Sumary and highlights of Red Bull Salzburg 1-0 Sevilla IN Champions League
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Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting final, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡SEE YOU ALL AGAIN!
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5 minutes more

The referee has added five minutes, that's how much time Sevilla has left to score two goals.
4:43 PMa year ago

84' Another change for Salzburg

Adamu enters the field, Noah Okafur replaces him.
4:36 PMa year ago

75' Red Bull Salzburg substitution

Luka Sacic is replaced by Nicolas Capaldo.
4:27 PMa year ago

68' Changes in both teams

Adeyami leaves the Austrian team and Sesko enters. Oscar, Oliver and Rekic come on for Spain and Rakitic, Montiel and Papú Gó Gómez leave.
4:24 PMa year ago

64' Sevilla down to 10

Jordá n cuts off the counterattack by grabbing the opponent and receives a second yellow card.
4:21 PMa year ago

60' Clear chance for Sevilla

Ocampos misses a clear opportunity by sending the ball into the stands
4:16 PMa year ago

56' Yellow card

Card for Jordan for his hard foul
4:15 PMa year ago

55' The second could have come

From the edge of the area Kristensen shot, but the ball went over the goalkeeper's head.
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53' Lopetegui changes

Agustinsson leaves and Rafa Mir takes his place.
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The Austrian team takes the lead in their first move after a pass from Adeyami to which Okafor arrives alone, who with a powerful shot beats Bono.
4:04 PMa year ago

46' Second half begins

45 minutes for the Spanish team to score and qualify for the round of 16
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42' Chance for Fernando

Ivan Rakitic's cross was met by the Brazilian midfielder, but his shot went narrowly wide. In the end, the play was disallowed for offside.
3:43 PMa year ago

37' Diego Carlos appears

A mistake in a rehearsed move by the Sevillian team, which Adeyami looked for a counterattack, but the Brazilian centerback prevented it. 
3:38 PMa year ago

34' Saves Kohnn

Another chance for Ivan Rakitic, but his shot is blocked by the Red Bull Salzburg goalkeeper.
3:26 PMa year ago

24' Long shot by Rakitic

The Croatian player tried a long-range shot, but it went wide of the goal.
3:25 PMa year ago

21' Occasion by Papu

Good individual play by the Argentine who cut back an opponent, but his shot crashed against a defender.
3:16 PMa year ago

Lille goal

He scored in the other match, Yilmaz, so now the French team will be the leader of the group;
3:15 PMa year ago

11' Kounde had it

Jordan's cross is headed by the French center back. eerp eñ shot goes wide.
3:12 PMa year ago

8' Good intervention by Fernando

The Brazilian intervened after blocking Okafor's cross towards Adeyami
3:03 PMa year ago


The ball has already started rolling at the Red Bull Arena
2:56 PMa year ago

5 minutes

In five minutes the match starts, the 22 protagonists are ready in the dressing room tunnel
2:43 PMa year ago

The Austrian team's arrival at the Red Bull Arena


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Ocampos vs Adeyami

The Sevilla player has scored two consecutive days, scoring against Có against Có rdoba in extra time and in the victory over Villarreal. While the Red Bull Salzburg player caused three penalties at the Sá nchez Pizjuan and missed the first one.
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A final for Sevilla and Salzburg: The Spanish side must win and the Austrian team can only draw, but with a draw they could be eliminated.

Source: Orgullo Biri
Source: Orgullo Biri
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This is Jaissle's eleven

Source: Red Bull Salzburgo
Source: Red Bull Salzburgo
2:04 PMa year ago

Lopetegui leaves Rafa Mir on the bench, the main novelty in Sevilla's starting XI

Source: Sevilla FC
Source: Sevilla FC
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1 hour

In 1 hour the match between Red Bull Salzburg and Sevilla starts, both the match and the preview can be followed on VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Red Bull Salzburg vs Sevilla ?

The match of the Champions League between Red Bull Salzburgo  vs Sevilla will start 15:00 . E.T. and couldá be followed on ESPN

However,  a good option is to follow it through ;VAVEL. com.

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What time is Red Bull Salzburg in the Champions League ?

This is the kickoff time for the Red Bull vs Salzburgo vs Sevilla match on December 8 th in several countries:

Argentina: 15:00 AM
Bolivia: 15:00 AM
Brazil: 16:00 AM
Chile: 15:00 AM
Colombia: 14:00 AM
Ecuador: 14:00 AM
USA (ET): 15:00 AM
Spain: 21:00 PM
Mexico: 14:00 AM
Paraguay: 15:00 AM
Peru: 15:00 AM
Uruguay: 15:00 AM
Venezuela: 15:00 AM
England : 20.00 AM
Australia : 05:00 AM
India: 00:30 AM

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Lopetegui: "There will be different moments during the match with the final objective being what it is".

11:02 PMa year ago

Pre-training of the Austrian team


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How does Sevilla arrive ?

After losing against Real Madrid, Lopetegui's team has won both matches this past week, first defeating Có rdoba in the Copa del Rey and then Villarreal in LaLiga, placing them second with 31 points. In the Champions League they are third in the group stage with six points, but also depend on themselves to be in the round of 16;
10:52 PMa year ago

How is Red Bull Salzburg coming along?

The Austrian team is coming from a win and a loss, currently with 42 points they are the leaders of the national competition with a 12-point advantage. While in the European competition they have just lost against Lille and are second in the group with 7 points, just one point behind the French team, so they depend on themselves to be in the round of 16.
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Three clashes between Sevilla and Salzburg with a favorable balance for Sevilla with two wins and one victory for the Austrians. They met in the Europa League in 2008 in the round of 32 where Sevilla won by two goals both at home and in Austria. The most recent past was last September where they drew 1-1 with goals from Sucic and Rakitic from the penalty spot.
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The match was played at the Red Bull Arena, a stadium that was built in 2003, with a capacity of 31895 spectators. However, the match was played behind closed doors.
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Preview of the match

Red Bull Salzburg and Sevilla will play the sixth match of the Champions League group stage in which the Austrians and the Spanish team will play to qualify for the round of 16 of the Champions League.
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