Highlights and goals: Reading 0-1 Millwall in EFL Championship
Reading vs Millwall // Source: GettyImages


11:58 AM9 days ago


Full Time. Victory for Millwall that gets into the playoff positions thanks to Voglsammer's goal from a penalty. Reading tried but failed to get the equalizing goal
11:56 AM9 days ago

90'|Three added

We arrived at minute 90. Three minutes are added. we will leave at minute 93
11:40 AM9 days ago

76'|He shot Ince

He shot Ince from afar without any danger. The shot went quite far. This stays the same. Millwall are fifteen minutes away from winning three points
11:29 AM9 days ago

65'|We passed the game time

The meeting enters its final leg. Keep pressing the Reading that wants to equalize the contest
11:21 AM9 days ago

58'|Hendrick tried

Hendrick shot from distance but the shot was not very dangerous and the goalkeeper saved it. Press Reading
11:14 AM9 days ago

55'|No danger

There are no dangerous approaches. The local team tries but can't hurt the visiting goal. Follow the momentary victory of Millwall
11:07 AM9 days ago

46'|Second part

The second half begins. Reading have 45 minutes to get something positive out of the game.
10:49 AM9 days ago


End of the first half. The first 45 minutes end with Millwall's victory thanks to Voglsammer's goal
10:47 AM9 days ago

45'|Two added

We arrived at minute 45. Two minutes are added. We will leave at minute 47
10:46 AM9 days ago

43'|Carroll injured

It seems that the Reading striker has some discomfort. It seems that he will not be able to continue. We reached minute 45...
10:45 AM9 days ago

35'|They grope

Nothing dangerous. Millwall rounds the local goal but does not generate dangerous approaches. Ten to go in the first half
10:42 AM9 days ago

28'|Reading is coming

Shy approach of the local team that sent a ball to the area that Long picks up without problems
10:18 AM9 days ago

11'|Goooal of Voglsammer

Goool from Voglsammer. The visiting team scores with a good execution from the pitcher who nailed it to the left corner
10:15 AM9 days ago


Lumley knocked down Flemming and the referee points out the maximum penalty. Voglsammer will shoot from eleven meters...
10:06 AM9 days ago

0'|The match begins

Start the game in England. Millwall play the promotion playoff. Let's see what the meeting brings us
9:49 AM9 days ago

Millwall lineup

For his part, Rowett has chosen his eleven for this match. This will be the starting eleven: Long, McNamara, Cresswell, Cooper, Wallace, Volgsammer, Leonard, Saville, Honeyman, Flemming and Bradshaw
9:46 AM9 days ago

Reading Lineup

Paul Ince already has his starting eleven selected. Lumley, Holmes, Dann, Sarr, Hendrick, Ince, Mcintyre, Yiadom, Guinness, Long, and Carroll
9:40 AM9 days ago

We already have lineups

There are less than half an hour left before the start of the match and both coaches have already selected their starting eleven. Let's go with the Reading lineup first
9:36 AM9 days ago

Next match

Reading will next face Blackburn in the EFL Championship. For their part, Millwall will face Swansea in the EFL Championship
9:21 AM9 days ago


The match between Reading vs Millwall will be played at the Select Car Leasing Stadium. The stadium is located in England and has a capacity of 24,000 spectators. The meeting will begin at 4:00 p.m. Spanish.
9:07 AM9 days ago

Who will win?

Less than an hour for the match between Reading vs Millwall to start. Who will win in the match between Reading vs Millwall?
9:06 AM9 days ago

They are already in the stadium

Both teams recently arrived at the stadium. Soon they will go out to carry out the preparatory warm-up exercises for the match. There is nothing left for the start of this match of a new day of the EFL Championship
9:01 AM9 days ago

We are here

Hello again. We are here again to report on the match between Reading and Millwall corresponding to the day of the EFL Championship. Follow the online broadcast of this match on VAVEL
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Stay tuned here to follow Reading vs Millwall live.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Reading vs Millwall live, as well as the latest information coming out of England. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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Possible Millwall line-up

Rowett may field the following starting eleven. Millwall's possible lineup may be as follows: Long, McNamara, Cresswell, Cooper, Wallace, Leonard, Saville, Burke, Flemming, Honeyman and Bradshaw.
7:09 PM10 days ago

Latest Reading Lineup

Paul Ince may field the following starting eleven. The possible Millwall lineup may be as follows: Lumley, Holmes, Dann, Sarr, Hendrick, Hendrick, Ince, Mcintyre, Yiadom, Guiness, Long and Carroll.
7:04 PM10 days ago

Match Schedule

This is the start time of the game Reading vs Millwall of 11th February 2023 in several countries:

Argentina: 12:00 PM,
Bolivia: 12:00 PM.
Brasil: 12:00 PM.
Chile: 12:00 PM.
Colombia: 10:00 AM.
Ecuador: 10:00 AM.
USA (ET): 10:00 AM.
Spain: 4:00 PM,
Mexico: 9:00 AM.
Paraguay: 12:00 PM.
Peru: 12:00 PM.
Uruguay: 12:00 PM.
Venezuela: 11:00 AM.

6:59 PM10 days ago

Where to watch

The match between Reading vs Millwall can be seen on the Reading channel and on Sky Sport. In addition, if you want to watch it online you can keep up to date with what is happening in the match and the score on VAVEL. 
6:54 PM10 days ago


Reading vs Millwall // Source: GettyImages
Reading vs Millwall // Source: GettyImages
6:49 PM10 days ago

History between them

These teams have met 48 times, where Millwall has won more matches than its rival, with a difference of four victories. Rowett's side have won on 22 occasions, while Reading have won in 18 matches. In eight other matches they have drawn against each other.
6:44 PM10 days ago

Millwall Ranking

Millwall is in seventh position with 54 points, with the play offs just one point away, where Norwich City, their previous rival who took the position from them, is positioned. As visitors, they have played 18 games, winning six, drawing four and losing eight.
6:39 PM10 days ago

Reading standings

Reading is positioned in the 26th position in the non-threatened zone of the standings. The English team is eleven points away from the promotion play-off places and twelve points away from the relegation places. At home, they have won 10 games, three draws and four defeats in 17 rounds, being the fifth best home team in the standings.
6:34 PM10 days ago

Millwall's last game

Millwall in their last match lost at their home stadium by the minimum, 2-3, against Norwich City.  The first half ended in a 1-1 draw. The home side took the lead through Bradshaw, who then scored an own goal to give Norwich the lead. The equalizer was scored by Sorensen off a pass from Gabriel Sara, who scored the third goal of the match. The last goal of the game was scored by Flemming to close the gap, but it was not enough to give his team something positive. In the end, the match ended 2-3 in favor of Norwich City.
6:29 PM10 days ago

Last Reading game

In the last matchday Reading played at home, where they lost 0-1 against Sheffield United, the second-placed team in the EFL Championship. The first half ended in a goalless draw with few chances in the first 45 minutes. In the second half, Sheffield United broke the deadlock with a goal in the 60th minute by Ndiate, who took advantage of Mcburnie's assist to open the scoring. Sheffield finally conquered the Select Car Leasing Stadium to take three points and remain in the direct promotion places to the Premier League.
6:24 PM10 days ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome to the online broadcast of Reading vs Millwall this Saturday, March 11 at 16:00 Spanish time. The match corresponds to the 36th round of the EFL Championship. Follow the online broadcast and all the information about both teams on VAVEL.