Goals and Highlights: LA Galaxy 1-3 FC Dallas in MLS Season
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Thank you for following the LA Galaxy vs FC Dallas MLS game.
12:28 AM4 days ago

End game

LA Galaxy 1-3 FC Dallas.
12:23 AM4 days ago


Séga Coulibaly has been cautioned, LA Galaxy.
12:18 AM4 days ago


Six minutes will be added in the game.
12:13 AM4 days ago


Dallas changes

Pomykal and Ferreira leave

Quiñones and Servania enter

12:08 AM4 days ago


Nanú enters and Arriola leaves, Dallas change.
12:03 AM4 days ago


Douglas Costa of the LA Galaxy was cautioned.
11:58 PM4 days ago


Arreola has been cautioned by Dallas.
11:53 PM4 days ago


LA Galaxy Goal

Costa's curling shot from a direct free kick hits the base of the post and goes in to make it 1-3.

11:48 PM4 days ago


In Kljestan and Grandsir

Cabral and Raveloson come out

LA Galaxy changes

11:43 PM4 days ago


Jovelic takes one off inside the box and gets the shot right at the goalkeeper.
11:38 PM4 days ago


Williams' header hits the crossbar from a corner kick.
11:33 PM4 days ago


Facundo Quignón's cutback and shot goes over the top of the goal.
11:28 PM4 days ago


Hernandez's cross to the far post goes wide.
11:23 PM4 days ago


At halftime, Jovelic came on and Álvarez came off for the LA Galaxy.
11:18 PM4 days ago


Goal disallowed by FC Dallas.

Ferreira was too early and the goal was disallowed.

11:13 PM4 days ago


The second half begins between LA Galaxy and FC Dallas.
11:08 PM4 days ago

Half time

LA Galaxy 0-3 FC Dallas.
11:03 PM4 days ago


Add 3 more minutes.
10:58 PM4 days ago


Douglas Costa's shot at the near post is blocked by the goalkeeper.
10:53 PM4 days ago


Hernandez hits a delayed diagonal and the ball goes over the top of the goal.
10:48 PM4 days ago


Tsiki Ntsabeleng is cautioned by Dallas.
10:43 PM4 days ago

Goal Dallas 3-0

10:38 PM4 days ago

Goal Dallas 2-0

10:33 PM4 days ago


FC Dallas Goal

Jesus Ferreira beats the keeper from just outside the box and slotted home the third goal without much trouble.

10:28 PM4 days ago


FC Dallas Goal

Arriola's cross-shot beats the goalkeeper to increase the Galaxy's home lead.

10:23 PM4 days ago


Chicharito's shot that the goalkeeper saves on the line despite the claim that it was a goal.
10:18 PM4 days ago

Goal Dallas 1-0

10:13 PM4 days ago


Costa's shot from half distance just to the goalkeeper's location, who does not rebound.
10:08 PM4 days ago


FC Dallas Goal

Jesus Ferreira arrives alone at the far post to push the ball in for the first goal of the night.

10:03 PM4 days ago


Cabral's shot from half distance goes over the top of the goal.
9:58 PM4 days ago


First minute of action and a venomous cross that the FC Dallas defense ends up denying.
9:53 PM4 days ago


The match between LA Galaxy and FC Dallas kicks off.
9:48 PM4 days ago

Already in the field

Under MLS protocol, LA Galaxy and FC Dallas take the field.
9:43 PM4 days ago

Undefeated at home

Of the last three games the Galaxy have faced Dallas at home, they have not lost, winning two and drawing one.
9:38 PM4 days ago

FC Dallas substitutes

21 Kalil ElMedkhar

11 Szabolcs Schon

29 Franco Jara

18 Brandon Servania

31 Nanú

13 Juan Antonio Carrera

2 Edwin Munjoma

28 Josué Quiñonez

6 Edwin Cerrillo

9:33 PM4 days ago

LA Galaxy substitutes

16 Sacha Kljestan

11 Samuel Grandsir

37 Daniel Aguirre

56 Jonathan Pérez

33 Jonathan Klinsmann

20 Nick Depuy

15 Eriq Zavaleta

99 Dejan Joveljic

7 Víctor Vázquez

9:28 PM4 days ago

XI FC Dallas

1 Jimmy Maurer, 17 Nkosi Burgess, 24 Matt Hedges, 4 Marco Farfán, 22 Ema Twumasi, 5 Facundo Quignón, 19 Paxton Pomykal, 16 Tsiki Ntsabeleng, 10 Jesús Ferreira, 8 Jáder Rafael Obrian, 7 Paul Arriola.
9:23 PM4 days ago

XI LA Galaxy

1 Jonathan Bond, 3 Derrick Williams, 4 Séga Coulibaly, 77 Chase Gasper, 2 Julian Araujo, 26 Efraín Álvarez, 8 Marky Delgado, 6 Rayan Raveloson, 14 Javier Hernández, 10 Douglas Costa, 9 Kevin Cabral.
9:18 PM4 days ago


It should be recalled that since yesterday the visiting team made the trip with the mission of winning to continue with the good streak in the local tournament.
9:13 PM4 days ago

Remember Brody

The LA Galaxy account posted a photo of a child wearing Jorge Campos' uniform, recalling that the Mexican goalkeeper also wore these colors.
9:08 PM4 days ago

Turn it around

While FC Dallas is coming off a 2-0 win over the Seattle Sounders in MLS, they lost 4-2 in the MLS Cup in midweek.
9:03 PM4 days ago

They arrive motivated

The Angelinos are coming off two wins in a row. The first was a 1-0 away win at Austin in MLS and, in midweek, they beat California United 3-2 in MLS Cup.
8:58 PM4 days ago


The LA Galaxy and FC Dallas look to stay in the top spots in the conference when they go head to head this Saturday night of soccer. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here LA Galaxy vs FC Dallas Live Score in MLS 2022

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What time is LA Galaxy vs FC Dallas match for MLS 2022?

This is the start time of the game LA Galaxy vs FC Dallas of May 14th in several countries:

Argentina: 11:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 10:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 11:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Chile: 11:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 9:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 9:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 10:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Spain: 4:40 AM

Mexico: 9:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Paraguay: 11:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 9:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 11:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

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Last games

The balance has been very even in the last five games, with two wins apiece and one draw, although the Los Angeles Galaxy have not lost in their last three home games.

LA Galaxy 2-2 FC Dallas, 2021

FC Dallas 4-0 LA Galaxy, 2021

LA Galaxy 3-1 FC Dallas, 2021

LA Galaxy 2-0 FC Dallas, 2021

FC Dallas 2-0 LA Galaxy, 2019

Photo: Agency
Photo: Agency
8:38 PM4 days ago

Key player FC Dallas

Paul Arriola has adapted well to the Texans and, in fact, was one of the scorers in their fifth win of the season last time out.
8:33 PM4 days ago

Key player LA Galaxy

Mexico's Javier Hernandez is the team's top scorer with five goals, but he has not scored for several games now and will be looking to break the cycle this Saturday at home.
8:28 PM4 days ago

Last lineup FC Dallas

30 Maarten Paes, 3 José Martínez, 24 Matt Hedges, 4 Marco Farfán, 22 Ema Twumasi, 5 Facundo Quignón, 19 Paxton Pomykal, 16 Tsiki Ntsabeleng, 10 Jesús Ferreira, 20 Alan Velasco, 7 Paul Arriola.
8:23 PM4 days ago

Last lineup LA Galaxy

1 Jonathan Bond, 3 Derrick Williams, 4 Séga Coulibaly, 44 Raheem Edwards, 2 Julian Araujo, 26 Efrain Álvarez, 8 Marky Delgado, 6 Rayan Raveloson, 14 Javier Hernández, 10 Douglas Costa, 9 Kevin Cabral.
8:18 PM4 days ago

FC Dallas: Climbing the standings

With the same 19 points but with a lower goal difference come FC Dallas, who will be looking to stamp their authority and continue their climb up the standings, having beaten Seattle Sounders 2-0 at home last week.
8:13 PM4 days ago

LA Galaxy: On home turf

After an important win by the minimum difference last week against Austin FC, the LA Galaxy want to stay in the top places of the MLS conference and after a couple of weeks they will meet again with their fans, under the mission to keep picking up points.
8:08 PM4 days ago

The Kick-off

The LA Galaxy vs FC Dallas match will be played at the Dignity Health Sports Park Stadium, in Los Angeles, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:40 pm ET.
8:03 PM4 days ago

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