Highlights and goals: Estudiantes 1-2 Defensa y Justicia in Liga Profesional 2022
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10:37 PM17 days ago


Our coverage of Estudiantes vs Defensa y Justicia matchday 20 of the Liga Profesional 2022 comes to an end.

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10:30 PM17 days ago

90+6' End of the match

The match at the Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium is over! Defensa y Justicia won! They had to suffer with a man down, but they got the win at the end as visitors.
10:28 PM17 days ago

90+4' BALL TO THE POST! Estudiantes had it!

Leandro Díaz had a chance! The striker headed after a cross from the left, but the ball hit the crossbar.
10:25 PM17 days ago

90+1' Defensa y Justicia substitution

Francisco Marco replaces Gastón Togni.
10:24 PM17 days ago

90' Additional time

Six more minutes will be played in the match.
10:22 PM17 days ago

90' Yellow card

Lautaro Escalante was cautioned for Defensa y Justicia.
10:19 PM17 days ago

85' Last minutes

The end of the match is near. Estudiantes keeps getting closer to the goal defended by Ezequiel Unsaín, but cannot get the equalizer.
10:18 PM17 days ago

83' Estudiantes substitution

Leonardo Heredia replaces Fernando Zuqui.
10:09 PM17 days ago

78' Estudiantes substitution

Pablo Piatti replaces Franco Zapiola.
10:08 PM17 days ago

75' Half hour of the second half

There are 15 minutes left in the match. Estudiantes is still looking for the equalizer.
10:04 PM17 days ago

71' Double change for Defensa y Justicia

Lautaro Escalante and Nicolás Fernández replaces Tomás Galván and Manuel Duarte.
10:02 PM17 days ago

70' Estudiantes came closer

Benjamín Rollheiser replaces Leonardo Godoy.
10:01 PM17 days ago


The Defensa y Justicia goalkeeper saves after Manuel Castro's mid-range shot.
9:58 PM17 days ago

67' Red card!

Andrés Ríos was sent off for Defensa y Justicia, who were reduced to ten men.
9:55 PM17 days ago

63' Yellow card

Tomás Galván was cautioned for Defensa y Justicia.
9:53 PM17 days ago

61' GOOOOAL for Estudiantes

MAURO BOSELLI! Estudiantes' goal scorer pops up to head home the stoppage time goal after a cross from a corner kick from the left.
9:51 PM17 days ago


Great save by the Defensa y Justicia goalkeeper after a Fabián Noguera header following a corner kick from the right.
9:50 PM17 days ago

57' Yellow card

Andrés Ríos was cautioned for Defensa y Justicia.
9:49 PM17 days ago

56' GOOOOOAL for Defensa y Justicia

ANDRÉS RÍOS! The striker scores with a header after a cross from Gastón Togni in a counter-attack generated in a previous recovery by Tomás Galván.
9:43 PM17 days ago

50' First minutes

Estudiantes launches an attack looking for a quick equalizer. For now, they are unable to generate much danger.
9:39 PM17 days ago

Second half begins

The match restarts at the Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium with a change in Estudiantes with the entry of Leandro Díaz in place of Mauro Méndez.
9:20 PM17 days ago

45+2' End of the first half

The first 45 minutes of the match are over. Defensa y Justicia wins at Estudiantes by the minimum difference.
9:18 PM17 days ago

45' Additional time

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
9:14 PM17 days ago

40' Last five minutes

Five minutes left to the end of the match. Defensa y Justicia continues to win.
9:07 PM17 days ago

35' Yellow card

Emmanuel Más was cautioned for Estudiantes.
9:04 PM17 days ago

30' Half hour of match

The partial victory of Defensa y Justicia is maintained with a correct match, but Estudiantes is also looking for the rival goal.
8:56 PM17 days ago

23' GOOOOAL for Defensa y Justicia

ADONIS FRÍAS! The defender scores with a good cross shot, low towards the right post that left Andújar with no options.
8:52 PM17 days ago

20' The tie continues

For now, the score is still 0-0, but the teams are setting a good pace.
8:48 PM17 days ago

16' Estudiantes came closer

Good collective play by the local team, which ended with a shot by Mauro Méndez that went near the left post.
8:47 PM17 days ago

15' First quarter of the match

The score remains 0-0 for now. In the last minutes there were almost no approaches to the areas.
8:40 PM17 days ago


What a chance Tomás Galván missed! He had been left alone in front of Mariano Andújar, but sent the ball over the goal with his shot.
8:34 PM17 days ago


The goalkeeper saves Defensa y Justicia with a brilliant save after Jorge Rodríguez's shot from half distance.
8:32 PM17 days ago

Match starts

The match between Estudiantes and Defensa y Justicia gets underway.
8:30 PM17 days ago

Teams on the field

The players of Estudiantes and Defensa y Justicia take the field at the Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium.
8:25 PM17 days ago

Match officials

Referee: Fernando Echenique
Assistant No.1: Gerardo Lencina
Assistant No.2: Mariana De Almeida
Fourth Official: Kevin Alegre
VAR: Ariel Penel
Assistant VAR: Gerardo Carretero

8:20 PM17 days ago

Locker rooms ready

8:15 PM17 days ago

Substitutes - Defensa y Justicia

01. Marcos Peano (PO), 04. Lucas Souto, 07. Lucas Albertengo, 09. Nicolás Fernández, 15. Lautaro Escalante, 19. Fabricio Huertas, 20. Brahian Cuello, 23. Tomás Sives, 24. Francisco Marco, 30. Leandro Otormín, 31. Federico Versaci, 35. Agustín Maidana.

8:10 PM17 days ago

Starting XI - Defensa y Justicia

| 22. Ezequiel Unsain |
| 14. Nicolás Tripichio | 02. Adonis Frías | 06. Nazareno Colombo | 13. Alexis Soto |
| 08. Julián López |
| 05. Kevin Gutiérrez | 15. Raúl Loaiza |
| 17. Gabriel Alanis | 33. Tomás Galván | 34. Miguel Duarte | 11. Gastón Togni |
| 18. Andrés Ríos |

Coach: Nicolás Diez (E)

8:05 PM17 days ago

Substitutes - Estudiantes

01. Jerónimo Pourtau (GK), 04. Leonardo Heredia, 09. Leandro Díaz, 10. Benjamín Rollheiser, 14. Hernán Toledo, 19. Nehuén Paz, 23. Gonzalo Piñeiro, 25. Eros Mancuso, 26. Luciano Lollo, 28. Mateo Pellegrino, 31. Pablo Piatti, 32. Brian Orosco.

8:00 PM17 days ago

Starting XI - Estudiantes

| 21. Mariano Andújar |
| 05. Jorge Morel | 18. Fabián Noguera |
 29. Leonardo Godoy |                               | 06. Emmanuel Mas |
| 08. Fernando Zuqui | 30. Jorge Rodríguez |
| 20. Manuel Castro |                          | 22. Franco Zapiola |
| 07. Mauro Méndez | 17. Mauro Boselli |

Coach: Ricardo Zielinski

7:55 PM17 days ago

How the teams arrived at the Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium

7:50 PM17 days ago

Last five matches - Defensa y Justicia

September 15 - Torneo Binance: 2-1 vs Argentinos Juniors (Won)

September 11 - Torneo Binance: 1-0 vs Talleres (Lost)

September 5 - Torneo Binance: 0-0 vs San Lorenzo (Won)

August 31 - Argentine Cup: 0-4 vs River (Lost)

August 27 - Torneo Binance: 1-2 vs Banfield (Won)

7:45 PM17 days ago

Last five matches - Estudiantes

September 15 - Torneo Binance: 1-1 vs. Rosario Central

September 9 - Torneo Binance: 1-0 vs Racing (Won)

September 4 - Torneo Binance: 0-0 vs Platense

August 28 - Torneo Binance: 1-0 vs Patronato

August 22 - Torneo Binance: 1-0 vs Unión (Won)

7:40 PM17 days ago

Squad List - Defensa y Justicia

7:35 PM17 days ago

Squad List - Estudiantes

7:30 PM17 days ago

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We are ready to bring you the actions of this match between Estudiantes and Defensa y Justicia of the matchay 20 of the Torneo Binance.
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What time is Estudiantes vs Defensa y Justicia match for Liga Profesional?

This is the start time of the game Estudiantes vs Defensa y Justicia of September 19th, 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 9:30 PM on ESPN Premium, Televisión Pública, ESPN, Star+, ViX
Bolivia: 8:30 PM on Star + and ViX
Brazil: 9:30 PM en Star +
Chile: 8:30 PM on Star + and ViX
Colombia: 7:30 PM on Star + and ViX
Ecuador: 7:30 PM on Star + and ViX
USA (ET): 8:30 PM on Paramount+, TyC Sports Internacional, VIX+
Spain: 2:30 AM (15 de septiembre)
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Paraguay: 8:30 PM on Star + and ViX
Peru: 7:30 PM en Star + and ViX
Uruguay: 9:30 PM en Star + and ViX

7:10 PM17 days ago

Key player - Defensa y Justicia

In Defensa y Justicia, the presence of Gastón Togni stands out. The 26-year-old left winger has done a good job within the irregularity of his team, not only scoring, but also assisting. He has two goals so far in the tournament.

7:05 PM17 days ago

Key player - Estudiantes

The presence of Mauro Boselli stands out in Estudiantes. The 37-year-old experienced striker is not only an insignia for the club, but also its top scorer so far this season. In his return, the Argentinean has scored 16 goals.

7:00 PM17 days ago

Estudiantes vs Defensa y Justicia history

If we take into account the number of times these two teams have faced each other since the arrival of the Falcon to the first division, we count eight encounters. The statistics are in favor of Defensa y Justicia, who have been victorious on four occasions, while Estudiantes have won on two occasions, leaving a balance of two draws.
6:55 PM17 days ago

Defensa y Justicia

Defensa y Justicia has just won at home against Argentinos Juniors, but has not yet found the necessary regularity; that is why they must win if they want to move away from the last places in the table and finish the championship in a better way.

6:50 PM17 days ago


Estudiantes is on a good streak. The pincha is coming from a one-goal draw with Rosario Central, but in a good moment, adding with that, five matches in a row without defeat. However, they are obliged to get the victory if they still want to aspire to get into the fight for the title.

6:45 PM17 days ago

The match will be played at the Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium

The Estudiantes de La Plata vs Defensa y Justicia match will be played at the Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium, located in the city of La Plata, Argentina. This stadium, inaugurated in 1907, has a capacity for 32,530 spectators.
6:40 PM17 days ago

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