Goals and Highlights: Juarez femenil 1-1 America femenil in Liga MX Femenil
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Thank you for following the Liga MX Femenil match between Juárez Femenil and América Femenil.
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Nothing for nobody

América Femenil was unable to maintain its winning streak as an away team after a late equalizer against Bravas de Ciudad Juárez Femenil.
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End game

Juárez femenil 1-1 América femenil.
12:58 PM12 days ago

Goal America 1-1

12:56 PM12 days ago


Juárez made a change in the final stretch of the game.
12:53 PM12 days ago


Add 6 more minutes.
12:49 PM12 days ago


Goal America

Dani Espinoza tricks the goalkeeper and converts the penalty kick to make it 1-1.

12:48 PM12 days ago


Curiel's handball inside the area and there is a penalty kick.
12:47 PM12 days ago


Dani Espinoza with a shot that the defense takes out and sends it wide.
12:43 PM12 days ago


Flores' shot goes over the top of the goal.
12:41 PM12 days ago

Goal Juárez 1-0

12:33 PM12 days ago


Renata Masciarelli's long-range shot was saved by Renata Masciarelli.
12:31 PM12 days ago


Moment of rehydration between Juárez and América femenil.
12:26 PM12 days ago


Juarez Goal

Elicerio takes a corner kick and sends it into the back of the net to open the scoring.

12:24 PM12 days ago


Zuazua's left-footed shot is deflected by Mascharelli and sent for a corner kick.
12:24 PM12 days ago


Two more minutes are added.
12:17 PM12 days ago


Vidal's cross to the far post goes wide. Still no goal at the border.
12:11 PM12 days ago


Flores with the cutback, but when it was time to take the shot, it crashed into the back of the Bravas' defender.
12:08 PM12 days ago


It appeared to be a foul on Curiel inside the area, but the referee did not sanction anything.
12:08 PM12 days ago


Change in América

González left and Flores came on.

12:07 PM12 days ago


The second half begins between Juárez and América Femenil.
11:51 AM12 days ago

Half time

Juárez Femenil 0-0 América Femenil.
11:48 AM12 days ago


Two more minutes are added.
11:41 AM12 days ago


Cuevas with the service that goes too far to the far post without finding a recipient.
11:36 AM12 days ago


A delayed diagonal shot by Cuevas that hits her own teammate and goes wide.
11:33 AM12 days ago


Dani Espinoza made the break down the flank, but a hand invalidates the good play he was making.
11:29 AM12 days ago


The game is stopped because it is time for rehydration.
11:24 AM12 days ago


Amanda's corner kick is headed over the top of the goal inside the six-yard box.
11:20 AM12 days ago


Dani Espinoza inside the box cannot clear the keeper as she comes out to save the goal.
11:19 AM12 days ago


Janelly Farías misses the first and misses her penalty kick in front of Diana García's flight.
11:17 AM12 days ago


Foul inside the area and penalty kick for América.
11:15 AM12 days ago


Zuazua with a very high shot that causes no major problems.
11:13 AM12 days ago


Juárez has not come out to defend and tries to press from the opponent's zone. América has not had any goal scoring chances.
11:05 AM12 days ago


Zuazua's half back goes over the top of the goal.
11:03 AM12 days ago


The game between Juárez and América Femenil begins.
10:54 AM12 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Liga MX Femenil game between Juarez FC Femenil and America Femenil.
10:50 AM12 days ago

There will be fans

Juarez women's team will have the support of their fans for this game and these are the weather conditions expected for this morning at the border:


10:45 AM12 days ago

America Substitutes

32 Zoe Aguirre, 3 Selene Varela, 4 Ana Lozada, 14 Mónica Rodríguez 12 Zaira Moreno, 15 Diana García, 27 Mayra Pelayo-bernal, 35 Renata Huerta, 9 Daniela Flores.
10:40 AM12 days ago

Juarez Substitutes

3 Christina Holguin, 21 Valeria Meza, 26 Kimberli García, 5 Brenda Alvarado, 7 Perla Navarrete, 19 Carolina Solís, 20 Daniela Auza, 30 Karen González.
10:35 AM12 days ago

The whistler

It is important to remember that the referee for the Juárez Women's vs América Women's game will be Itzel Hernández Fuentes.
10:30 AM12 days ago

The photo

Before warming up, the América team took advantage of their visit to the border to have their picture taken. It is important to remember that they are in perfect form as visitors.

10:25 AM12 days ago

XI America femenil

1 Renata Masciarelli, 2 Jocelyn Orejel, 5 Ximena Ríos, 6 Janelly Farías, 26 Karen Luna, 8 Betzy Cuevas, 11 Dorian Hernández, 13 Eva González 17 María Mauleón, 18 Amanda Pérez, 10 Daniela Espinoza.
10:20 AM12 days ago

XI Juarez

1 Diana García, 4 Marypaz Barboza, 14 Emil Bautista, 16 Gabriela Álvarez, 17 Sahiry Cruz, 18 Paola González, 10 Miah Zuazua, 13 Celeste Vidal, 23 Dayana Navarrete, 9 Ale Curiel, 11 Silvia Elicerio.
10:15 AM12 days ago

Do not lag behind

América is among the top four teams of the season with 19 points, so it cannot afford to let any points slip away, especially since Tigres, Rayadas and Chivas are not letting their foot off the gas.
10:10 AM12 days ago

Succeeding at home

Juárez women's team has had a hard time getting good results since its foundation, especially at home, and in the current tournament they have not had the opportunity to do so.
10:05 AM12 days ago


Juárez FC and América Femenil open Sunday's intense activity in Liga MX Femenil. We begin with the coverage.
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Tune in here Juarez femenil vs America femenil Live Score

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What time is Juarez femenil vs America femenil match for Liga MX Femenil?

This is the start time of the game Juarez femenil vs America femenil of 16th August in several countries:

Argentina: 12:00 PM

Bolivia: 11:00 AM

Brazil: 12:00 PM

Chile: 11:00 AM

Colombia: 10:00 AM

Ecuador: 10:00 AM

USA (ET): 11:00 AM in TUDN

Spain: 17:00 PM

Mexico: 10:00 AM in TUDN

Paraguay: 12:00 PM

Peru: 10:00 AM

Uruguay: 12:00 PM

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Last games

The Azulcremas have dominated the only four meetings they have had in Liga MX Femenil with the same number of victories and only allowing one goal.

América 2-1 Juárez FC, Clausura 2021

Juárez FC 0-1 América, Apertura 2020

América 3-0 Juárez FC, Clausura 2020

Juarez FC 0-2 America, Apertura 2019.

9:45 AM12 days ago

Key player America femenil

The distribution of goals has been very distributed in the Azulcrema team, but Daniela Espinoza continues to be one of the leaders in the attack and is the team's top goal scorer with four goals.

9:40 AM12 days ago

Key player Juarez femenil

Little by little, Miah Zuazua has become one of the main players in the border attack after her time with Tigres, and she scored one of the goals in the victory against Mazatlan.

9:35 AM12 days ago

The refereeing

Itzel Hernández Fuentes will be the main referee for the game between Juárez and América Femenil; Manuel Iván Soto Dávila will be referee one and Erick Alexis García Ledezma will be referee two; Fernando Alexis Portillo Botello will be the fourth official.
9:30 AM12 days ago

Last Team America femenil

1 Renata Masciarelli, 2 Jocelyn Orejel, 6 Janelly Farías, 26 Karen Luna, 8 Betzy Cuevas, 11 Dorián Hernández, 13 Eva González, 18 Amanda Pérez, 19 Angelique Saldívar, 22 Sarah Luebbert, 10 Daniela Espinoza.
9:25 AM12 days ago

Last Team Juarez femenil

1 Diana García, 14 Emil Bautista, 16 Gabriela Álvarez, 17 Sahiry Cruz, 18 Paola González, 7 Perla Navarrete, 10 Miah Zuazua, 13 Celeste Vidal, 25 Dayana Navarrete, 9 Alejandra Curiel 11 Silvia Elicerio.
9:20 AM12 days ago

América femenil: press the accelerator

América is in fourth place in the general table with 19 points, so they must not let up in their search for the top positions, highlighting that they let the victory slip away at home with a 2-2 draw against Pumas, although away they have a perfect record with three victories in the same number of games.
9:15 AM12 days ago

Juárez women's team: morale high

Although they are among the three worst teams in the championship, the Bravas of Juárez arrive at this match inspired after their first victory on the last matchday with a 2-1 win over Mazatlán, so they will be looking to continue that trend at home.
9:10 AM12 days ago

Kick-off time

The Juarez femenil vs America femenil match will be played at the Olimpico Benito Juarez Stadium, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 11 am ET.
9:05 AM12 days ago

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