Goals and highlights: Tigres 2-1 Ulsan in Club World Cup Qatar
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12:36 PMa year ago

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12:36 PMa year ago

Goals and highlights

12:33 PMa year ago

Tigres 2-1 Ulsan

With a brace by André Gignac, Tigres defeated Ulsan to advance to the next stage, where they will face Palmeiras on Sunday.

The Korean team will face the loser of the match between Lekhwiya and Al-Ahly for fifth place.

12:24 PMa year ago


Game over!
12:19 PMa year ago


Lukas Hinterseer is cautioned for a bad foul on Hugo Ayala.
12:14 PMa year ago


Five minutes are added.
12:09 PMa year ago


Last change for Tigres: Luis Quiñones comes off and Jordan Sierra comes on.
12:04 PMa year ago


Luis Quiñones also received a yellow card for delaying the restart of play.
11:59 AMa year ago


One more change for Tigres: Hugo Ayala comes on for Jesús Dueñas.
11:54 AMa year ago


Jesús Dueñas becomes the first caution of the match.
11:49 AMa year ago


Another Tigres play that also ends with a bad shot by Raymundo Fulgencio.
11:44 AMa year ago


Tigres' counterattack ended with a shot that went wide by Raymundo Fulgencio.
11:39 AMa year ago


New Ulsan's movement: Jihyun Kim comes out and Lukas Hinterseer enters.
11:34 AMa year ago


Ulsan's first change: Sungjoon Kim comes in for Insung Kim.
11:29 AMa year ago


New Tigres movement: Javier Aquino leaves and Raymundo Fulgencio joins the team.
11:24 AMa year ago


The match is stopped for Keehee Kim and Javier Aquino to receive medical attention after a clash of heads.
11:19 AMa year ago


Almost there! Good individual play from Luis Quiñones that ends with a shot from André Gignac that is blocked by Hyeonwoo Jo.
11:14 AMa year ago


It doesn't count! Bitgaram Yoon's goal was disallowed for offside. Tigres is saved.
11:09 AMa year ago


For the moment, Tigres continues to maintain possession; they have even moved forward to press higher up the pitch when they do not have the ball.
11:04 AMa year ago


Tigres makes its first move: Carlos González comes on for Francisco Meza.
10:59 AMa year ago


The second half is underway!
10:54 AMa year ago

This is how Tigres turned the score around

10:49 AMa year ago


Led by André Gignac, Tigres defeated Ulsan, a team that had taken an early lead.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
10:44 AMa year ago


End of the first half!
10:39 AMa year ago


André Gignac converts his brace from the penalty spot to give the Mexican team the lead.
10:34 AMa year ago


It's a penalty for Tigres!
10:29 AMa year ago


At this moment, a possible penalty for Tigres is being reviewed in the VAR.
10:24 AMa year ago


Two minutes are added.
10:19 AMa year ago


This was Tigres' tie.  
10:14 AMa year ago


From a corner kick, André Gignac appeared inside the six-yard box to push the ball in and level the score.
10:09 AMa year ago


Hyeonwoo Jo! The Korean goalkeeper once again saved his team's goal, this time after saving a header from Guido Pizarro.
10:04 AMa year ago


André Gignac's powerful free-kick was tipped behind for a corner kick by Hyeonwoo Jo.
9:59 AMa year ago


After the conceded goal, Tigres continued to have possession of the ball, but continued to lack clarity in the final zone.
9:54 AMa year ago


With this score, Ulsan is defeating Tigres. 
9:49 AMa year ago


Inside the box, captain Keehee Kim beats Nahuel Guzmán with a header.
9:44 AMa year ago


André Gignac's powerful mid-range shot is blocked by Hyeonwoo Jo with both fists.
9:39 AMa year ago


For now, Tigres has taken the initiative; however, they have not been able to generate scoring opportunities.
9:34 AMa year ago


Mexican fans are present in Qatar.  
(Foto: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
9:29 AMa year ago


At the moment, neither team has been able to clearly control the ball.
9:24 AMa year ago


Game on!
9:19 AMa year ago

Ulsan: substitutes

S. Jo; J. Seo, J. Bae, J. Davidson, T. Kim, M. Kim, S. Kim, D. Kang, Y. Kang, H. Lee, H. Lee y L. Hinterseer.
9:14 AMa year ago

Tigres: substitutes

J. Chavez; A. Delgado, H. Ayala, J. Sierra, J. Purata, L. Fernandez, A. Cruz, R. Fulgencio, C. Gonzalez, J. Quinones, E. Avalos and P. Ogama.
9:09 AMa year ago

Ulsan: defined lineup

H. Jo; D. Bulthuis, H. Shin, I. Kim, J. Kim, B. Yoon, D. Lee, D. Won, T. Kim, K. Kim (C) y Y. Seol.
9:04 AMa year ago

Tigres: confirmed lineup

N. Guzman; L. Rodriguez, C. Salcedo, D. Reyes, F. Meza, J. Duenas, R. Carioca, G. Pizarro (C), J. Aquino, L. Quinones y A. Gignac.
8:59 AMa year ago

The Mexican team is already doing warm-up exercises, just a few minutes before kick-off.

(Photo: Tigres)
(Photo: Tigres)
8:54 AMa year ago

The Tigres team is already at the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium

(Foto: Tigres)
(Photo: Tigres)
8:49 AMa year ago

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Ulsan Hyundai: last lineup

C. Soo-Hyuk; J. Parko, D. Bulthuis, K. Ki-Hee, K. Tae-Hwn, W. Du-Jae, K. In-Sung, S. Jin-Ho, Y. Bit-Garam, L. Chung-Yong and J. Negao.
8:34 AMa year ago

Tigres: last lineup

N. Guzman; J. Duenas, C. Salcedo, D. Reyes, L. Rodriguez; J. Aquino, G. Pizarro, R. Carioca, L. Quinones; L. Fernandez and J. Quinones. 
8:29 AMa year ago

Ulsan Hyundai: team news

The Korean team's coach acknowledged how important it would be for them to advance to the next stage. 
8:24 AMa year ago

Tigres: team news

This was the Mexican team's last practice for Thursday's match.
8:19 AMa year ago

Ulsan Hyundai, AFC representatives

The Korean team earned its place in this competition after winning the AFC championship, where it defeated Persepolis.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
8:14 AMa year ago

Tigres, CONCACAF representatives

The Mexican team qualified for this competition after winning the CONCACAF championship and defeating Los Angeles in the final.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
8:09 AMa year ago

Kickoff time

The Tigres vs Ulsan Hyundai match will be played at the stadium Ahmed bin Ali, Rayán, Qatar. The kick-off is scheduled at 09:00 am ET.
(Photo: FIFA)
(Photo: FIFA)
8:04 AMa year ago


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