Highlights and Touchdown: Broncos 13-34 Chargers in NFL Season
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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the Broncos-Chargers game.
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Broncos 13-34 Chargers.
6:53 PMa month ago

4Q 01:58

First and ten from the Chargers, then three times they will take a knee to consummate the victory.
6:48 PMa month ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
6:43 PMa month ago

4Q 06:31


Fant in the end zone makes the touchdown, although they are still far away.

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4Q 10:10


Herbert drops his arm and finds Williams to extend the lead.

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4Q 14:40


101-yard kickoff return by Roberts for the first touchdown of the second half.

6:23 PMa month ago

4Q 14:53


Short field goal by McManus to close the gap.

6:18 PMa month ago

End of third quarter

Broncos 3-20 Chargers

They will face fourth and goal at the start of the final period.

6:13 PMa month ago

3Q 01:02

Lock looking for the corner but it is incomplete, although a personal foul puts them in the goal zone.
6:08 PMa month ago

3Q 03:31

Lock with shipping and is complete to get into red zone.
6:03 PMa month ago

3Q 06:57

Fant breaks away and settles in at the opponent's 40 yard line.
5:58 PMa month ago

3Q 07:20


Hopkins with the field goal to take a three touchdown difference.

5:53 PMa month ago

3Q 07:12

Herbert with the incomplete delivery and the Chargers will have fourth and goal.
5:48 PMa month ago

3Q 10:21

Allen with the 22-yard catch and the Chargers threaten more points.
5:43 PMa month ago

3Q 11:32

Ekeler breaks two tackles and settles into the opposition's backfield. First and ten Chargers.
5:38 PMa month ago

3Q 02:14

Little or nothing from the Broncos in their first gear and they will have to clear.
5:33 PMa month ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Broncos on the offensive.
5:28 PMa month ago

Half time

Broncos 3-17 Chargers.
5:23 PMa month ago

2Q 00:00


McManus with the distant 61-yard field goal to make the field goal.

5:18 PMa month ago

2Q 00:14


Allen with the reception after Herbert's touchdown pass.

5:13 PMa month ago

2Q 00:31

Herbert dives for the tag to make it first and ten. Chargers burn their last time out
5:08 PMa month ago

2Q 01:17

Herbert with the completed pass on fourth down and the Chargers keep the offense rolling.
5:03 PMa month ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
4:58 PMa month ago

2Q 03:14

Loose ball on the kickoff return and the Chargers return to the offense.
4:53 PMa month ago

2Q 05:18

The Broncos play it on fourth and Lock comes within one yard of scoring and leaves empty-handed.
4:48 PMa month ago

2Q 05:29

Williams with the carry that wins nothing and will be fourth and goal.
4:43 PMa month ago

2Q 11:12

De Lock to Sotton and the Broncos set up shop in the opposition's half.
4:38 PMa month ago

2Q 11:27


Hopkins with the short field goal to increase the lead.

4:33 PMa month ago

End of first quarter

Broncos 0-7 Chargers.
4:28 PMa month ago

1Q 02:02

Ekeler with the reception and lunges to move the chains.
4:23 PMa month ago

1Q 03:24

Brett Rypien had to take the field in place of Lock, but in three plays he didn't do much and Denver to kick.
4:18 PMa month ago

1Q 04:20

Herbert with the incomplete pass and the Chargers to turn the ball over.
4:13 PMa month ago

1Q 05:10

Lock with the short delivery and the Broncos to clear once again.
4:08 PMa month ago

1Q 06:13

Herbert with the incomplete pass and the Chargers to clear from midfield.
4:03 PMa month ago

1Q 07:02

Luck is caught on fourth down and the Broncos leave empty-handed.
3:58 PMa month ago

1Q 09:09

Gordon with the carry on fourth down to keep the offense alive.
3:53 PMa month ago

1Q 09:45

Bosa with the tackle on Luck and the Broncos will have fourth down at midfield.
3:48 PMa month ago

1Q 11:49


Ekeler on the ground route opens the second-half slate.

3:43 PMa month ago

1Q 13:39

Incomplete pass by Burrow, but there is pass interference on the defensive back to set up in the opponent's backfield.
3:38 PMa month ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Chargers on offense.
3:33 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Denver Broncos-Los Angeles Chargers NFL game.
3:28 PMa month ago

The souvenir photo

The Chargers' running backs, led by Ekeler, are ready to take the field to help Herbert on offense:
3:23 PMa month ago

They are ready

The Broncos take the field looking to get back to winning ways:
3:18 PMa month ago

Last matches

The Chargers will close out the final day against the Raiders and the Broncos will host the Kansas City Chiefs.
3:13 PMa month ago


These elements of the Chargers will not see action this Sunday:

Easton Stick

Davontae Harris

Essang Bassey

Drue Tranquill

Senio Kelemete

3:08 PMa month ago

Broncos losses

These are the Denver players who will not see action this afternoon:
3:03 PMa month ago

Asserting the locale

With back-to-back losses to the Chiefs and Texans, the Chargers have put themselves in a tough spot to make the postseason and need two wins combined with other results to advance.
2:58 PMa month ago

To win

The Denver Broncos have suffered multiple player losses due to Covid-19 positives but, despite this, the game was not suspended and they must win if they want to stay alive.
2:53 PMa month ago


Last call for both the Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers if they want to qualify for the postseason. We start with the coverage of the game on VAVEL.
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Tune in here Denver Broncos vs Los Angeles Chargers Live Score in NFL Season 2021

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What time is Denver Broncos vs Los Angeles Chargers match for NFL Season?

This is the start time of the game Denver Broncos vs Los Angeles Chargers of 2nd January in several countries:

Argentina: 6:05 PM in NFL Game pass

Bolivia: 5:05 PM in NFL Game pass

Brazil: 6:05 PM in NFL Game pass

Chile: 5:05 PM in NFL Game pass

Colombia: 4:05 PM in NFL Game pass

Ecuador: 4:05 PM in NFL Game pass

USA (ET): 4:05 PM in CBS Sports

Spain: 10:05 PM

Mexico: 3:05 PM in FOX Sports and NFL Game pass

Paraguay: 6:05 PM in NFL Game pass

Peru: 5:05 PM in NFL Game pass

Uruguay: 6:05 PM in NFL Game pass

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Last games

The Broncos lead the all-time series with a 70-53-1 record, noting that they have had some dominance in the last five games by winning four of them:

Los Angeles Chargers 13-28 Denver Broncos, 2021.

Denver Broncos 16-19 Los Angeles Chargers, 2020

Los Angeles Chargers 30-31 Denver Broncos, 2020

Los Angeles Chargers 20-23 Denver Broncos, 2019

Denver Broncos 20-13 Los Angeles Chargers, 2019

2:33 PMa month ago

Key player Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert's numbers in his second year continue to amaze anyone after completing 67.1% of his completions, for 4,394 yards, 33 touchdowns but with 14 interceptions, an area in which he will have to be careful.
Photo: Marca
Photo: Marca
2:28 PMa month ago

Key player Denver Broncos

Receiver Jerry Jeudy has not had a good season as in his debut in 2020, however, he is still one of the most talented men in the aerial game and they will have to look for him constantly so he can make a big play that changes the game. He has 36 catches and 437 yards this year.
Photo: Agency
Photo: Agency
2:23 PMa month ago

How do the Broncos and Chargers go into the 2021 season?

Both teams are located in the same division, in the AFC West where the Chargers are second with a record of 8 wins and 7 losses; while the Broncos are with a record of 7-8.
2:18 PMa month ago

Los Angeles Chargers: win or win

With two straight losses that could have been victories after losing to the Chiefs in overtime and surprisingly to the Texans, the Los Angeles Chargers have gotten into trouble and are already out of the postseason zone, so they have the obligation to win this Sunday if they want to stay alive. However, the priority will be to stop the opponent's ground game, since against Houston they allowed 189 yards and it was one of the important points to get a painful setback.
2:13 PMa month ago

Denver Broncos: keeping hope alive

The Denver Broncos have suffered consecutive defeats that have put them in severe predicaments and, although they still have hopes of qualifying, many results are needed for that to happen; for the time being, they will have to win as visitors and they will have to prioritize the ground game to facilitate the passes, since they have had many problems during the month of December.
2:08 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Denver Broncos vs Los Angeles Chargers match will be played at the SoFi Stadium, in Los Angeles, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:05 pm ET.
2:03 PMa month ago

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