Goals and Highlights Guatemala 2-0 Dominican Republic: in Concacaf Nations League
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It's over

Guatemala wins 2-0 and takes second place in the group, in a game full of cards and ups and downs for both teams. 
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The match is stopped due to a dangerous action where the Dominican Republic player is already being treated, the referee did not show how much was added.
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Despite having 9 players, the Dominicans try to score at least one to give them confidence, but the Guatemalan defense does not allow it. 
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The game has been paused, the referee shows a red card to Moisés Hernández
9:31 PM16 days ago


Guatemala substituted Lynner García and Antonio López for Oscar Santis and Alejandro Galindo.
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GOOOOOOOOL! by Guatemala, Rubio Méndez appears to score his brace for his national team. 
9:21 PM16 days ago


Red card for Christian Schoissengeyr and penalty kick for Guatemala. 
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Andrés Lezcano and Moisés Hernández enter for Guatemala, Carlos Mejía and Stheven Robles leave the field.
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Stheven Robles receives a yellow card.
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A change for Dominican Rep., Arismendy Jimenez comes on for Joao Urbaez Manny Rodríguez enters the field for Dominican Rep., Jayson Made comes off
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Guatemala tries to keep the score, but the Dominicans start to react and look for the equalizer, showing a contrast to the first half. 
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The Dominican Republic begins to react, having more of the ball and creating the space to tie the game. 
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Gerardo Gordillo has to be careful from now on, as he receives a yellow card after pulling his opponent's shirt. 
8:46 PM16 days ago


The game hasn't changed, the home side are superior, but they continue to get forward on the lines and have actions disallowed for offside.  
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Start of the second half of Guatemala vs Dominican Republic. 
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It's over, the referee is not going to give more, Guatemala leads 1-0 before the break, but the locals have been superior. 
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Carlos Mejia foul on Nowend Lorenzo, the referee awards a free kick, the Dominicans still don't know how to approach the field.  Carlos Mejía is penalized with a yellow card
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Change for Dominican Republic, Antonio Natalucci comes in for Carlos Martinez.
8:21 PM16 days ago


GOOOOL! for Guatemala, Rubio Méndez opened the scoring with a shot that left the rival goalkeeper with no options, after a disallowed goal he managed to overcome. 
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Dorny Romero and Nowend Lorenzo come on for Dominican Republic, Gianluigi Sueva and Ronaldo Vasquez leave
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The Guatemalans have tried everything, but are playing on the edge, having already had several offsides. 
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Guatemala has dominated the game, but they have not been able to score when it comes to finishing. 
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The Dominicans went forward, so the Guatemalans regained the ball and went on the counterattack, but nothing materialized. 
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The linesman raises the flag, Rubio Mendez is caught offside where the Dominicans were saved, disallowing the goal. 
7:51 PM16 days ago


Guatemala begins to have more possession of the ball, despite this, the Dominicans were the first to have the first action in the opponent's goal. 
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The match started with both teams eager to score, running from one area to the other. 
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The match kicks off

The match between Guatemala and the Dominican Republic is ready to kick off at the Doroteo Guamuch Flores Stadium, where a regular attendance can be seen.
7:36 PM16 days ago

They take the field

Both teams take the field for the start of this Concacaf Nations League match at the Doroteo Guamuch Flores Stadium.
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How is the standings?

In the standings, French Guiana is in first place with 6 points and a differential of +3. The second place is occupied by Dominican Republic with 3 points and +1. Guatemala is next with 3 points and 0 in the differential and Belize is in the basement with no points.
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The starting XI

This is the starting XI with which the Dominican Republic will take the field at the Estadio Doroteo Guamuch Flores, a Concacaf Nations League match.
7:21 PM16 days ago

The starting XI

This is the starting XI with which Guatemala will take the field at the Estadio Doroteo Guamuch Flores, a Concacaf Nations League match.
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He will create his name

Rubio Rubin shared his impressions and made clear the message that he is coming to make his own history with Guatemala and recognized the figure that 'El Pescado' Ruiz signifies.

"The pressure is how the player takes it. I have played since I was 16 years old professionally and I have felt it. I've had my good and bad moments. I'm going to keep fighting. I have heard a lot about 'El Pescadito' Ruiz, he is a crack of a player, but I am here to create my name and at the same time to take this national team to a World Cup," Rubio Rubín expressed.

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Get together before the game

To lift their spirits and face the match against the Dominican Republic in a better way, selected players and fans shared moments together. Signing autographs, taking pictures and playing family games was the atmosphere at the Fanfest of the Guatemalan Soccer Federation.
7:06 PM16 days ago

What's left for Guatemala?

Even with Mexican coach Luis Fernando Tena, Guatemala has not been spared from having to take out the calculator during the competitions, they have played 50% of the group stage of the B League, in the CONCACAF Nations League and the Bicolor has not obtained the expected results.
Now Guatemala not only depends on its own results, it also depends on a defeat of French Guiana or, failing that, on beating them in the direct duel that will close the competition in March next year.
7:01 PM16 days ago

Criticism rains down

Tena and the Guatemalan national team were left in debt in their tournament debut and received a barrage of criticism from the local media for the defeat against Guyana.
The Mexican coach was coming off an unbeaten streak in his first four games (all friendlies) in charge of Guatemala since his hiring last December.
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The Dominican Republic is at a certain disadvantage going into the match, as it will be without its first-choice goalkeeper, Johan Guzmán, after being sent off in the Caribbean team's last match. 
Guatemala has no absentees and will be able to count on its four overseas-based players: Antonio de Jesús López (Necaxa, Mexico), Gerardo Gordillo (Gualaceo, Ecuador), Rubio Méndez Rubín (Real Salt Lake, USA) and José Pinto (Tacuary, Paraguay).
6:51 PM16 days ago

Highlights the virtues of Rubio Rubín

Fernando Palomo, renowned journalist and soccer commentator, pointed out on ESPN how important the player is for the Blue and White.

"Guatemala needs players of hierarchy, with international experience, who can bring all this experience to the national team. I believe that Rubio Rubin can fulfill this need, so that Guatemala can now get on the field. He is certainly a young striker with experience in different soccer environments, which will allow Luis Fernando Tena's team to have an offensive reference," he continued.

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Recognizes the rival

The Dominican National Soccer Team plans to go all out against its rival and take the victory, as Iñaki Bea mentioned, highlighting that their rival is above them, who are just starting out. 

"Yes, Guatemala is above us, obviously yes, we can't say no. They are a team that plays more as a team. It is a team that plays more as a team, they have things very clear. We as Dominicans are just starting in this, our king sport is baseball. Now we are going to compete and I am convinced that we are going to make things very difficult for Guatemala, but obviously Guatemala is the favorite for everything, we cannot fool ourselves", said the technical director.

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What time is Guatemala vs Dominican Republic match for Concacaf Nations League?

This is the start time of the game Guatemala vs Dominican Republic of 13th on June in several countries:

México: 19:00 horas CDMX, TUDN

Argentina: 20:00 horas

Chile: 21:00 horas

Colombia: 19:00 horas

Perú: 19:00 horas

EE.UU.: 20:00 horas ET

Ecuador: 19:00 horas

Uruguay: 20:00 horas

Paraguay: 20:00 horas

España: 02:00 horas

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Where and how to watch Guatemala vs Dominican Republic live

The match will be broadcasted by:
In Mexico: TUDN
In the United States: Univision and Paramount +
In Canada: One Soccer
In Costa Rica and Guatemala: Tigo Sports
In El Salvador: TCS
In Honduras: Televicentro
In Panama: Medcom and TVN
In the Caribbean: Flow Sports and CSTN
In the rest of the world: Concacaf Go (web and apps for Android and iOS) and selected matches on Concacaf's YouTube and Facebook accounts.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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The two teams have met on two occasions, with the two draws, the most recent meeting coming on June 10 in the CONCACAF Nations League.
Dominican Republic 1-1 Guatemala, 10 Jun, 2022, CONCACAF Nations League
Dominican Republic 0-0 Guatemala, 14 Aug, 2019, International Friendlies
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How are they coming?

In Guatemala's penultimate match, they won 2-0 against Belize at home and in their last match they drew 1-0 against the team they will face.
Before the tie against Guatemala, the Dominican Republic lost 3-2 to French Guiana on June 5, where they were a man down after goalkeeper Johan Guzmán was sent off.
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How will the tournament be played?

The tournament will be played in three leagues, with home and away matches, during the FIFA dates of June 2022 and March 2023. Then the Finals will take place in June 2023, consisting of semifinals, third-place match and final.
The teams were distributed, with promotions and relegations, in Leagues A, B and C, according to the results of the previous edition.
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Watch out for this player from Guatemala

Rubio Rubín, is one of the main novelties of the Guatemalan team, because after finishing the nationalization procedures, he has already been chosen to defend the colors, who already had minutes in the previous meeting.
6:06 PM16 days ago

Watch out for this player from the Dominican Republic

Dorny Romero is the forward of the Dominican national team and of the Venados of the Liga de Expansión MX, with his national team he has already played 3 matches and scored 2 goals.
Source: LDF
Photo: LDF
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Very evenly matched

Spanish coach Iñaki Bea has been constantly monitoring the Bicolor, recalling that in Bea's coaching staff, he is accompanied by Guatemalan Juan Francisco Roldán.

"We used to say that in soccer anyone can win and it has been proven. In principle, who was the favorite, lost against French Guiana and we see that soccer today is very balanced, anyone can beat anyone. The group has become very nice and we depend on ourselves," were the first impressions of Iñaki Bea.

5:56 PM16 days ago

They feel identified

Iñaki Bea, Dominican Republic DT, felt positive and understands that the team has a chance to play a good tournament.

"We have a team that has identified itself, the selection will continue to grow, we are very excited with what we have in hand, we are optimistic and prepared for the challenge," said Bea.

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