Goals and Highlights: Montreal Impact 1-2 Olimpia, 2020 Concacaf Champions League
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9:15 PM9 months ago


9:05 PM9 months ago

End game

Montreal 1-2 Olimpia
9:05 PM9 months ago


Direct Montreal free-kick that crashes into the barrier
9:00 PM9 months ago


Bengston centre to second post almost ends in goal
8:57 PM9 months ago


Cañete enters and Mejía leaves, instead of Olimpia
8:56 PM9 months ago


Strong collision inside the area after Taider's header goes over
8:50 PM9 months ago


The whistle indicates that there is no penalty after dialogue with the flag bearer
8:49 PM9 months ago


Hand inside the box and the referee scores a penalty for Montreal
8:38 PM9 months ago


Ballou enters and leaves Kyoto, change of Montreal
8:38 PM9 months ago


Taider free throw that goes over the top
8:35 PM9 months ago


Castillo's shot goes over the top of the goal
8:30 PM9 months ago


Jackson's shot at the Barrios location
8:30 PM9 months ago


Timely sweep of Leverón to avoid a tie within the small area
8:27 PM9 months ago


Jackson's header into the goalie's hands
8:25 PM9 months ago


Hamel entered and Urruti left Montreal instead
8:23 PM9 months ago


Mejia's strong sweep into the area, although the whistle only signals a goal kick
8:18 PM9 months ago

Goal of Montreal 1-2

8:14 PM9 months ago


Montreal Goal

Taider with a great goal shortens the difference

8:11 PM9 months ago


The second half begins
7:56 PM9 months ago

Half time

Montreal 0-2 Olimpia
7:52 PM9 months ago


Four more minutes are added
7:50 PM9 months ago

Gol Olimpia 2-0

7:47 PM9 months ago


Goal of Olympia

Bengue on the counterblow defines cross for the 2-0

7:46 PM9 months ago


Urruti centre that doesn't get any bigger
7:44 PM9 months ago


Fanni's header on a corner kick that goes over
7:40 PM9 months ago


Binks tries to bounce the ball, but doesn't succeed.

Moments later, Wanyama receives the yellow card

7:33 PM9 months ago


Bengston's header into the hands of the goalkeeper
7:31 PM9 months ago


Warning for Olimpia player Núñez
7:29 PM9 months ago


The goalkeeper steals the ball from Bengston, when the second of the Hondurans was taking shape
7:28 PM9 months ago
Montreal tries to put the hard hitting goal behind them, but still can't find a clear danger
7:27 PM9 months ago

Goal of Olimpia 1-0

7:21 PM9 months ago


Goal of Olympia

Bengtson's hand-off for the 1-0

7:21 PM9 months ago


Change of Olimpia. Menjivar left and Barrios entered
7:18 PM9 months ago


The goalkeeper of Olimpia, Edrick Menjivar, is lying on the field and the assists enter to attend him
7:16 PM9 months ago


Quioto doesn't get to that long ball, which goes to the end line for a goal kick
7:13 PM9 months ago


Rodriguez steps into the area, but the flag bearer points out the out of place
7:10 PM9 months ago


Montreal free kick, but Mexican referee points to foul inside the box
7:07 PM9 months ago


Match begins in Canada
7:01 PM9 months ago
Teams take to the field in the protocol of the Concachampions
6:57 PM9 months ago
We're minutes away from the start of the game between Impact vs. Olympia. Follow every play LIVE through VAVEL
6:44 PM9 months ago
Montreal has not had a good debut in MLS, having lost its first two games
6:36 PM9 months ago

XI Olimpia

Edrick Menjivar, Maylor Núñez, Jorge Benguche, Leonardo Garrido, Edwin Rodríguez, Johnny Leveron, Deybi Flores, Elvin Olivia, Jerry Bengtson, German Mejía, Carlos Pineda
6:33 PM9 months ago

XI Montreal

Clement Degoud, Víctor Wannyama, Luis Binks, Samuel Piette, Rod Fanni, Saphir Taider, Zachary Brault, Joel Waterman, Jorge Corrales, Romell Qioto, Maximiliano Urruti
6:23 PM9 months ago
Montreal had no major problems in beating Costa Rica's San Carlos in the last round
6:17 PM9 months ago
The New York team will thus take the field
6:14 PM9 months ago
The winner of this key will face a victory between Tigres of Mexico and the New York RB of the United States
6:07 PM9 months ago
That was the penalty with which Olimpia beat MLS champions Seattle Sounders
6:05 PM9 months ago
Two teams that could become one of the surprises to reach the final in this tournament
6:03 PM9 months ago
The first leg of the Concachampions quarter-finals begins. Don't miss the coverage we bring you from Montreal vs Olimpia
8:14 PM9 months ago

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Latest games

In 2008 these teams met, with a 1-1 draw on Canadian soil in 2008
8:13 PM9 months ago

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8:13 PM9 months ago

Key player Olimpia

Midfielder Carlos Pineda is one of the Honduran club's key players and the architect of their progress to the last 16
8:13 PM9 months ago

Key player Montreal Impact

Argentina's Maximiliano Urruti has had a great start in MLS and has just scored a double
8:13 PM9 months ago

Last lineup of Olimpia

Menjivar, Mejía, Leverón, Oliva, Núñez, Garrido, Flores, Pineda, Pinto, Arboleda, Bengston.
8:12 PM9 months ago

Last lineup of Montreal Impact

Diop, Binks, Fanni, Waterman, Corrales, Taíder, Plette, Brault, Quioto, Urriti, Jackson.
8:12 PM9 months ago

Referee Quartet

The central whistle of this Montreal Impact vs Olimpia will be Adonaí Escobedo (MEX); William Arrieta (CRC), first line; José Martínez (MEX), second line; Luis Santander (MEX), fourth assistant.
8:12 PM9 months ago

Last result: Olimpia

Olimpia draws in local tournament with 1-1 draw against Vida

8:11 PM9 months ago

Last result: Montreal Impact

Thiery Henry's team salvaged a 2-2 away draw against Dallas

8:11 PM9 months ago

Continue to surprise

Olimpia stunned to reach the quarterfinals after eliminating MLS champions Seattle Sounders on penalties
8:11 PM9 months ago


Montreal suffered and advanced to this round after a 2-2 draw with Saprissa, but advanced by away goals
8:10 PM9 months ago

Kick-off time

The Montreal Impact vs Olimpia match will be played at the stadium Saputo, in Montreal, Canadá. The kick-off is scheduled at 8 pm ET.
8:10 PM9 months ago

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