Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs Live Updates and 2015 NBA Scores in Game 3 (73-100)
Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin dunks against San Antonio Spurs Aron Baynes during the second half of Game 1 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series in Los Angeles, Sunday, April 19, 2015. (Ed Crisostomo/The Orange County Register via AP)
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Blake Griffin lead LA with 14 points on 6-of-15 shooting. Chris Paul shot just 3-for-11 for 7 points. DeAndre Jordan had 10 points and 8 rebounds. 

The Clippers suffered through a historically atrocious offensive performance, shooting 34% from the field and 26% from three while turning it over 14 times. 

Boris Diaw records 15, Green has 11, and the Spurs shoot an overall 53% from the field. 

Ballgame. Spurs take a 2-1 lead in the series with a 100-73 domination of Los Angeles. Leonard records a career high 32 points in just 29 minutes. 

4th Quarter (0:47): Dahntay Jones dunks in the open court. 100-73 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (1:04): Hudson drops a dime to Hawes. 100-71 Spurs.

4th Quarter (1:25): Lester Hudson takes it to the rack. 100-69 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (1:37): Aron Baynes hits two free throws. 100-67 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (2:00): Joseph nets a jumper. 98-67 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (2:53): Rivers hits a three. 96-67 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (3:08): Baynes knocks down a shot. 96-64 Spurs. 

Hudson hits a three for LA. 

4th Quarter (3:39): Joseph banks one home. 94-61 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (3:58): Rivers hits a floater. 92-61 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (4:38): Austin Rivers drives and puts one off the glass. 92-59 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (5:10): Davis finishes for LA. 92-57 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (5:31): Belinelli connects on a three. 92-55 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (5:58): Belinelli hits a two. 89-55 Spurs. 

Not sure how Aron Baynes is playing right now. 

4th Quarter (7:14): Cory Joseph hits a midrange jumper. 87-55 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (7:39): Leonard hits a midrange J with the contact and a foul. 85-55 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (8:05): Diaw hits two of two at the line. 82-55 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (8:27): Jordan slams one home. 80-55 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (8:45): Belinelli scores down low off of a Diaw feed. 80-53 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (9:04): Paul finds Jordan on a lob. 78-53 Spurs. 

Ginobili's passing skills are uncanny. Dropping dimes all over the court. 

4th Quarter (9:14): Ginobili finds an open Green, who nails a corner three. 78-51 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (10:33): Mills drains a trey. 75-51 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (10:57): Ginobili finds Diaw on a give-and-go. 72-51 Spurs. 

4th Quarter (11:18): Jamal Crawford gets a floater to go. 70-51 Spurs. 

70-49 Spurs after three. Leonard had 13 points in the quarter, and San Antonio held LA to 11 points. 

3rd Quarter (0:15): Ginobili takes it to the cup and scores. 70-49 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (0:55): Griffin hits both foul shots. 68-49 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (1:38): Duncan misses both at the line. 68-47 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (1:58): Diaw hits a ridiculous floater. 68-47 Spurs. 

Spurs have eight blocks so far tonight. 

3rd Quarter (2:55): Duncan hits a tough turnaround J. 66-47 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (3:22): Glen Davis rebounds a Paul miss and scores. 64-47 Spurs. 

Leonard heads to the bench after dropping 13 in the quarter. 

3rd Quarter (3:48): Boris Diaw hits one of two at the line. 64-45 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (4:24): Parker hits a midrange J. 63-45 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (4:59): Leonard hits a spinning fadeaway. 61-45 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (5:25): Griffin hits tough hook shot in the paint. 59-45 Spurs. 

Kawhi Leonard now has 27 points, including three treys. 

Paul now has five turnovers. Griffin is hobbling up and down the floor.

3rd Quarter (7:24): Leonard bangs home a three over Barnes. 59-43 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (7:48): Barnes hits a desperation three from the corner. 56-43 Spurs. 

10-2 Spurs run to open up the 3rd quarter. 

3rd Quarter (8:14): Leonard steps back and hits over Barnes. He's got 24 points. Spurs lead, 56-40.

3rd Quarter (8:32): Leonard crosses up Barnes and scores. 54-40 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (9:45): Duncan finds Splitter inside. 52-40 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (10:31): Leonard strikes again. 50-40 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (10:47): Paul hits a runner. 48-40 Spurs. 

3rd Quarter (11:09): Leonard euro-steps and scores on the fast break. 48-38 Spurs. 

Spurs shooting 44% from the field and 40% from deep. Leonard leads all scorers with 16 points on 6-of-10 shooting while Green and Diaw have eight apiece. 

Clippers shooting just 34% from the field and 25% from three. Griffin leads them with 10 points, while Redick has 7 and Jordan has 6 and 6 rebounds. 

Blake Griffin sends the Clippers into the half down 46-38 with a buzzer-beating jumper. 

2nd Quarter (0:50): Griffin barrels into Duncan for the finish. 46-36 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (1:28): Glen Davis hits one of two. 46-34 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (1:36): Leonard picks off a pass and skies for the finish. 46-33 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (1:58): Danny Green hits a three from the wing. 44-33 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (2:30): Green finds Leonard on the spectacular alley-oop! 41-33 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (3:01): Diaw scores after a clever move. 39-33 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (3:12): Griffin finishes inside. 37-33 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (3:27): Leonard hits two free throws. 37-31 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (3:44): Griffin misses the free throw. 35-31 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (3:44): Griffin gets the and-one on the fast break. 35-31 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (5:46): Jordan finishes underneath the basket. 35-29 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (6:12): Chris Paul nails a three right in the face of Belinelli. 35-27 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (6:35): Boris Diaw hits two of two at the line. 35-24 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (7:38): Duncan finds Belinelli on a beautiful cut. 33-24 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (7:49): Jamal Crawford hits three of three at the line. 31-24 Spurs. 

Clippers are shooting 29% from the field, and the Spurs can't seem to hit anything on the other end. 

2nd Quarter (10:15): Griffin knocks down a midrange J. 31-21 Spurs. 

Spurs are nailing threes at an incredible rate so far. That's five already. 

2nd Quarter (10:33): Patty Mills drills a transition three. 31-19 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (10:57): Matt Bonner nails a three. 28-19 Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (11:17): Austin Rivers nails a three. 25-19 Spurs. 

Kawhi Leonard leads the Spurs with 10 points, while Redick leads L.A. with 7. 

Spurs lead 25-16 after one. 

1st Quarter (0:09): Austin Rivers hits one free throw. 25-16 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (0:52): Jordan tips in Turkoglu's missed three. 25-15 Spurs. 

Leonard's HOT early. Diaw is a certified dime-dropper as well. 

1st Quarter (2:06): Leonard drains a three off of a Diaw assist. 25-13 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (3:14): Parker floats one up and in. 22-11 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (3:54): Diaw hits a jumper. 20-11. 

1st Quarter (4:16): Chris Paul drains a midrange J. 18-11 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (4:37): Leonard comes back with a three of his own. 18-9 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (5:00): Redick tees up a three. 15-9 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (5:30): Boris Diaw rebounds a Green miss and puts it in. 15-6 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (5:57): Spurs lead at the first timeout, 13-6. 

1st Quarter (6:11): Tim Duncan hits a fadeaway. 13-6 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (7:08): Redick steps up and nails a midrange J. 11-6. 

1st Quarter (7:45): Griffin finds Jordan on the lob. 11-4 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (8:47): Splitter finds Danny Green on the backdoor cut. 11-2 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (9:14): Leonard hits the step-back! 9-2 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (10:00): Kawhi Leonard drives and scores on the break. 7-2. 

1st Quarter (10:27): Tony Parker drives and flips one past DeAndre Jordan. 5-2 Spurs.

1st Quarter (10:47): J.J. Redick hits two free throws. 3-2 Spurs. 

1st Quarter (11:01): Danny Green nails a three to begin the game. 3-0 Spurs. 

Here we go! 

Tip scheduled for 9:45 PM EST, to be precise. 

A few Clippers fans have made the trip to the AT&T Center. 

While Parker will be in the lineup for Game 3, center Aron Baynes will not. After spraining his ankle in Game 1, the New Zealander will be held out of the action for the second consecutive game. Baynes played 20 minutes in Game 1, scoring five points on 2-of-7 shooting while grabbing five rebounds. 

Those watching at home should also follow the temperament of Paul, who hasn't been shy to alert his teammates of his dismay with certain lapses or errors in judgement on the floor. After Mills received an opportunity for a wide open layup after a defensive mistake, Paul threw an all-out tantrum, letting out his disgust with the incompetence of the Clippers on defense. This has been a recurring theme throughout the season, as Paul has often feuded with the likes of Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Will CP3 retain his composure when the going gets tough in Game 3, or will he allow his emotions to overcome him? 

Another intriguing story line in Game 3 will be the condition of Spurs point guard Tony Parker, who plans to play tonight despite dealing with an ailing Achilles. The veteran has been a non-factor so far in the series' first two games, logging a paltry shooting percentage of 23% while compiling just 5.5 points per night, leaving much of the floor general responsibility to Patrick Mills, who has undoubtedly responded admirably. It will be interesting to see how Parker opens up the game, as his performance early on should foreshadow his overall ability to remain in the lineup and contend with Clippers All-Star Chris Paul. If not, Mills is certainly capable of leading the squad, shown by his 18-point outing in Game 2 while receiving just 19 minutes of action. 

On the Clippers' side, All-Star power forward Blake Griffin has been nothing short of sensational. He recorded a triple-double of 29 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists in Game 2 following a dominant 26-point, 12-rebound outing in a Game 1 victory, emasculating Spurs reserve center Aron Baynes with two posterizing dunks in the second half. Griffin has logged a sensational 90 minutes of action throughout the opening two games of the series, making an insurmountable effect on both sides of the ball, compiling 4 blocks and 4 steals so far. However, the Kia spokesman has shot less than 50% (9-for-20 in Game 1, 12-for-25 in Game 2) from the field in each of the first two contests, struggling to find consistency from the midrange. He also coughed up the rock on five separate occasions in Game 2. If turnovers were considered to be shot attempts, he would have shot just 39%, a pedestrian average for someone expected to be a team's most valuable offensive option. Griffin needs to improve his efficiency in Game 3 if the Clippers hope to capture a road victory and take a 2-1 lead in the series. 

It will be intriguing to witness how Los Angeles will attempt to combat Leonard's firepower in Game 3. When lockdown defender Matt Barnes is out of the game, will they continue to stick the futile Redick on him, or will they opt to place someone with more size or lateral quickness on him instead? 

Leonard has had an exceptional series so far, leading San Antonio to a 111-107 victory in Game 2 with 23 points and nine rebounds following his 18-point performance is a Game 1 defeat. In the second game of the series, the San Diego State product shot an efficient 9-for-16 from the field and 2-of-3 from three while dropping three dimes and recording a steal and a block each. He also evoked a chorus of "Ooh's" and "Ah's" from the partisan Staples Center crowd after dropping Clippers shooting guard J.J. Redick to the floor with a smooth spin move to create room for a made fadeaway in the fourth quarter. 

After being named the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year yesterday, all eyes will be focused on Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard as he attempts to live up to his billing once again in Game 3 as the Spurs hope to take a 2-1 advantage in the series. 

Hello, all! Welcome to the Live event of the Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs Game 3 from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. My name is Liam OBrien and I will be your host.