Highlights: Carapaz Gold in Men's Road Cycling (Tokyo 2020)
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3:38 AM2 years ago


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3:36 AM2 years ago

Complete podium

Medalla Nombre País
Gold Richard Carapaz Ecuador
Silver Wout Van Aert Belgium
Bronze Tadej Pogacar Slovenia
3:27 AM2 years ago


The Ecuadorian wins the first Latin American gold in the Men's Road Cycling event.
3:24 AM2 years ago

2 km to go

Last two km for the victory of Richard Carapaz.
3:22 AM2 years ago

4 km to go

Urán sets off in pursuit of Carapaz.
3:20 AM2 years ago

5 km to go

Carapaz attacks in search of the gold medal.
3:17 AM2 years ago

7 km to go

There is a 13-second gap between the leaders and the chasers.
3:15 AM2 years ago

10 km to go

The chasers are closing time on the leaders, forcing a nail-biting finish.
3:10 AM2 years ago

13 km to go

The race leader is steadily approaching the podium position.
3:06 AM2 years ago

18 km to go

The two riders are 33 seconds ahead of their pursuers.
3:03 AM2 years ago

22 km to go

The final descent begins, before the decisive sprint.
3:00 AM2 years ago

24 km to go

Richard Carapaz attacks and McNulty approaches, they take advantage of the rest.
2:55 AM2 years ago

27 km to go

The ten riders in the lead attack and counterattack constantly before the last climb.
2:50 AM2 years ago

32 km to go

The list increases with the arrival of Van Aert to the group of 10, who are in the lead and start the descent.
2:45 AM2 years ago

35 km to go

Carapaz and Kiatowski join the leading group. Urán is close to the finish.
2:36 AM2 years ago

37 km to go

Attack by Pogacar, Mculty and Woods, closely followed by the rest of the peloton.
2:29 AM2 years ago

48 km to go

Belgium holds the start of the climb, and begins to discard riders like Nairo Quintana and Alejandro Valverde.
2:24 AM2 years ago

40 km to go

Italy starts to set a steady pace, and to slow down the main group.
2:16 AM2 years ago

48 km to go

The breakaway ends. The peloton catches up with the advanced riders, and they prepare for the climb.
2:09 AM2 years ago

51 km to go

The peloton approaches to chase the breakaway.
2:05 AM2 years ago

53 km to go

Damiano Carusso attacks, but the peloton catches him immediately.
2:00 AM2 years ago

57 km to go

Problems for Jan Polanc, due to a mechanical breakdown from a minor crash.
1:58 AM2 years ago

59 km to go

Quiet moment in the peloton, prior to the last climb of the race.
1:51 AM2 years ago

63 km to go

The terrain of the racetrack ends, in a flat area, to then make the last ascent.
1:47 AM2 years ago

67 km to go

Some riders are closing the peloton with physical difficulties.
1:38 AM2 years ago

72 km to go

The peloton regroups on the flat part before the last climb of the competition.
1:33 AM2 years ago

75 km to go

The favorites for the final stage of the race are beginning to emerge, with Belgium and Slovenia dominating.
1:26 AM2 years ago

81 km to go

The breakaway finishes the ten-kilometer descent, and they head for the last part of the race.
1:18 AM2 years ago

91 km to go

Ciccone imposes a devastating pace, and reduces the main group by a large number of riders.
1:11 AM2 years ago

94 km to go

Denmark and Estonia are without their representatives due to exhaustion on the ascent of Mt. Fuji.
1:04 AM2 years ago

98 km to go

Some riders continue to leave due to exhaustion, this time it is the case of Greg Van Avermaet, current Olympic champion, who worked for his country as a gregarious rider on this occasion.
12:55 AM2 years ago

100 km to go

The gap between the breakaway and the peloton continues to decrease, putting the favorites looking to position themselves for victory.
12:49 AM2 years ago

103 km to go

The riders who can't keep up the pace on the climb are starting to get cut off.
12:38 AM2 years ago

105 km to go

The breakaway starts the second climb of the race, looking to continue to maintain the gap.
12:30 AM2 years ago

110 km to go

The peloton stretches out, after the pace imposed by Belgium, who tries to select the group and get closer to the breakaway.
12:25 AM2 years ago

114 km to go

The riders are on the flat between the first two climbs, with Belgium and Slovenia dominating.
12:17 AM2 years ago

120 km to go

The long descent begins after the high part, with constant work by the Belgian team.
12:14 AM2 years ago

133 km to go

The breakaway continues to deliver the May pace, preventing the peloton from deducting time from each other.
11:57 PM2 years ago

137 km to go

The riders reach the rest area between the first and second climb.
11:41 PM2 years ago

147 km to go

Namibia attacks, looking to increase its lead over the other riders.
11:36 PM2 years ago

151 km to go

Slovenia and Spain move to the front of the peloton to continue looking to close in on the breakaway.
11:27 PM2 years ago

154 km to go

Fall in the peloton. Great Britain, Turkey, Austria and Colombia have the first setback in the competition.
11:18 PM2 years ago

158 km to go

The protagonists start to move at the front of the peloton.
11:11 PM2 years ago

161 km to go

The first climb of the day begins.
11:00 PM2 years ago

167 km to go

Slovenia takes the lead of the peloton and increases the pace of the competition.
10:54 PM2 years ago

172 km to go

The Spanish team with Alejandro Valverde takes the lead of the peloton looking to cut the gap to the breakaway.
10:50 PM2 years ago

173 km to go

The peloton remains united without giving any space to its rivals to face the most difficult part of the race.
10:44 PM2 years ago

178 km to go

The teams choose to constantly hydrate the riders due to the high degree of heat in the country where the event takes place.
10:38 PM2 years ago

180 km to go

The peloton is led by the Namibian rider who sets the pace in the chase for the breakaway.
10:25 PM2 years ago

189 km to go

The peloton starts to be selected on the first climb.
10:17 PM2 years ago

195 km to go

The first raindrops begin to show at the start of the first ascent.
10:11 PM2 years ago

197 km to go

The breakaway riders begin to attack each other.
9:58 PM2 years ago

206 km to go

The peloton increases the pace as the Belgian team imposed it.
9:48 PM2 years ago

214 km to finish

The peloton is running in a leisurely fashion, not looking to close the gap for now.
9:44 PM2 years ago

219 km to go

A breakaway is formed by a number of riders, including representatives from South Africa, Venezuela, Italy and Bhutan.
9:11 PM2 years ago

Men's road cycling begins!

The teams begins in the road. 
8:55 PM2 years ago

Competitors get ready

Cyclists approach the starting point for the start of the road cycling race.
8:40 PM2 years ago

Equipment preparation

The teams perform the final warm-up exercises for the difficult test ahead in the Men's Road Race.
8:19 PM2 years ago

We continue with the coverage

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What time is Men's Cycling Road for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020?

This is the start time of the Men's Cycling Road of 23th July 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 23:00 hrs in Olympic TV
Bolivia: 22:00 hrs in Olympic TV
Brazil: 23:00 hrs in Olympic TV
Chile: 22:00 hrs in Olympic TV
Colombia: 21:00 hrs in Olympic TV
Ecuador: 21:00 hrs in Olympic TV
USA (ET): 22:00 hrs in Olympic TV
Mexico: 21:00 hrs in Olympic TV
Paraguay: 23:00 hrs in Olympic TV
Peru: 21:00 hrs in Olympic TV
Uruguay: 23:00 hrs in Olympic TV
Venezuela: 22:00 hrs in Olympic TV

3:19 AM2 years ago

End point of the race

Fuji International Speedway is a racetrack located in Shizuoka, at the foot of Mount Fuji. Its main attraction was to host several Formula 1 races.
3:14 AM2 years ago

Place where the competition starts

Musashinonomori Park, surrounded by Musashino Forest, is located in Fuchū, Tokyo Prefecture, Kantō.
3:09 AM2 years ago


The route of the race in search of Olympic gold is as follows: Start: Musashinonomori Park, 47 m
Ascents: Doushi Road, 1121 m, Kagosaka, 1111 m, Fuji Sanroku, 1451 m, Mikuni Pass, 1171 m, Kagosaka Pass, 1111 m.
Finish: Fuji International Speedway, 591 m.
3:04 AM2 years ago

Runners favored to win

The world figures of road cycling, who are favorites to win are: 
Tadej Pogacar, Remco Evenepoel, Wout van Aert, Julian Alaphillipe, Mathieu Van der Poel, Primoz Roglic and Rigoberto Urán.
2:59 AM2 years ago

Colombian team for the men's road race

These are the cyclists chosen by the Colombian federation to represent the country in the Olympic Games:
Rigoberto Urán and Sergio Andrés Higuita (EF Nippo); Esteban Chaves (Bike Exchange), Nairo Quintana (Arkea Samsic) and Daniel Martínez (Team Ineos).
2:54 AM2 years ago

Most medals per runner

The only cyclist to have won more than one medal in different Olympic Games has been: Alexandr Vinokurov with one gold and one silver medal for a total of 2 medals.
Country: Kazakhstan
Venue: Sydney'2000 and London'2012
2:49 AM2 years ago

Countries with the highest number of medals

First Italy with six gold medals, three silver medals and zero bronze medals for a total of nine medals.
Second Germany with two gold, two silver and three bronze medals for a total of seven medals.
Third France with two gold, two silver and zero bronze medals for a total of four medals.
2:44 AM2 years ago

Latest winners at Rio 2016

These are the winners of the last edition of the Olympics:
Greg Van Avermaet: Gold medalist
Jakob Diemer Fuglsang: Silver Medal
Rafał Majka: Bronze Medal
2:39 AM2 years ago

Start of transmission

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