 days ago

11:00 2Q

Pass to Davies 1&goal 
1:44 PM15 days ago

12:00 2Q

Singletary runs 9 yds  3&1
1:42 PM15 days ago

14:00 2Q

Allen carry for 8 yds
1:35 PM15 days ago

00:00 1Q

End of the first quarter
1:35 PM15 days ago

00:30 1Q

Pass deep to Davies and get to the 40 yard on the other side
1:34 PM15 days ago

1:10 1Q

Singletary run and get 1 yard
1:30 PM15 days ago

1:10 1Q

Taylor receives a pass and scores TD Colts
1:29 PM15 days ago

1:40 1Q

Pass Pittman and get 5 yards, Colts in the red zone
1:27 PM15 days ago

2:28 1Q

Taylor Left run and Gets 14 Yds
1:24 PM15 days ago

3:00 1Q

Allen is underpressure, throws and is INTERCEPTION. Ball for Colts at the 45 yard line
1:22 PM15 days ago

4:00 1Q

First 3 down for Bills pass incomplete but there is a flag
1:19 PM15 days ago

6:00 1Q

Allen makes it personal and gets 13 yds rush
1:18 PM15 days ago

7:00 1Q

Great pass to Knox and he gets the 1 & 10 and much more, ball in the 50
1:16 PM15 days ago

8:44 1Q

Allen pass for Sanders 7 yds
1:12 PM15 days ago

8:55 1Q

TD Taylor runs 6 yds and  Colts takes advantage
1:10 PM15 days ago

10:00 1Q

Taylor carry and get to 6 1 & goal
1:09 PM15 days ago

11:43 1Q

19 yards pass to Pittman 1 & 10 at 20
1:07 PM15 days ago

12:00 1Q

Great carry from Taylor and they are already in 36 on the other side, field goal zone
1:06 PM15 days ago

14:00 1Q

In the maximum advance Taylor manages to convert the 3 & 3 we have 1 & 10
1:05 PM15 days ago

14:45 1Q

First play, pass to Hilton for 8 yds
1:03 PM15 days ago

Start the game

Start the game with Colts on offense
12:51 PM15 days ago

Few minutes

We're just minutes away from kick-off at Highmark Stadium, Orchard Park, NY between the Colts and the Bills for week 11 of the NFL.
12:46 PM15 days ago

Salute to service

October is the NFL's official Salute to Service month and this limited-edition NFL merchandise is only available for a short time. 

Also  coaches and players wear on the sideline throughout November to celebrate our military.


12:41 PM15 days ago

The Colts running attack in one photo

The Colts' rushing yardage players take a pregame photo, Taylor and Hines being the most active.


12:36 PM15 days ago

Stefon Diggs cheers on fans

One player loved by the Bills fans is Diggs who has had good numbers this season.

56 receptions, 750 yds, and 4 TD.


12:31 PM15 days ago

Colts inactive

The AFC South team features several players unavailable for today's game.


12:26 PM15 days ago

Inactive players for Bills

Bills has some inactive players, Bobby Hart is the most important.



12:21 PM15 days ago

Weather can be a factor

We are at 9 ° C and a humidity of 51% with winds of 16km / h
12:16 PM15 days ago

Colts has a hard time visiting

The Colts will look to win at the Bills home for the first time since 2016 in that game the Colts beat the Bills 19-18.


12:11 PM15 days ago

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12:01 PM15 days ago

Key player of Bills

Josh Allen is in the top 5 for the most passing yards with 2602 yds until before this game, he is in the top 6 for TD passes as the Bills' QB has 19 and has only delivered the ball 6 times.

Last week he had a good game complete 21 of 28 for 366 yards 2TD and 1 INT.

Photo: Getty images //  Michael Reaves
Photo: Getty images // Michael Reaves
11:56 AM15 days ago

Key player of Colts

The leader in rushing yards will be the factor to consider if the Colts want to win the game, 161 rushing attempts, 937 rushing yards and 9 TDs per carry are the Colts RB numbers.

Last week he had a game of more than 100 yds, 1 TD and 5.5 yards per carry.

Photo: Getty images //  Julio Aguilar
Photo: Getty images // Julio Aguilar
11:51 AM15 days ago

Latest games between

The Bills have a hegemony over the Colts at home as of their last 5 they have only lost 1.

The results between both:

Bills 27-24 Colts playoffs 2020

Bills 24-16 Colts 2019

Bills 13- 7 Colts 2017

Bills 18-19 Colts 2016

Bills 27-14 Colts 2015

11:46 AM15 days ago

To seek to be the # 1 seed

The Bills come up and down this season after beating the Jets and losing to Jaguars, they remain the number one in the AFC East with a 3-2 record in their last games, The Buffalo will have to win given how tight their division is , a setback this week and he could lose his division lead to the Pats.
11:41 AM15 days ago

Colts on the rise

Truly healthy for the first time all season, the Colts appear to be in good shape and have a chance to send a message to the rest of the AFC with a Week 11 win over the Bills, who many believe are the best team in the world. the AFC.

The Colts are 4-1 in their last 5 games and only allowed in one game more than 30 pts.

11:36 AM15 days ago

Playoff revenge

In a rematch of last year's AFC wild card showdown, the Colts will travel to Orchard Park to face the Bills. After two straight wins, Jonathan Taylor has the Colts' offense in the playoffs as they face one of their toughest tests of the year. In that game the Bills took the victory by a score of 27-24 with a great performance by Josh Allen who threw 2TD 324 yds. and ran 54 yds. although the player who took the spotlight was Stefon Diggs with 128 yds. of reception and 1 TD. Rivers threw 2 TDs and 309 yds. for the Colts, but there was little he could do to prevent that loss and end the Colts' season.
11:31 AM15 days ago

The match will be played at Highmark Stadium

The Bills Stadium whose nickname is The Ralph is a sports venue located in the town of Orchard Park, New York, United States, has a capacity for 71,608 spectators, had a cost of 22 million dollars, and has had 2 renovations in 1988 and the most recent in 2013.
11:26 AM15 days ago

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