Goals And Full Highlights: Fortuna Dusseldorf 0-1 Borussia Dortmund In Bundesliga Matchday 31
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11:34 AM2 years ago

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Thanks for tuning in to VAVEL's live coverage of Fortuna Dusseldorf hosting Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. 

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11:31 AM2 years ago
Dortmund breath a sigh of relief at the final whistle after 90+ minutes of frustration. Substitute Erling Haaland wins the match with a header in stoppage time with essentially the last touch of the game. 

Fortuna Dusseldorf had their chances in the second half with substitute Steven Skrzybski hitting the post twice. Hugely disappointed to concede a last second winner, the Dusseldorf players dropped to their knees in agony at the final whistle.

VAR did take a goal away from Dortmund's Rafael Guerreiro, so it's possible to argue the Black and Yellow deserved all three points. Still, Dusseldorf did enough to earn a point, playing hard and stifling the visitors' attack all afternoon. 

Fair result for Dortmund who stay firmly in second place. Unfair for Dusseldorf who remain in a relegation battle, only above the automatic drop places on goal difference.

11:25 AM2 years ago

Full Time Dortmund Win 1-0

Dortmund wins with the last second header by Haaland. Dusselsdorf stunned
11:24 AM2 years ago


Haaland heads in the winner! 

Akanji sends in the cross from the half space and Haaland is all alone with no defenders around him right at the penalty spot

Haaland whips his head and strikes the ball cleanly heading it into the corner

11:20 AM2 years ago

5 Stoppage Time Minutes Added

Five extra minutes
11:20 AM2 years ago

90' Shot Hits The Post!

Skrzybski gets behind the defense on a long header and races towards goal. Shoots from just outside the box and hits the post and it goes out for a goal kick
11:18 AM2 years ago


Hakimi cross towards Brandt headed out

Dortmund frustrated and desperate for a late winner

11:15 AM2 years ago


Corner to Dusseldorf well taken. Burki comes off his line to punch it clear
11:14 AM2 years ago


Haaland called for a foul on Ayhan. Free kick to Dusseldorf
11:13 AM2 years ago

84' Hakimi Yellow Car

Hakimi fouls Skrzybski near midfield and kicks the ball in frustration. Yellow card given
11:11 AM2 years ago


Jean Zimmer on for Erik Thommy
11:11 AM2 years ago

82' Shot Hits The Post!

Skrzybski on the attack shoots and hits the post after a slight deflection. 

Nothing comes of the subsequent corner

11:10 AM2 years ago


Rouwen Hennings and Alfredo Morales on for Sobottka and Karaman
11:09 AM2 years ago

80' Giesselmann Yellow Card

Giesselmann pulls Reyna back around midfield and gets a yellow card for the tactical foul
11:08 AM2 years ago


Steven Skrzybski on for Markus Suttner
11:02 AM2 years ago


Gio Reyna comes on for Thorgan Hazard
11:00 AM2 years ago


Hakimi blocks cross down the flank out for a corner. 


Corner headed out by Akanji

10:59 AM2 years ago

69' Akanji Yellow Card

Akanji studs up and a high boot near Zimmermann's head gets him a yellow car. 

Free kick to Dusseldorf down the right flank in the attacking half just outside the box

Free kick too far and nothing comes of it

10:58 AM2 years ago

67' VAR Rules No Goal!

VAR overturns the goal. Haaland's shot was blocked and and bounced off Guerreiro's shoulder before his volley. VAR rules it a handball and takes away the goal
10:55 AM2 years ago

65' Goal! Guerreiro!

On the counter off of Dusseldorf's attempt, Haaland shoots but it's blocked straight up into the air. The ball comes down to Guerreiro and he volleys it with power into the net.
10:54 AM2 years ago

64' Shot Saved!

Subottka shot saved by Burki! Dusseldorf get in behind and Thommey taken down but no foul. Subottka runs on to it and fires but it's saved
10:51 AM2 years ago


Hakimi attacks down the right side of the box and tries to find Haaland immediately after his introduction, but ball gets cleared out
10:50 AM2 years ago


Haaland subs on for Axel Witsel. Likely a change in formation as well with Dortmund going all out in attack
10:47 AM2 years ago

58' Hazard Yellow Card

After offside call, Hazard kicks ball in frustration and gets yellow card.
10:47 AM2 years ago


Dortmund go on the break, but Hazard offside and attack breaks down
10:46 AM2 years ago


Thommy attacks on the left side of the box and shots right at Burki for an easy save
10:46 AM2 years ago


Dusseldorf corner headed away at the near post
10:43 AM2 years ago


Karaman and Akanji battle for a header in the air in midfield. Akanji comes out the worse of the two. No foul, but a drop ball as the ref stops play as a precaution
10:41 AM2 years ago


Karaman down the right flank crosses but cleared out easily by Hummels
10:39 AM2 years ago


Karaman with a lifeless shot easily scooped up by Burki. Several Dortmund defenders swarm him giving him no space
10:37 AM2 years ago


Can with a hard foul on Hoffmann in midfield
10:37 AM2 years ago


Hummels concedes corner. Dusseldorf corner headed clear by Hummels
10:34 AM2 years ago


Dusseldorf kicks us off. No subs
10:17 AM2 years ago

No Stoppage Time. First Half Ends 0-0

The two sides head to half time level 0-0

Dortmund with the better chances, particularly Hakimi's shot 1v1 which he should've finished. Dortmund not playing fast enough or using their players' pace to their advantage.

Dusseldorf hanging tough and not letting Dortmund get behind very often. Defensively strong, but not sharp enough to break on the counter attack or slice through Dortmund. No shots on or off target in the half.


10:15 AM2 years ago


Berisha fouls Sancho near the center circle with a kick to his calf. Free kick to Dortmund
10:13 AM2 years ago


Witsel fouls Karaman in the right half space, close to midfield in Dusseldorf's half. Free kick to Dusseldorf
10:09 AM2 years ago


Hakimi fouls Giesselmann as they race for a ball towards the byline. Dusseldorf free kick and goal unthreatened
10:05 AM2 years ago


Ball staying in the midfield as Dortmund try to break them down

Dusseldorf try to pass through when gaining possession

10:02 AM2 years ago


Hazard offside. Can plays Hazard in behind the defense with a through ball on the ground. Hazard crosses, but it's cleared out. All nullified by offside call
10:00 AM2 years ago

29' Brandt Shot saved!

Brandt shoots with no power, easy save. 

Guerreiro to Sancho to Witsel for a beautiful combination play just outside the box and last pass to Brandt who shoots while falling over

9:57 AM2 years ago


Suttner runs on to a long ball down the left flank and crosses to no one. No teammates ran in to the box in time
9:55 AM2 years ago


Hakimi with a brilliant through ball towards the D to Sancho. Sancho back heels it to Brandt crashing the box. But Hoffmann slides in to break it up in the box. Last touch by Brandt and goal kick to Dusseldorf
9:52 AM2 years ago


Thommy fouled hard Piszczek who stepped on his foot accidentally. Free kick to Dusseldorf in their own half
9:48 AM2 years ago

18' Counter Attack! Shot Saved!

Dortmund break after the corner cleared. Sancho and Hazard get free and Hakimi runs centrally all alone. Sancho centers to Hakimi who is 1v1 and shoots. Save by Kastenmeier
9:48 AM2 years ago


Corner to Dusseldorf. Zimmerman cross defelcted by Ankanji out past the byline

Corner cleared by Hummels

9:47 AM2 years ago


Corner to Dusseldorf. Zimmerman cross defelcted by Ankanji out past the byline
9:45 AM2 years ago


Hummels sends it over the top for Hazard, but just too far and Kastermeier scoops it up easily
9:44 AM2 years ago


Piszczek fouls Thommy on the left wing not far into the Dortmund half of the field. Dusseldorf takes free kick and whips in a dangerous cross, but no one runs on to it
9:42 AM2 years ago


Sacho fouls Subottka in the midfield. Free kick to Dusseldorf
9:42 AM2 years ago


Zimmerman wins the ball and tries to start the break, but it gets snuffed out in midfield
9:40 AM2 years ago


Corner to Dortmund. 

Giesselman and Sancho fight for it. Sancho wins the duel and his cross gets blocked out past the byline for a corner

Sancho's corner goes to Can and he heads it into the air with nothing coming of it

9:39 AM2 years ago


Dusseldorf try to go over the top again to Karaman, but too far and Burki gets to it without trouble
9:37 AM2 years ago


Karaman offside. Ball over the top from Suttner and Karaman's shot blocked by Hummels, but all nullified by offside call
9:35 AM2 years ago


Neither team pressing high. Both swinging the ball around from one center back to another to feel each other out
9:33 AM2 years ago


Witsel gets fouled by Berisha in the center circle with the challenge coming in from behind
9:31 AM2 years ago


Dortmund kick us off
9:24 AM2 years ago

Kick Off Around The Corner

Ready To Go

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9:12 AM2 years ago

Fortuna Focused

Florian Kastenmeier getting ready for Dusseldorf

He's likely to have a busy afternoon

9:08 AM2 years ago

Score Prediction?

Playing Dortmund's score predictor on their Twitter, what did you get as your "prediction"?

8:49 AM2 years ago

Piszczek Milestone

Lukasz Piszczek will make his 250th Bundesliga appearance for Dortmund today. Congratulations young man. You've earned every single one of them

8:41 AM2 years ago

Americans In The Bundesliga

American Gio Reyna is on the bench for Dortmund, still waiting for his first Bundesliga start

American Alfredo Morales is on the bench for Dusseldorf after a solid substitute's appearance in last week's draw with Hoffenheim 

8:39 AM2 years ago

Dusseldor XI

Subottka is back for the home side
8:38 AM2 years ago

Dortmund XI

Here's Dortmund's starting XI with Brandt, Sancho, and Hazard as the fluid front three again with Erling Haaland fit enough for the bench.

8:37 AM2 years ago


And we're live! 

XIs have been posted and we're here to get you ready for the match

1:09 AM2 years ago

Bundesliga Away Advantage

Since the restart, the home sides have only won 10 out of 46 matches, an astonishingly low number. 

But not only have home wins gone down, away wins have gone up. 

How big of an impact does the home crowd have on a match? It depends who you ask and the two teams facing off. 

Whether Dusseldor had fans or not in the stadium, Dortmund are still the heavy favorites.

1:04 AM2 years ago

Lukasz Piszczek Milestone

Piszczek joined Dortmund all the way back in 2010 and is set to make his 250th appearance for Dortmund. 

The Polish defender has two Bundesliga titles to his name, two German Cup triumphs, and was a Champions League runner up in 2013. 

He also earned Bundesliga team of the year honors twice in a row, 2015-16  and 16-17.

And for his milestone appearance, the Pole will likely wear the captain's armband as well. 

12:57 AM2 years ago

Key Players

Dusseldorf's Rouwen Hennings is fourth in the Bundesliga goal tally with 14, scoring three since the restart and two last week against Hoffenheim. For the hosts to win, he will need to find the back of the net, and probably more than once.

Dortmund's Jadon Sancho has looked sluggish since the restart. But he's also looked like a $100 million player. He'll certainly be Dortmund's X-Factor, especially if Erling Haaland doesn't start and the visitors play with another fluid, interchanging front three.

12:53 AM2 years ago

Dortmund Manager Fighting For His Job?

Although Dortmund are in second place, they continue to fall short in the biggest moments. They lost at home to Bayern, ending their chances of a first title since the Jurgen Klopp era. They also blew a first leg advantage to PSG in the Champions League Round of 16 back in March and exited the tournament unceremoniously. 

Because of that, is manager Lucien Favre's job on the line? Several reports have indicated that BVB plan to fire him after the season. 

Does he need a win to keep his job? Would a win do him any favors even if they don't win the title? 

Favre seems to be on thin ice. 

12:49 AM2 years ago

Dortmund Roster And Injury Notes

Club captain Marco Reus and teenage wunderkid Erling Haaland both returned to training this week for the Black and Yellow. Haaland has a good chance of coming back to the starting XI, especially as Dortmund have struggled without a true number 9 in his absence. 

Reus on the other hand looks likely to sub on or remain on the bench, if he's even fit enough for that. 

Mats Hummels will return from suspension. And expect him to start in central defense, probably the middle of the back three.

12:45 AM2 years ago

Borussia Dortmund Recent Form

Second place Dortmund have had a fairly good restart, 4W 0D 1L, but weighed down significantly from a disappointing home loss to Bayern Munich. The loss effectively ruled them out of the title race. 

The visitors did rout their arch rivals Schalke 4-0 at home to kick off the Bundesliga restart in May. But against last place Paderborn two weeks ago, they had a dismal first half before exploding in the second stanza to win 6-1.

Stars Jadon Sancho and Julian Brandt have had their moments of shining bright since the restart. But they've also had games of complete anonymity. 

Against a side in a tight relegation battle, they should be able to dominate.

12:37 AM2 years ago

Fortuna Roster And Injury Notes

The hosts will be without #1 keeper Zack Steffan again. The American hasn't featured in goal since January due to a couple different knee injuries. 

Defensive midfielder Marcel Sobottka missed Dusseldorf's previous match, a home draw with Hoffenheim. But, he should be fit and available for this match after recovering from an ankle injury.

Captain Oliver Fink has been consistently in and out of the squad both since the restart and throughout the season. And the official Bundesliga report has ruled out of this match. 

12:31 AM2 years ago

Dusseldorf Recent Form

Since the restart of the Bundesliga in May, have only once once in five matches (1W 3D 1L), with the win over strugglers Schalke and the loss to league leaders Bayern Munich. 

I'd tell you about the players in form for the hosts, but...there are none. 

That is one of the many reasons why manager Uwe Rosler finds his side in the relegation battle. They're outside the automatic drop zone, but in the playoff spot.
12:29 AM2 years ago

Kick Off And How To Watch

Dusseldorf will host the match at their home stadium, Merkur Spielarena, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Normally the stadium holds more than 54,000 fans. However, due to the Coronavirus, no fans will be able to attend the match. 

The game kicks off at 9:30 am EST and is available to watch on FS1. But if you can't watch the match, VAVEL is the best place for live play by play coverage. 

12:25 AM2 years ago

Fortuna Dusseldorf v Borussia Dortmund - Welcome

What's going on everybody. Welcome to VAVEL.com’s LIVE coverage of the 2020 Bundesliga match: Fortuna Dusseldorf v Borussia Dortmund

My name is Drew Pells and I’ll be your host for this game. I'll have pre-game news, updates, and analysis, plus roster updates and everything else leading up to the game as it happens live here on VAVEL.