Goals and Highlights: Mallorca 0-0 Celta in LaLiga Santander 2021-22
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6:06 PM5 months ago

Transmission ends

Our transmission of the match between Mallorca and Celta de Vigo ends, we wait for you in a next opportunity.
5:59 PM5 months ago

Minute 94

The match ended with great difficulties such as the wind, injuries and strong play, but the two teams could not show what they had in attack and divided points.
5:57 PM5 months ago

Minute 92

In the last minutes Celta de Vigo was more animated, but was not fortunate enough to score.
5:56 PM5 months ago

Minute 90

4 more minutes are played in the game between Mallorca and Celta de Vigo.
5:54 PM5 months ago

Minute 89

Dangerous free kick in favor of Mallorca.
5:51 PM5 months ago

Minute 87

In the last few minutes the players have pushed the ball back from their area and this has made it difficult for the goalkeepers to work.
5:49 PM5 months ago

Minute 83

The end of the game is approaching and scoring options do not appear in the last 10 minutes of the game.
5:45 PM5 months ago

Minute 79

Free kick in the middle of the pitch in favor of Celta de Vigo.
5:44 PM5 months ago

Minute 78

The end of the game is approaching and although both teams are trying to attack, it is still a game with few scoring options.
5:39 PM5 months ago

Minute 74

The score was almost opened in a corner kick with a cross that reached Ángel Luis Rodríguez Díaz and he tried to define with a Chilean kick that was not precise to score the 1-0.
5:35 PM5 months ago

Minute 71

In the last few minutes the goalkeepers have been calm, the ball has been played a lot in the middle of the field.
5:33 PM5 months ago

Minute 67

The game became the same as in the first half, without many scoring options and with the passage of time they wanted to take fewer risks.
5:30 PM5 months ago

Minute 63

Brais Mendéz's shot almost became the first goal of the game, but his shot went wide.
5:26 PM5 months ago

Minute 61

The intensity of the game drops in the final minutes after a great start by the home team.
5:22 PM5 months ago

Minute 57

In the second half Mallorca played better than in the first half and began to reach the rival goal with risk.
5:20 PM5 months ago

Minute 54

Lee Kang-in took the corner kick and Pablo Maffeo was unable to score the goal.
5:17 PM5 months ago

Minute 51

Dangerous foul in favor of Mallorca, very close to the visitors' area and a golden opportunity to open the scoring.
5:14 PM5 months ago

Minute 48

The second half started with more play, but without clarity in the areas to open the scoreboard.
5:11 PM5 months ago

Second half begins

The second half begins and it is expected that there will be more scoring chances after a first half with many problems.
4:55 PM5 months ago

Minute 53

At the end of the first half of a game with few scoring moves because it has been very short and the wind has not helped.
4:53 PM5 months ago

Minute 51

A yellow card is presented in the match is for Kevin Vázquez in Celta de Vigo.
4:50 PM5 months ago

Minute 48

Dangerous foul in favor of Mallorca very close to the visitors' area and where they can take advantage of it to go up at halftime.
4:46 PM5 months ago

Minute 45

8 more minutes are played in the first half of the match between Mallorca and Celta de Vigo.
4:45 PM5 months ago

Minute 43

First clear arrival in favor of Celta and Brais Mendéz sent it over the top.
4:43 PM5 months ago

Minute 41

A foul in Celta's favor near Mallorca's area that could become dangerous.
4:40 PM5 months ago

Minute 37

The game is still not getting any more exciting as we reach the end of the first half.
4:35 PM5 months ago

Minute 33

Foul in the middle of the pitch in favor of Celta, let's see if they can create an opportunity to go up.
4:33 PM5 months ago

Minute 30

In the last minutes Mallorca has had more of the ball, but lacks more clarity to bring danger to the visitor's goal.
4:29 PM5 months ago

Minute 26

Both teams are trying to play against the wind, but they are finding it difficult to reach the opposing area.
4:27 PM5 months ago

Minute 23

New corner kick in favor of Mallorca at home today
4:24 PM5 months ago

Minute 20

The emotions of the game do not rise due to the wind and the cut off of the game.
4:24 PM5 months ago

Minute 16

Santi Mina, a Celta de Vigo player who was hit by a ball and cannot react, is withdrawn.
4:23 PM5 months ago

Minute 14

Corner kick in favor of Mallorca
4:22 PM5 months ago

Minute 10

The match resumes and we will see if we can see a more entertaining game.
4:21 PM5 months ago

Minute 7

The match is stopped due to damage to the referee's intercom.
4:19 PM5 months ago

Minute 4

The wind made the match more difficult.
4:18 PM5 months ago

Minute 1

Foul in favor of Mallorca in the middle of the field.
4:14 PM5 months ago

The match begins

The match that will leave one team very close to the European Cups or relegation begins.
4:09 PM5 months ago

Latest results - Celta

The Celta de Vigo team has obtained results very similar to those of its rival team and also has 4 points in the last three games.
4:06 PM5 months ago

Latest results - Mallorca

In the last three LaLiga matches the home team has taken 4 out of a possible 9 points in the championship.
4:02 PM5 months ago

Last match

The last time these two teams met in the same stadium was in 2020 and the home team won the match 5-1.
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3:58 PM5 months ago

News - Celta

The team coached by Eduardo Coudet has one less casualty than its rival, but they are more pressured players such as Iago Aspas and Augusto Solari.
3:56 PM5 months ago

News - Mallorca

The home team has three absentees: Matthew Hoppe, Lago Junior and Antonio Raillo.
2:38 AM5 months ago

Tune in here Mallorca vs Celta Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Mallorca vs Celta de Vigo live match, as well as the latest information from the Son Moix Stadium. Do not miss a detail of the match live updates and commentaries of VAVEL coverage.

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How to watch Mallorca vs Celta?

The Mallorca vs Celta match will not be broadcasted on TV.

If you want to watch it by streaming, your option is: ESPN+

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

2:28 AM5 months ago

What time is Mallorca vs Celta match for LaLiga?

This is the start time of the game Mallorca vs Celta Vigo of December 10th 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 17:00 hrs. on ESPN 2 and Star +
Bolivia: 16:00 hrs. on ESPN 2 and Star +
Brazil: 17:00 hrs. on Star +
Chile: 17:00 hrs. on ESPN 2
Colombia: 15:00 hrs. on ESPN 2
Ecuador: 15:00 hrs. on ESPN 2
USA (ET): 15:00 hrs. on ESPN+
Spain: 22:00 hrs. on Movistar+, Movistar Laliga
Mexico: 14:00 hrs. on Blue To Go Video Everywhere
Paraguay: 16:00 hrs. on ESPN 2
Peru: 15:00 hrs. on ESPN 2
Uruguay: 17:00 hrs. on ESPN 2

2:23 AM5 months ago


This is a match that promises goals, where there will surely be a winner at the end of the 90 minutes. Due to the teams' needs, a draw is unlikely.

2:18 AM5 months ago

Celta training

2:13 AM5 months ago

Mallorca Training

2:08 AM5 months ago


In this match that opens the 17th round of the Spanish league, Díaz de Mero Escuderos will be the referee. The Spanish judge will be in charge of the referee in this very important match for the teams to be able to save themselves from relegation.

2:03 AM5 months ago

Key Player - Celta de Vigo

The player Iago Aspas has been very important this season for Celta de Vigo. He has scored seven goals in 16 games and can be a decisive player for the visiting team in this match so valuable for permanence.

1:58 AM5 months ago

Key Player - Mallorca

Mallorca is not a team that accumulates a player to score goals, the one who has the most for the team is Iddrisu Baba who has a goal and an assist in the whole tournament and can be the solution for this complex encounter they have at home.

1:53 AM5 months ago


The last 28 meetings between the two teams have shown how even the record is, with the following numbers.

  • There have been 10 wins for each team and eight draws.
  • The record starts to become unbalanced when it comes to goals. Mallorca has scored a total of 39 goals and Celta de Vigo has scored on 37 occasions.
1:48 AM5 months ago

Celta de Vigo: a match to show their true level again

The away team is coming from a 1-2 loss to Valencia and will need to play a good game because a loss could complicate the relegation issue.

1:43 AM5 months ago

Mallorca: a match to move away from the relegation places and dream of getting closer to the top of the table.

The home team is coming from a very important victory against Atletico Madrid away by a score of 1-2, which is fighting for European Cup places and has 19 points in the league with seven points ahead of the last team that is relegated.

1:38 AM5 months ago

The match will be played at the Son Moix Stadium

The match will be played at the Son Moix Stadium, also called Visit Mallorca where the Pirates officiate at home and has a capacity for 23,142 spectators.

1:33 AM5 months ago

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