Goals and highlights: Mexico 3-1 Costa Rica in Friendly Game 2021
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4:32 PM11 days ago

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4:27 PM11 days ago

Goals and highlights

4:22 PM11 days ago

México 3-1 Costa Rica

Mónica Vergara's process at the helm of the Mexican National Team began with a victory over the Costa Rican squad.

Rebeca Bernal, Katty Martínez and Stephany Mayor scored for the Aztecs; Fabiola Villalobos scored for the Ticas.

Both teams will meet again next Tuesday, in a new preparation match to be played at the CAR.

(Photo: @MiSeleccionMX)
(Photo: @MiSeleccionMX)
4:17 PM11 days ago


Game over!
4:12 PM11 days ago


Four minutes are added.
4:07 PM11 days ago


Fabiola Villalobos scored with a cross header.
4:02 PM11 days ago


Mexico makes another change: Liliana Mercado comes on for Stephany Mayor.
3:57 PM11 days ago


Almost there! Alicia Cervantes' header goes just wide of the visitors' goal.
3:52 PM11 days ago


Cecilia Santiago! With one hand, the Mexican goalkeeper deflects Cristel Sandí's free kick.
3:47 PM11 days ago


Mexico makes more moves: Maria Sanchez and Daniela Espinosa leave and Alison Gonzalez and Montserrat Hernandez join the team.
3:42 PM11 days ago


Costa Rica makes more changes: Carolina Venegas, Cristín Granados, Sofía Varela and Cristel Sandí replace Melissa Herrera, María Salas and Priscila Chinchilla.
3:37 PM11 days ago


Again, the match is stopped for both teams to rehydrate.
3:32 PM11 days ago


New change for Costa Rica: Fabiola Villalobos comes in for Stephannie Blanco.
3:27 PM11 days ago


First moves: Alicia Cervantes, Andrea López and Kiana Palacios come in for Nicole Pérez, Katty Martínez and Jimena López.
3:22 PM11 days ago


First change for Costa Rica: Raquel Rodríguez comes in for Shirley Cruz.
3:17 PM11 days ago


On a pass from Maria Sanchez, Stephany Mayor headed home to increase her team's lead.
3:12 PM11 days ago


A good save by Noelia Bermúdez to prevent Rebeca Bernal from finishing.
3:07 PM11 days ago


The second half begins!
3:02 PM11 days ago


End of the first half!
2:57 PM11 days ago


Three minutes are added.
2:52 PM11 days ago


Metal! Katty Martínez's shot hits the crossbar; Costa Rica is saved again.
2:47 PM11 days ago


Close! Daniela Espinosa shot goes over the top of the Tico goal. The Mexican National Team continues to be far superior.
2:42 PM11 days ago

This was Katty Martínez's great goal

2:37 PM11 days ago


From just outside the box, Katty Martínez took advantage of a rebound to score a great shot, close to the upper left post.
2:32 PM11 days ago


On the same play, Melissa Herrera, who received medical attention, was also cautioned.
2:27 PM11 days ago


Mexico's captain, Stephany Mayor, becomes the first caution of the match.
2:22 PM11 days ago


Almost there! In the box, Maria Sanchez's cross shot goes just wide. Costa Rica is saved.
2:17 PM11 days ago

This is how Rebeca Bernal's goal was scored.

2:12 PM11 days ago


The match is stopped again, now for both teams to rehydrate.
2:07 PM11 days ago


Rebeca Bernal headed the ball into the box to give the home side the lead.
2:02 PM11 days ago


The local team continues to be superior, but also continues without really worrying Noelia Bermudez.
1:57 PM11 days ago


At this moment, the match is stopped for Gloria Villalobos to receive medical attention for a collision with Maria Sanchez.
1:52 PM11 days ago


Almost there! On a pass from Melissa Herrera, Priscila Chinchilla's shot just misses the side of the goal defended by Cecilia Santiago.
1:47 PM11 days ago


In the first few minutes, Mexico has taken the initiative, but has not yet managed to generate danger.
1:42 PM11 days ago


Game on!
1:37 PM11 days ago

Defined lineup of Costa Rica

1:32 PM11 days ago

Defined lineup of Mexico

1:27 PM11 days ago

The Mexican National Team is already in the Azteca

1:22 PM11 days ago

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1:12 PM11 days ago

A couple of days ago, Costa Rica Women's National Team arrived in Mexico City.

1:07 PM11 days ago

After more than a decade, the Mexican Women's National Team will return to the Aztec Stadium

1:02 PM11 days ago

Costa Rica Women's Call-Up

12:57 PM11 days ago

Mexico Women's Call-Up


12:52 PM11 days ago

Costa Rica, to seize the opportunity

For its part, the Costa Rican national team took advantage of the invitation to play on Aztec soil to continue the process led by coach Armelia Valverde.
(Photo: @FedeFutbolCRC)
(Photo: @FedeFutbolCRC)
12:47 PM11 days ago

Mexico, with a new process

In order to make the most of the FIFA Women's National Women's Day, the Mexican National Team agreed to play two matches against the Ticas.
(Photo: @MiSeleccionMX)
(Photo: @MiSeleccionMX)
12:42 PM11 days ago

Kickoff time

The Mexico vs Costa Rica match will be played at the stadium Azteca, CDMX. The kick-off is scheduled at 2:00 pm ET.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
12:37 PM11 days ago

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