Beach Soccer World Cup: Goals and Highlights Brazil vs Belarus (5-0)
Photo by Thiego Mattos / NB Photopress


2:07 PM2 years ago

Next matches

Schedule yourself: the brazilian team returns to the field on Thursday 26th, at 8am ET, when it faces Senegal, which finished top of group D. The advancing team will face Tahiti or Japan in the semifinal on Saturday 28th. Belarus, on the other hand, bids farewell to the World Cup and packs its bags back home.
1:56 PM2 years ago

Lucao, brazilian striker

"We usually say that everyone in the squad is important. The World Cup is difficult, but we always go in to win. Thank God we were able to get the win today. You can expect a lot from Brazil, we will go up in the quarterfinals."
1:54 PM2 years ago

Gilberto Costa, Brazil's manager

"I was a little worried, but we still need to improve to advance in the competition. In the quarterfinals it will be a difficult match, Senegal can surprise, beat Brazil, but we are alert."
1:51 PM2 years ago

"Let's start from the scratch!"

Brazilian players hug to celebrate the classification and do that traditional circle in the center of the court. "The World Cup starts now! Let's go from the ground up! Here it's Brazil, let's show them" , says goalkeeper Mao to his teammates.
1:45 PM2 years ago


12' The final whistle sounds. Brazil guarantees place in the quarterfinals and Belarus is eliminated!
1:43 PM2 years ago

Attempted missed

11' Alisson appears again in the attack, but sends it straight out
1:41 PM2 years ago

Chance for Belarus

9' Novikau shoots at goal, Rodrigo deflects and the ball goes out for a corner
1:39 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

7' Ryabko of Belarus for bringing down Mauricinho in the previous move
1:37 PM2 years ago


7' Mauricinho hats off to Ryabko, who pushes the number 11 and is punished
1:33 PM2 years ago


7' MAURICINHO! Number 11 receives from Datinha, hits the goal and extends the Brazilian advantage.
1:27 PM2 years ago


6' Datinha shoots with his right foot, the goalkeeper stretches out and saves
1:26 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

5' Bokach, from Belarus, for committing a foul
1:25 PM2 years ago


3' Alisson comes off the bench and gets an opportunity. He manages to finish, but misses the target
1:24 PM2 years ago

Chance for Belarus

1' Bokach and Ryabko finish, but neither can reduce the score in Moscow
1:20 PM2 years ago

Game restart

00' We're going into the third and final period of play in Moscow!
1:19 PM2 years ago

Half time

12' End of second period
1:18 PM2 years ago


12' LUCÃO! Belarus does not take advantage of the attack in the kickoff, Mão acts fast and triggers again the number 6 jersey, which turns the victory into a score!
1:15 PM2 years ago


12' LUCÃO! The player takes the penalty kick to the left corner of goalkeeper Ustsinovich
1:14 PM2 years ago


12' Lucão advances down the right side and goalkeeper Mahaletski comes out again to try to make the save, but knocks the Brazilian down and leaves Belarus with one less on the field!
1:12 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

11' Mahaletski, goalkeeper for Belarus, for comitting penalty kick
1:10 PM2 years ago


11' Luis Henrique takes a low left corner kick, Belarus' goalkeeper stretches out and saves
1:08 PM2 years ago

Penalty kick

11' Luis Henrique moves forward on the right, goalkeeper Mahaletski tries to clear but brings down the Brazilian inside the area!
1:06 PM2 years ago

By an inch

9' Mauricinho tries a bicycle kick from the right, touches it and the ball goes out
1:05 PM2 years ago

Oh no!

7' Catarino takes two chances, but can't get a shot on goal
1:03 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

6' Hardzetski, from Belarus, to comitted a foul
1:02 PM2 years ago

Mao saves!

5' Hardzetski appears on the right wing and shoots, but the ball hits the chest of goalkeeper
1:00 PM2 years ago


3' EDSON HULK! A ball away from goalkeeper Mao towards the striker in the attack field, he dribbles past Novikau and scores a great goal, hitting an indefensible shot, on the "cheek of the net", into Mahaletski's right corner.
12:57 PM2 years ago


1' Soon after the kickoff, Bokach tries to shoot straight at goal and defender Catarino who was practically under the crossbar shoots away
12:53 PM2 years ago

Game restart

00' The second period begins
12:51 PM2 years ago

Half time

12' End of first period
12:51 PM2 years ago

By an inch

11' Filipe receives on the right side, hits the goal, but goalkeeper Mahaletski makes the save
12:48 PM2 years ago


9' Hapon escapes on the left, carries and sends it to the goal, Mao throws himself at the ball but it goes straight out
12:46 PM2 years ago


7' Rodrigo shoots straight at goal, at mid-height, hits hard and the ball goes to the left of Belarus' goalkeeper!
12:44 PM2 years ago

Ball Possession

6' Brazil: 62%, Belarus: 38%
12:43 PM2 years ago


5' Kanstantsinau goes for the ball, but the Brazilian goalkeeper saves the tie
12:42 PM2 years ago

Hard foul

5' Lucão lifts his foot too high in a challenge on Hardzetski and the referee awards a foul in favor of Belarus. Good chance for the Europeans!
12:39 PM2 years ago

Hit the woodwork

4' Ryabko comes forward from the right wing, tries a bicycle kick and it touches the left corner of the goalkeeper, at the junction between the post and the crossbar
12:36 PM2 years ago


3' RODRIGO! The number 9 moves forward on the left, cuts to the middle, Mahaletski comes out to smother, but the striker wins the battle and shoots a cross to take the score zero.
12:34 PM2 years ago


2' Drozd frames the bicycle kick, but also fails to send it towards the goal
12:33 PM2 years ago

Brazil goes ahead

1' Catarino and Mauricinho finish, but can't find the net

12:31 PM2 years ago


00' Dominican Juan Angeles allows the start of the 1st period. Luis Henrique gives Brazil the go-ahead!
12:30 PM2 years ago

Time for the draw

Catarino, from Brazil, and Kanstantsinau, from Belarus, in the center of the court
12:26 PM2 years ago

Sound on, DJ!

Players are lined up for the playing of the National Anthems of Brazil and Belarus.
12:25 PM2 years ago


Mahaletski, Bokach, Drozd, Kanstantsinau, Ryabko. Manager: Nicolas Alvarado "Nico".

Substitutes: Ustsinovich, Novikau, Hapon, Piatrouski, Akulich, Hardzetski, Kliashchuk.

12:23 PM2 years ago


Mão, Catarino, Luis Henrique, Rodrigo, Mauricinho.
Manager: Gilberto Costa.

Substitutes: Rafa Padilha, Alisson, Filipe, Lucão, Edson Hulk, Datinha, Zé Lucas.

12:20 PM2 years ago

Quarter finals

There is only one match left to define the last knockout match. See which are the games of Thursday (26):

Senegal vs Brazil/Belarus

12:11 PM2 years ago

Save the date

Quarter finals: August 26th
Semi-final: August 28th
Play-off for third place: August 29th
Final: August 29th 
12:07 PM2 years ago

Belarus team information

According to figures from the Russian Beach Soccer Confederation, the Belarusian National team has played 159 matches, won 88 and lost 71. 607 goals have been scored and 513 conceded. In 2021 it has eight wins in 16 matches. Vadzim Bokach and Ivan Kanstantsinaiu are the top scorers, with 45 and 46 goals respectively.
12:05 PM2 years ago

Brazil only depends on itself

The regulation of beach soccer is like this: there are three periods of 12 minutes and the winner receives 3 points. Victory in extra time is worth 2 points, and in the penalty shootout it is worth 1 point. As they won El Salvador and added 3 points, the Brazilians qualify even if they lose in the penalty shootout. Belarussians, on the other hand, need to win in normal time or extra time.
12:00 PM2 years ago


  1. Switzerland - 7 points in 3 games
  2. Brazil - 3 points in 2 games
  3. Belarus - 1 points in 2 games
  4. El Salvador - 0 points in 3 games

The top two from each group advance to the quarterfinals. Thus, the other spot will be played between the Brazilian team and Belarus. Earlier in the day, Switzerland secured first place in the group by beating El Salvador 8-7. As a result, the South American team is eliminated.

11:55 AM2 years ago

Matches and Results

Oman 3-2 Senegal
El Salvador 7-8 Switzerland
Uruguay 7-6 Portugal
11:50 AM2 years ago


Hey! We are back to bring you the latest information, news, and much more about the match between Brazil and Belarus, which defines a place in the knockout stage of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021, an event that is taking place in Moscow.
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Tune in here Brazil vs Belarus Live Score

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How to watch Brazil vs Belarus Live Stream on TV and Online?

Match: Brazil vs Belarus
Event: FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021
Round: #3
Date: August 24th
Kick-off: 1:30pm ET
Place: Luzhniki Beach Soccer Stadium in Moscow (Russia)
Where to watch: SporTV, TV Globo,
Real time: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Brazil vs Belarus live online

TV Globo shows the game all over Brazil, as does SporTV, and the broadcast will also be available via free streaming on Globoplay and by the website. If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!
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Match officials

Referee: Juan Angeles (Dominican Republic)
Assistant Referee 1:Yuichi Hatano (Japan) 
Assistant Referee 2: Akbarpour Ebrahim (Iran)
Fourth official: Ingilab Mammadov (Azerbaijan) 
11:25 AM2 years ago

Belarus: last lineup

Mahaletski, Bokach, Kanstantsinau, Ryabko, Chaikouski.
Manager: Nicolas Alvarado "Nico"
11:20 AM2 years ago

Brazil: last lineup

Rafa Padilha, Antonio, Catarino, Rodrigo, Mauricinho
Manager: Gilberto Costa.
11:15 AM2 years ago

Top scorers

Brazil: Zé Lucas (3), Rodrigo (2)
Belarus: Hapon (3), Ryabko (2)
11:10 AM2 years ago

Belarus squad

Goalkeepers: Ustsinovich, Mahaletski, Kliashchuk
Defenders: Bokach, Novikau, Akulich, Kanstantsinau, Hardzetski, Chaikouski, Batsiunia 
Mildfielders: Piatrouski 
Forwards: Drozd, Hapon, Ryabko 
Photo by FIFA via Getty Images
Photo by FIFA via Getty Images
11:05 AM2 years ago

Brazil squad

Goalkeepers: Rafa Padilha, Mão, Thiago Bobo
Defenders: Antonio, Catarino, Datinha, Filipe, Luis Henrique
Forwards: Alisson, Edson Hulk, Lucão, Mauricinho, Rodrigo, Zé Lucas
Photo by Thiego Mattos / NB Photopress
Photo by Thiego Mattos / NB Photopress
11:00 AM2 years ago

Group C

FIFA has organized the Beach Soccer World Cup since 2005 and since then four countries have won the title (Brazil, France, Portugal, and Russia), with the Brazilian team seeking its sixth championship in Moscow. Belarus, on the other hand, is seeking to reach an unprecedented final. In this edition, the campaign of the Brazilians and Belarusians is similar - one win and one defeat.
Belarus 5 (5)-(4) 5 El Salvador
Switzerland 5 (4)-(3) 5 Brazil
Belarus 3-7 Switzerland
Brazil 4-2 El Salvador
9:30am - El Salvador x Switzerland
1:30pm - Brazil x Belarus
Photo by Divulgação/CBSB
Photo by Divulgação/CBSB
10:55 AM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The match between Brasil-Belarus is in group C of FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021 and closes the 3rd and last round of the first phase. Kickoff time: 1:30 pm ET. 
10:50 AM2 years ago

The venue

The match will be played at Luzhniki Beach Soccer Stadium on August 24, 2021 in Moscow, Russia. It is an arena located in the same sports complex as one of the 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer stadiums. 
Photo by Octavio Passos - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images
Photo by Octavio Passos - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images
10:45 AM2 years ago

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