Goals and Highlights: Panama (3-0) Dominican Republic in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2022
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10:58 PM8 days ago


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Panama wins 3-0 against the Dominican Republic.
10:55 PM8 days ago

90' Addittional time

Two minutes were added to the match.
10:54 PM8 days ago

88'Dominican Republic Shot

Panama's goalkeeper denies the visitors' scoring chance.
10:52 PM8 days ago

86' Panama Goal!

Waterman scores the third on the count.
10:50 PM8 days ago

80'Panama ball possession

Panama management to control the commitment.
10:47 PM8 days ago

76'Fighting for the ball in the midfield

The ball is fought for in the final part of the match.
10:37 PM8 days ago

72'Yellow card in Dominican Republic

Lopez receives the first yellow card of the match.
10:35 PM8 days ago

67' Panama Goal!

Barcenas scores the second of the game.
10:32 PM8 days ago

62' Substitution: Panama

Yanis enters and replaces Quintero.
10:25 PM8 days ago

58'Panama Shot

Panama's shot is blocked by the opposing goalkeeper.
10:23 PM8 days ago

53'Panama seeks increase

It comes dangerously close to the opponent's goal.
10:18 PM8 days ago

49'The match is played in the middle of the field

The teams go out in search of possession in the game.
10:15 PM8 days ago

Substitutions: Dominican Republic

Pena and Natalucci replace Reyes and Bosco.
10:12 PM8 days ago

Substitutions: Panama

Barcenas and Rodriguez replace Camargo and Guerrero.
9:57 PM8 days ago

45' End of first half

The first half ends with a 1-0.
9:54 PM8 days ago

42'Commitment is fought in the middle of the field

The teams seek to manage the intentions of the engagement.
9:46 PM8 days ago

38'Possibility for Panama

A shot from the right flank is blocked by the Dominican goalkeeper.
9:44 PM8 days ago

35'Ball fight

The ball is fought for in the middle of the field.
9:42 PM8 days ago

31'Dominican Republic Shot

The visitors come close with a shot from outside the area.
9:41 PM8 days ago

26'The home team manages the ball in the midfield.

Panama holds the ball and creates opportunities.
9:38 PM8 days ago

22'Dominican Republic Attack

The Dominican Republic is insistently looking for an equalizer.
9:36 PM8 days ago

17'Possession of Panama

The home team holds the ball and the intentions.
9:33 PM8 days ago

14'Dominican Republic Approach

First approach of the visiting team.
9:27 PM8 days ago

12'Panama Management in the engagement

The local team is in control of the game.
9:23 PM8 days ago

9' Panama goal!

Godoy scores the first goal of the game.
9:21 PM8 days ago

5' First minutes

Panama holds the ball at the start.
9:16 PM8 days ago

Match's begins

The game between Panama and Dominican Republic is underway.
9:14 PM8 days ago

Starting XI: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic starting eleven is: Diaz; De Lucas, Bosca, Bonnin, Diaz; Rodriguez, Modesta, Lopez; Fernandez, Romero and Lorenzo.
8:55 PM8 days ago

Starting XI: Panama

Panama's starting eleven is Luis Mejia; Harold Cummings, Miguel Camargo, Adalberto Carrasquilla, Eric Davis; Andres Andrade, Jose Fajardo, Eduardo Guerrero, Alberto Quintero; Anibal Godoy and Michael Murillo.
8:43 PM8 days ago

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How to watch Panama vs Dominican Republic Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are Telemundo Deportes and Paramount+.

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Squad List: Dominican Republic

4:44 PM8 days ago

Squad List: Panama

4:39 PM8 days ago

Key player: Dominican Republic

Ronaldo Vásquez is the goal scorer for the visiting team for this match.
4:34 PM8 days ago

Key player: Panamá

Miguel Camargo is the player with the best ball handling for the local team.
4:29 PM8 days ago


The teams have met twice, with one victory for Panama and one draw.
4:24 PM8 days ago

Dominican Republic wants to beat the favorite

The Dominicans want to get closer to the lead by beating the only undefeated team in the group.
4:19 PM8 days ago

Panama, looking to secure top spot

The panamanians currently lead their group, and are looking to make sure they are close to qualifying.
4:14 PM8 days ago


The Panama vs Dominican Republic match will be played at the Estadio Nacional de Panamá. The kick-off is scheduled at 21:00pm ET.
4:09 PM8 days ago


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