Results Artistic Gymnastics at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
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5:49 AM2 years ago

Until later

We finished the coverage in artistic gymnastics. Stay tuned to VAVEL USA to follow the main sports
5:48 AM2 years ago


🥇 Daiki Hashimoto (Japan)

🥈Tin Srbic (Croatia)

🥉Nikita Nagornyy (ROC)

5:47 AM2 years ago


Bart Deurloo: 12.266
5:46 AM2 years ago


Daiki Hashimoto: 15.066
5:45 AM2 years ago


Tin Srbic: 14.900
5:44 AM2 years ago


Tyson Bull: 12.466
5:43 AM2 years ago


Brody Malone: 14.200
5:43 AM2 years ago


Nikita Nagornyy: 14.533
5:36 AM2 years ago


Milad Karimi: 12.333
4:52 AM2 years ago

Grading notes

Milad Karimi (Kazakhstan): 14.766

Nikita Nagornyy (ROC): 14.466

Brody Malone (USA): 14.533

Takeru Kitazono (Japan): 14.433

Tyson Bull (Australia): 14.433

Tin Srbic (Croatia): 14.633

Daiki Hashimoto (Japan): 15.033

Bart Deurloo (Netherlands): 14.400

4:51 AM2 years ago

Men's Horizontal Bar

Milad Karimi (Kazakhstan)

Nikita Nagornyy (ROC)

Brody Malone (USA)

Takeru Kitazono (Japan)

Tyson Bull (Australia)

Tin Srbic (Croatia)

Daiki Hashimoto (Japan)

Bart Deurloo (Netherlands)

4:42 AM2 years ago


🥇 Chenchen Guan  (China)

🥈  Xijing Tang (China)

🥉 Simone Biles (USA)

4:40 AM2 years ago


Chenchen Guan: 14.633
4:34 AM2 years ago


Flávia Saraiva: 13.133
4:30 AM2 years ago


Vladislava Urazova: 12.733
4:25 AM2 years ago


Urara Ashikawa: 13.733
4:20 AM2 years ago


Sunisa Lee: 13.866
4:15 AM2 years ago


Simone Biles: 14.000
4:11 AM2 years ago


She's coming! Simone Biles
4:11 AM2 years ago


Xijing Tang: 14. 233
4:07 AM2 years ago


Elsabeth Black: 13.866
3:39 AM2 years ago

Grading notes

Elsabeth Black (Canada): 14.100

Xijing Tang (China): 14.333

Simone Biles (USA): 14.066

Sunisa Lee (USA): 14.200

Larisa Iordache (Romania): 14.133

Vladislava Urazova (ROC): 14.000

Flávia Saraiva (Brazil): 13.966

Chenchen Guan (China): 14.933

3:37 AM2 years ago

Balance Beam

Elsabeth Black (Canada)

Xijing Tang (China)

Simone Biles (USA)

Sunisa Lee (USA)

Larisa Iordache (Romania)

Vladislava Urazova (ROC)

Flávia Saraiva (Brazil)

Chenchen Guan (China)

3:35 AM2 years ago


🥇 Zou Jingyuan (China)

🥈 Lukas Dauser (Germany)

🥉Ferhat Arıcan (Turkey)

3:33 AM2 years ago


Lukas Dauser: 15.700
3:29 AM2 years ago

Great Britain

Joe Fraser: 14.500
3:24 AM2 years ago


Petro Pakhnyuk: 14.533
3:21 AM2 years ago


David Belyavskiy: 15.200
3:18 AM2 years ago


Hao You: 15.466
3:13 AM2 years ago


Samuel Mikulak: 15.000
3:09 AM2 years ago


Zou Jingyuan: 16.233
3:09 AM2 years ago


Ferhat Arıcan: 15.633
2:33 AM2 years ago

Grading notes

Ferhat Arıcan (Turkey): 15.566

Zou Jingyuan (China): 16. 166

Samuel Mikulak (USA): 15.433 

Hao You (China): 15.666

David Belyavskiy (ROC): 15.325

Petro Pakhnyuk (Ukraine): 15.333

Joe Fraser (Great Britain): 15.400

Lukas Dauser (Germany): 15.733

2:31 AM2 years ago

Parallel bar

Ferhat Arıcan (Turkey) Zou Jingyuan (China) Samuel Mikulak (USA)  Hao You (China) David Belyavskiy (ROC) Petro Pakhnyuk (Ukraine) Joe Fraser (Great Britain) Lukas Dauser (Germany)
2:28 AM2 years ago


Today we will have the last day of the competition in the following order: parallel bars, balance beam and fixed bar
6:19 AM2 years ago

Still missing

Women's balance beam, men's parallel bars and men's fixed bars
6:17 AM2 years ago


🥇 Shin Jea-hwan (South Korea)

🥈Denis Abliazin (ROC)

🥉Artur Davtyan (Armenia)

6:14 AM2 years ago


Carlos Yulo: 14.716 
6:13 AM2 years ago


Denis Abliazin: 14.783


6:12 AM2 years ago

South Korea

Shin Jea-hwan: 14.783 
6:11 AM2 years ago


Ahmet Önder: 14.066 
6:10 AM2 years ago


Artur Davtyan:  14.733
6:09 AM2 years ago


Nikita Nagornyy: 14.716 
6:08 AM2 years ago


Caio Souza: 13.683
6:08 AM2 years ago


Adem Asil: 14.449
6:05 AM2 years ago

Grading score

Adem Asil (Turkey): 14,766
Caio Souza (Brazil): 14,700
Nikita Nagornyy (ROC): 14. 833
Arthur Davtyan (Armenia): 14,866
Ahmet Önder (Turkey): 14,466
Shin Jea-hwan (South Korea): 14,866
Denis Abliazin (ROC). 14,733
Carlos Yulo (Philippines): 14,712
6:04 AM2 years ago

Men's vaulting

Adem Asil (Turkey)
Caio Souza (Brazil)
Nikita Nagornyy (ROC)
Artur Davtyan (Armenia)
Ahmet Önder (Turkey)
Shin Jea-hwan (South Korea)
Denis Abliazin (ROC)
Carlos Yulo (Philippines)
5:56 AM2 years ago


🥇 Jade Carey (USA)

🥈 Vanessa Ferrari (Italy)

🥉 Mai Murakami (Japan) and Angelina Melnikova (ROC)

5:55 AM2 years ago

Great Britain

Jennifer Gadirova: 14.033
5:53 AM2 years ago


Rebeca Andrade entertained the crowd once again with the song baile de favela, however, she ended up leaving. Score: 14.033
5:50 AM2 years ago

Team USA

Jade Carey goes on to secure the highest score and guaranteed gold
5:49 AM2 years ago


Mai Murakami: 14.166
5:48 AM2 years ago


Vanessa Ferrari: 14.200
5:47 AM2 years ago


Angelina Melnikova: 14.166
5:47 AM2 years ago

Great Britain

Jessica Gadirova: 14.000
5:46 AM2 years ago


Jade Carey: 14.366
5:45 AM2 years ago


Victoriia Listunova: 12.400
5:43 AM2 years ago

We will have Biles

USA Gymnastics Confederation announces Simone Biles' presence on the beam
5:40 AM2 years ago

Grading notes

Viktoria Listunova (ROC): 14,000
Jade Carey (USA): 14.100
Jessica Gadirova (Great Britain): 14.033
Angelina Melnikova (ROC): 14,000
Vanessa Ferrari (Italy): 14.166
Mai Murakami (Japan): 13,933
Rebeca Andrade (Brazil): 14.066
Jennifer Gadirova (Great Britain): 13,800
5:34 AM2 years ago

Women's Solo

Viktoria Listunova (ROC)
Jade Carey (USA)
Jessica Gadirova (Great Britain)
Angelina Melnikova (ROC)
Vanessa Ferrari (Italy)
Mai Murakami (Japan)
Rebeca Andrade (Brazil)
Jennifer Gadirova (Great Britain)
5:33 AM2 years ago


🥇 Liu Yang (China)
🥈 Hao You (China)
🥉 Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece)
5:32 AM2 years ago


Eleftherios Petrounias: 15.200 
5:29 AM2 years ago


Samir Ait Said: 14.900
5:28 AM2 years ago


Ibrahim Colak: 14.666
4:16 AM2 years ago

One of the highlights, Zanetti is off the podium

One of the highlights, Zanetti is off the podium
4:14 AM2 years ago


Dennis Abiliazin: 14.833
4:10 AM2 years ago


Liu Yang passes his compatriot on the rings: 15,500
4:05 AM2 years ago


Hao You : 15.300 
4:03 AM2 years ago


Zanetti falls on arrival.  Score 14.133
12:34 AM2 years ago

Ranking points

Arthur Zanetti (Brazil) 14,900
Hao You (China) : 14,800
Hang Liu (China): 15,300
Denis Abliazin (ROC): 14,800
Ibrahim Colak (Turkey): 14,933
Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece): 15,333
Samir Aït Saïd (France): 15,066
Adem Asil (Turkey): 14,800
12:34 AM2 years ago

Gymnasts on the rings

Arthur Zanetti (Brazil)
Hao You (China)
Hang Liu (China)
Denis Abliazin (ROC)
Ibrahim Colak (Turkey)
Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece)
Samir Aït Saïd (France)
Adem Asil (Turkey)
12:19 AM2 years ago

We are back

This Monday (2), we will have three finals: rings, men's vault and women's floor
6:26 AM2 years ago

We'll stop here

Don't worry, we will continue with artistic gymnastics with: rings (men), floor (women), jump (men), parallel bars (men), balance beam (women) and fixed bar 
6:21 AM2 years ago


🥇Nina Derwael (Belgium)

🥈Anastasiia Iliankova (Russian Olympic Committee)

🥉Sunisa Lee (USA)

6:18 AM2 years ago


Elisabeth Seitz: 14.400
6:17 AM2 years ago


Lu Yufei: 14.400
6:12 AM2 years ago


Fan Yilin:13.900
6:08 AM2 years ago


Angelina Melnikova: 13.066
6:04 AM2 years ago


Anastasia Ilyankova: 14.833
6:00 AM2 years ago


Nina Derwael: 15.200
5:58 AM2 years ago


Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos: 14.033


5:54 AM2 years ago


Sunisa Lee: 14.500
5:44 AM2 years ago

Classification Results

- Sunisa Lee (USA): 15,200
- Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos (France): 14. 566
- Nina Derwael (Belgium): 15,366
- Anastasia Ilyankova (ROC): 14,966
- Angelina Melnikova (ROC): 14,933
- Fan Yilin (China): 14,600
- Lu Yufei (China): 14,700
- Elisabeth Seitz (Germany): 14,266
5:35 AM2 years ago

Uneven bars

Athletes in the dispute for uneven bars

- Sunisa Lee (USA)
- Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos (France)
- Nina Derwael (Belgium)
- Anastasia Ilyankova (ROC)
- Angelina Melnikova (ROC)
- Fan Yilin (China)
- Lu Yufei (China)
- Elisabeth Seitz (Germany)

5:29 AM2 years ago


🥇 Max Whitlock (Grã-Bretanha)

🥈 Lee Chih-kai (Taiwan)

🥉 Kaya Kazuma (Japan)

5:24 AM2 years ago


Kaya Kazuma: 14.600
5:21 AM2 years ago


Lee Chih-kai: 15.400
5:21 AM2 years ago


Rhys McClenaghan: 13.100 
5:17 AM2 years ago


Kohei Kameyama: 14.900
5:14 AM2 years ago


David Belyavsky: 14.833
5:14 AM2 years ago


Wei Sun: 13.066 
5:04 AM2 years ago


Alec Yoder: 14.566
5:04 AM2 years ago


Max Whitlock: 15.583
4:59 AM2 years ago

Classification Results

- Max Whitlock (Great Britain): 14,900
- Alec Yoder (USA): 15,200
- Sun Wei (China):14,833
- David Belyavskiy (ROC): 14.733
- Lee Chih-kai (Taiwan): 14,266
- Kaya Kazuma (Japan): 14,833
- Rhys McClenaghan (Ireland): 15,266
- Kohei Kameyama (Japan): 15,266
4:51 AM2 years ago

Pommel Horse

Athletes in the 

- Max Whitlock (Great Britain)
- Alec Yoder (USA)
- Sun Wei (China)
- David Belyavskiy (ROC)
- Lee Chih-kai (Taiwan)
- Kaya Kazuma (Japan)
- Rhys McClenaghan (Ireland)
- Kohei Kameyama (Japan)

4:42 AM2 years ago


🥇 Rebeca Andrade (Brasil)

🥈 MyKayla Skinner (USA)

🥉 Yeo Seojeong (South Korea)

4:27 AM2 years ago


Angelina Melnikova: 14.683
4:22 AM2 years ago


Shallon Olsen: 14.550
4:17 AM2 years ago

South Korea

Yeo Seojeong: 14.733
4:16 AM2 years ago


Jade Carey: 12.416
4:10 AM2 years ago


Rebeca Andrade: 15.083
4:07 AM2 years ago


Alexa Moreno: 14.666
4:04 AM2 years ago


MyKayla Skinner 14.900
3:53 AM2 years ago


As in the individual general, Simone Biles withdrew from the women's apparatus final. The gymnast, who won five golds at Rio 2016, reported problems dealing with pressure for results. MyKayla Skinner will be the replacement 
3:47 AM2 years ago

Classification Results

- MyKayla Skinner (USA): 14.866
- Alexa Moreno (Mexico): 14.633
- Rebeca Andrade (Brazil): 15.100
- Jade Carey (USA): 15: 166
- Yeo Seojeong (South Korea)
- Shallon Olsen (Canada): 14.666
- Angelina Melnikova (ROC): 14. 616
- Lilia Akhaimova (ROC): 14: 699
3:39 AM2 years ago


Athletes in the women's jumping competition

- MyKayla Skinner (USA)
- Alexa Moreno (Mexico)
- Rebeca Andrade (Brazil)
- Jade Carey (USA)
- Yeo Seojeong (South Korea)
- Shallon Olsen (Canada)
- Angelina Melnikova (ROC)
- Lilia Akhaimova (ROC)

3:36 AM2 years ago


🥇Artem Dolgopyat (Israel)

🥉 Rayderley Miguel Zapata (Spain)

🥈Xiao Ruoteng (China)

3:34 AM2 years ago


Milad Karimi: 14.133
3:33 AM2 years ago


Milad Karimi got out of the allowed space and made a slip near the end
3:30 AM2 years ago


Xiao Ruoteng: 14.766
3:29 AM2 years ago


Xiao Ruoteng was one of the athletes who nailed the arrivals. Good series
3:26 AM2 years ago


Ryu Sunghyun: 14.233
3:25 AM2 years ago

South Korea

With a good start, Ryu Sunghyun lost his balance in the middle of the performance and a solo exit. Overall, high difficulty
3:21 AM2 years ago


Kim Hansol: 13.066
3:20 AM2 years ago

South Korea

Kim Hansol had several errors during the execution.
3:17 AM2 years ago


Artem Dolgopyat: 19.933
3:16 AM2 years ago


Artem Dolgopyat went a few seconds over the allowed time, plus problems at the finish
3:14 AM2 years ago


Yul Moldauer: 13.533
3:14 AM2 years ago


Yul Moldauer dragged his foot on the ground during a move. Despite this, he had no penalty
3:12 AM2 years ago


Rayderley Miguel Zapata: 14.933
3:11 AM2 years ago


Rayderley Miguel Zapata had a safe performance, with difficulty number 6, as well as nailing it on the way out.
3:10 AM2 years ago


Nikita Nagornyy: 13.066
3:08 AM2 years ago


Nikita Nagornyy had an off balance first outing with three carpentered mortals. The Russian also came out of the established space 
3:02 AM2 years ago

It's about to start

Solo athletes being introduced at this time
2:48 AM2 years ago

Execution of the floor

Execution of the solo. For the presentation, the gymnasts will perform the presentation in 70 seconds, combining acrobatic elements.
2:43 AM2 years ago

Grading notes

- Nikita Nagornyy (ROC): 15.066

- Rayderley Miguel Zapata (Espanha): 15.041  

- Yul Moldauer (EUA): 14.866

- Artem Dolgopyat (Israel): 15.200

- Kim Hansol (Coreia do Sul): 14.900

- Ryu Sunghyun (Coreia do Sul): 15.066

- Xiao Ruoteng (China): 14.866

- Milad Karimi (Cazaquistão): 14. 766

2:38 AM2 years ago

First Final

Men's jumping will be the first artistic gymnastics decision. The finalists are: 

- Nikita Nagornyy (ROC)

- Rayderley Miguel Zapata (Spain)

- Yul Moldauer (USA)

- Artem Dolgopyat (Israel)

- Kim Hansol (South Korea)

- Ryu Sunghyun (South Korea)

- Xiao Ruoteng (China)

- Milad Karimi (Kazakhstan)

2:33 AM2 years ago

What time is Artistic Gymnastics match for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020?

If you want to watch the game Artistic Gymnastics live on TV, your options is:  Olympic Channel, EUA, CNBC

If you want to directly stream it: Peacock,, NBC Sports App  

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

2:28 AM2 years ago

Asymmetrical bars

There are two bars, positioned horizontally at 2.50m and 1.70m off the ground. The movements involve switching with flight from one bar to the other, releases and restarts (on the same bar), and changes in the body's axis of rotation.
2:23 AM2 years ago

Male horse

A beam with side handles. Fluent, continuous movements are required, with changes of handstand, scissors, and passes with legs together and parallel. Only men perform on this apparatus.
2:18 AM2 years ago

Women's Jumping

The apparatus is a rectangular table 1.20m wide and 90cm long. The gymnast must run, jump on a small trampoline, and perform the jump, touching the table during the movement and landing on the other side. 
2:13 AM2 years ago

Men's solo

In a square area of 12m, the athletes have a presentation with a maximum duration of 70 seconds, combining acrobatic elements.  The men's competition does not have music like the women's competition.
2:08 AM2 years ago

Artistic Gymnastics

Let's marathon the Olympic Games! This Sunday (1st), we will have four finals of artistic gymnastics: men's floor, women's vault, men's horse and asymmetric bars.
2:03 AM2 years ago

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