Goals and Highlights: Leones Negros 3-2 Cimarrones de Sonora: in Liga Expansión MX 2021
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It's over!

The match ended at the Jalisco Stadium, where the Leones Negros took the three points against Cimarrones de Sonora. 
The first half defined everything, the 5 goals of the match were scored before the end of the first 45 minutes. 
In the second half, both teams were looking for goals, but there were no concrete plays.


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4 minutes are added. 
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Cimarrones de Sonora are looking for the equalizer at all costs, they keep the ball, but when they reach the box they are unable to score.
3:55 PM6 months ago


Fourth yellow card for Rodrigo Godínez, who stopped a Cimarrones play. 
3:50 PM6 months ago


Third change for the Sonora team, Daniel Cisneros comes out and Jesús Alejandro Ochoa enters.
3:45 PM6 months ago


Segundo cambio de Leones Negros, sale Carlos Alberto Baltazar y entra Francisco Javier Rabago.
3:40 PM6 months ago


Second substitution for Cimarrones, José Alfredo Peralta comes off and José Jesús Gurrola comes on.
3:35 PM6 months ago


First change for the visiting team Cimarrones de Sonora, Oscar Rai Villa comes off and Daniel López enters.
Rai Villa scored Sonora's first goal of the match.
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Leones negros wastes a great opportunity, where Baltazar sends the ball flying. 
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Second UDG substitution, Adrián Eduardo Villalobos comes on for Miguel Guzmán.

Villalobos scored a brace in the first half of the match. 

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Cimarrones continue in front of the feline area and Felipe López saves again for UDG.
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First substitution of the match for Leones Negros, José de Jesús González comes off and Wilber Rentería enters.
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Both teams are looking for a goal in this second half, but the moves have not materialized. 
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Leones Negros is saved, great save by goalkeeper Felipe López. 
3:00 PM6 months ago


First red card of the match, for fitness trainer Martín Alberto Soria of Cimarrones de Sonora. 
2:55 PM6 months ago


Third yellow for UDG, first of the second half, Jairo Daniel Gonzalez was cautioned. 
2:50 PM6 months ago


The second half begins at the Jalisco stadium where it is expected that the goals will continue to be present in the game. 
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The first half is over, after this festival of goals and a double by Adrián Villalobos, Leones Negros takes the momentary victory. 
2:40 PM6 months ago


GOOOOL! by Leones Negros, Adrián Eduardo Villalobos receives in a great way and shoots to the rival goal, beating the goalkeeper. 
2:35 PM6 months ago


Second yellow card for the Sonora team, José de Jesús Saavedra committed the foul in the middle of the field. 
2:30 PM6 months ago


Foul in favor of Cimarrones de Sonora. 
2:25 PM6 months ago


The feline team looks for the ball and presses the opponent's area to take the lead. 
2:20 PM6 months ago


GOOOOL! by Cimarrones, the home team gets the equalizer thanks to Juan Carlos García Sancho, after a series of rebounds in the feline area. 
2:15 PM6 months ago


Second yellow for UDG's Daniel Alejandro García, foul near the home side's box. 
2:10 PM6 months ago


First foul committed by the home team and the second yellow card of the match for José de Jesús González.
2:05 PM6 months ago


Cimarrones have committed two fouls in just 20 minutes of play, where Juan Sancho received his first yellow card. 
2:00 PM6 months ago


GOOOOL! by Cimarrones de Sonora, after an error in the defense Oscar Rai Villa shoots to make it 2-1 at the Jalisco. 
1:55 PM6 months ago


Leones Negros maintains dominance on the ball, but Cimarrones looks for an opportunity to cut the deficit.
1:50 PM6 months ago


GOAL! by Leones Negros, after a penalty kick, José Ramos Hernández beats the goalkeeper to make the score 2-0. 
1:45 PM6 months ago

Cimarrones look for the ball and try to reach the feline area. 
1:40 PM6 months ago


GOAL! by Leones negros, after a good play Adrián Villalobos appears and opens the scoreboard.
1:35 PM6 months ago


Matchday 16 kicks off at the Jalisco Stadium.
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Both teams are already on the field

Leones Negros and Cimarrones de Sonora are already on the field ready to take the three units and reach the top 4. 
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UDG's last tournaments

Last tournament, the Melenudos finished with 11 points, two wins, five draws and eight losses, while in the Guard1anes 2020 they finished with 13 points, three wins, four draws and eight losses, the team was still coached by Jorge "Vikingo" Dávalos.
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Alfonso Sosa emblem of UDG

The tactician arrived in this second stage as UDG's DT, raising the team and getting it into the playoffs after several tournaments in which the university team was left out. 
1:15 PM6 months ago

UDG still not reaching its best point

The Melenudo's technical director, Alfonso Sosa, changed the face of the team, took the team from the bottom of the table and now has six wins, one draw and one loss. 

"I work on the field and the mental issue, which is important, emphasizing to the players what we have to do in each game, thinking that each player must do his best for the benefit of the team, we have worked on the fact that each player must do his job and help his teammate to do it in the best way. The player feels good, comfortable, helps us and helps the team". 

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Ready alignments

These are the lineups that both teams will use to take the three points. 


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Rai Villa scorer against UDG

Rai Villa has scored 3 goals so far in Liga Expansión MX, 2 in J10 of Guardianes 2020 at Héroe de Nacozari and 1 in J9 of Guardianes 2021 at Jalisco. 

The Sonoran team has accumulated 70 goals since the creation of the Liga Expansión MX in 48 games between League and Liguilla.

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Player to watch for Cimarrones de Sonora

Francisco Acuña is the player to follow in the Liga Expansión MX, being a fundamental part in the offensive. On the other hand, the Sonora team shared the player to follow is Juan Sancho, who has played 13 games as a starter and 1170 minutes played. 


12:55 PM6 months ago

Player to watch for Leones Negros

Carlos Baltazar is the player to watch for this match between Leones Negros vs Cimarrones de Sonora, being a key offensive element in the Melenudo team.


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Cimarrones arrived

The team from Sonora has arrived at the Jalisco stadium, ready for their matchday 16 game.


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Tune in here Leones Negros vs Cimarrones de Sonora Live Score in Liga MX

In a few moments we'll share with you the starting lineups for Leones Negros de la UDG vs Cimarrones de Sonora live on Matchday 16 of the Liga de Expansión MX, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Jalisco. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage. 
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What time is Leones Negros vs Cimarrones de Sonora match for Liga Expansión MX?

The match will be broadcast on Multimedios television channels.
Leones Negros vs Cimarrones de Sonora can be tuned in from TUDN live streams. If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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The two teams have met a total of 12 times, where the scales are not tipped in favor of either team, as both have 4 wins, 4 draws and 4 defeats.
In the only two meetings they have met in the recent Expansion League, Cimarrones has one win and one draw. 

Leones Negros 1-1 Cimarrones de Sonora, Clausura 2021, Liga de Expansión MX
Leones Negros 0-2 Cimarrones de Sonora, Apertura 2021, Liga de Expansión MX
Leones Negros 3-1 Cimarrones de Sonora, Clausura 2020, Liga de Ascenso 
Leones Negros 2-1 Cimarrones de Sonora, Apertura 2020, Liga de Ascenso 
Leones Negros 0-1 Cimarrones de Sonora, Clausura 2019, Liga de Ascenso 

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Cimarrones can no longer score 4 points

The team from Sonora has won all 7 away victories, so if they win this game they will only have 3 points, another team that can no longer have 4 away points is UDG.
12:25 PM6 months ago

Watch out for this player of Cimarrones de Sonora

Midfielder Daniel Cisneros has a total of 13 starts and 1,119 minutes played with Cimarrones this season. He mentioned that they have to go in with the mentality of winning, working well in the match and being well tied to take advantage of the plays.
Source: Imago 7
Source: Imago 7
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Last Cimarrones de Sonora lineup

4 Juan Carlos García, 5 Aldair Mengual, 17 Daniel Cisneros, 13 José de Jesús Saavedra, 8 Francisco Acuña, 9 Edson Torres, 7 José Alfredo Peralta, 30 Gabino Espinoza, 10 Oscar Villa, 6 Aldo Arellano, 11 Irving Zurita.
12:15 PM6 months ago

Last Leones Negros lineup

9 Jesús González, 4 Bellon Saracho, 15 Miguel Guzmán, 10 Carlos Baltazar, 30 Felipe López, 21 García Guzmán, 25 De Alba, 16 Jairo González, 17 Marcos Granados, 24 Rodrigo Godínez, 5 Romario Hernández.
12:10 PM6 months ago

Cimarrones: looking for a better position in the standings

The team from Sonora is in seventh place in the playoffs, behind Leones Negros de la UDG on goal difference, so a win would bring them closer to fourth place.
12:05 PM6 months ago

Concentration for the last two games

Aldo Arellano, player of Cimarrones de Sonora, mentioned that they are focused for these last two matches, making the most of the time to prepare for the game.

"Gabriel's words are clear, we always go out onto the field with the desire to win. He tells us that he trusts us all the time and we trust him and his work". 

Source: Liga Expansión MX
Source: Liga Expansión MX
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Leones Negros: to close the home game in a good way

The Melenudo team is in sixth position with 24 points, the same as Cimarrones, who is one step below, so the victory is crucial to get them closer to the top 4 and thus close the regular tournament in a good way as a home team, with only one game left where they will play away.
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Leones Negros vs Cimarrones de Sonora, corresponding to Day 16 of the Liga de Expansión MX. The match will take place at the Jalisco Stadium at 12:00 noon.