Day 7 of Judo in Olympics Tokyo 2020: gold for Czech Republic and Japan, Teddy Riner gets bronze and Brazil no medal
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8:41 AM2 months ago

🏅🥋 Judo: Women +78kg

🥇GOLD: Akira Sone (Japan)
🥈SILVER: Idalys Ortiz (Cuba)
🥉BRONZE: Iryna Kindzerska (Azerbaijan) and Romane Dicko (France)
8:38 AM2 months ago

🏅🥋 Judo: Men +100kg

🥇GOLD: Lukas Krpalek (Czech Republic)
🥈SILVER: Guram Tushishvili (Georgia)
🥉BRONZE: Teddy Riner (France) and Tamerlan Bashaev (Russian Olympic Committee)
7:50 AM2 months ago

Gold medal for Lukas Krpalek

The Czech Republic athlete starts the fight with Guram Tushishvili, from Georgia, with two shido, but still in normal time he reacts with two wasari with Sumi-gaeshi and Yoko-shiho-gatame. The athlete, who had beaten the japanese Hisayoshi Harasawa in the semifinal, won by ippon.
7:38 AM2 months ago

Gold medal for Tamerlan Bashaev

Russian athlete finishes the fight in normal time, after just over two minutes, by applying two wasari (Seoi-nage and Kesa-gatame) on ukrainian Yakiv Khammo
7:36 AM2 months ago

Teddy Riner is bronze

Third place in Beijing 2008 and current two-time champion of the category, the french wins fourth consecutive Olympic medal because the japanese Hisayoshi Harasawa received three shido in another fight decided in the golden score after five minutes on the tatame
7:29 AM2 months ago

Gold medal for Akira Sone

In the longest fight of the finals so far, lasting 8:52, japanese overcomes Idalys Ortiz. They received three shido for lack of combativeness, but the Cuban received the red because she was punished for false attack.
7:22 AM2 months ago

Bronze for Romane Dicko

Kayra Sayit, from Turkey, loses the contest to french by ippon after a sequence of two wasari with Soto-makikomi and Ura-gatame
7:19 AM2 months ago

Bronze for Azerbaijan

Iryna Kindzerska knocks out Chinese Xu Shiyan with two wasari applying Harai-makikomi and Seoi-nage strikes in 1:41


7:12 AM2 months ago

Krpalek vs. Tushishvili in the final

After a punishment on each side, number 1 in the world ranking finishes the fight on the golden score, with wasari (Harai-goshi). Japanese Hisayoshi Harasawa resisted for eight minutes and now disputes the bronze medal. The other semifinal was decided in normal time and was very exciting. russian Tamerlan Bashaev took the lead with a wasari (Sumi-otoshi), but Georgia's Guram Tushishvili turned it around with a wasari (Tsuri-goshi) and returned the same blow from the beginning of the fight to advance after 3:09.
7:06 AM2 months ago

Rafael "Baby" Silva

"I have been fighting with it since the youth categories, I gave it my all, I tried to get the grip and I couldn't. Now I will put my thoughts in place and come back tomorrow with renewed energy to help Brazil."
7:04 AM2 months ago

Brazil without a medal, Ukraine on finals

In less than a minute, french fighter Teddy Riner knocks down Rafael "Baby" Silva by grabbing his legs and finishing by ippon. Ukrainian Yakiv Khammo gets double punishment, but finishes Uzbekistan's Bekmurod Oltiboev with wasari.
7:01 AM2 months ago

Confirmed his favoritism

Olympic champion in London 2012 and silver medalist in Rio 2016, cuban Idalys Ortiz gets a wasari, french Romane Dicko is punished and now fights for bronze
6:58 AM2 months ago

Japan moves ahead

Iryna Kindzerska of Azerbaijan is punished with shido for lack of combativeness. Later, japan's Akira Sone applies an ouchi-gari and finishes the fight by ippon.
6:58 AM2 months ago

Repechage contest

China's Xu Shiyan enters the tatami alone to fulfill protocol, since brazilian Maria Suelen Altheman injured her left knee. In the other bout, turkish Kayra Sayit surprises and finishes south korean Mijin Han by ippon.
2:36 AM2 months ago

Tune in here judo finals at Olympics Tokyo 2020 Live Score

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How to watch judo finals at Olympics Tokyo 2020 Live Stream on TV and Online?

Judo in Tokyo 2020 - Women's +78kg and Men's +100kg Finals
Place: Nippon Budokan Arena, Tokyo (Japan)
Time: 7am (Brasília time)
Where to watch: NBC Sports, Marca Claro, SporTV 2
Real time: VAVEL
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How to watch judo finals at Olympics Tokyo 2020 Live in TV and Stream

If you want to watch the judo finals live on TV, your options is SporTV 2.
If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option! 
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Medical bulletin

"Maria Suelen Altheman felt injury in her left knee during her quarterfinal bout against Romane Dicko and, after evaluation by the team's medical department, will not be able to fight the playoff. She will undergo imaging exams this Friday, the 30th, in Tokyo", informed the CBJ (Brazilian Judo Confederation). Thus, the Chinese Xu Shiyan automatically advances to the bronze medal match against whoever loses the duel between Iryna Kindzerska (Azerbaijan) and Akira Sone (Japan).
2:16 AM2 months ago

Draw sheet

Play-off: Xu Shiyan (China) x Maria Suelen Altheman (Brazil)
Play-off: Mijin Han (South Korea) x Kayra Sayit (Turkey)
Semi-final: Iryna Kindzerska (Azerbaijan) vs. Akira Sone (Japan)
Semi-final: Idalys Ortiz (Cuba) vs. Romane Dicko (France)
Play-off: Teddy Riner (France) - Rafael "Baby" Silva (Brazil)
Play-off: Yakiv Khammo (Ukraine) vs. Bekmurod Oltiboev (Uzbekistan)
Semi-final: Hisayoshi Harasawa (Japan) vs. Lukas Krpalek (Czech Republic)
Semi-final: Tamerlan Bashaev (Russian Olympic Committee) vs. Guram Tushishvili (Georgia)
Bronze medal match - women's +78kg
Bronze medal match - women's +78kg
women's +78kg final
Bronze medal - Men's +100kg
Bronze medal - Men's +100kg
Men's +100kg final
2:11 AM2 months ago

Who will win?

In this final round we will know the champions in the women's categories above 78kg and men's above 100kg, which in the Rio 2016 Games had the French Émile Andéol (gold), Cuban Idalys Ortiz (silver), Japanese Kanae Yamabe and Chinese Yu Song (bronze), French Teddy Riner (gold), Japanese Hisayoshi Harasawa (silver), Brazilian Rafael Silva and Israeli Or Sasson (bronze)
2:06 AM2 months ago

Arena Nippon Budokan

The multi-sports arena that hosts judo, karate, and kendo competitions took about two years to build. It was designed by architect Mamoru Yamada and the name means "Hall of Martial Arts". In this edition of the Olympics there will only be fights between judokas and karateka.
2:01 AM2 months ago

Welcome to's coverage of the judo finals at Olympics Tokyo 2020 Live Updates!

Hi everyone! We have reached the last day of individual fights at the Budokan, the sacred temple of judo, which hosted the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. The hosts who have won the most medals in this sport. France, South Korea, and China are other world powers.