Golden State Warriors - New Orleans Pelicans Live Updates and 2015 NBA Scores in Game 4 (109-98)
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Final: That's it for this game. Tune into the Blazers-Grizzlies Live which I, Vahan Shakhpazyan, will be hosting again.

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Final: Curry finishes with 39 points, eight rebounds, and nine assists. He hit six threes.

Final: That does it. The Warriors sweep the Pelicans!

4th Quarter (:00): Warriors - 109 Pelicans - 98.

4th Quarter (:20): Couple of threes missed by New Orleans, Curry grabs the ball and is fouled. That does it.

4th Quarter (:38): Warriors - 108 Pelicans - 98. Timeout NOP.

4th Quarter (:45): Davis hits a two. Pels down 8.

4th Quarter (1:00): Excellent ball movement by the Warriors results into a Thompson three. That should be ball game.

4th Quarter (1:17): Cunningham cleans up Gordon's miss with a two hand flush.

4th Quarter (1:32): Warriors - 103 Pelicans - 94. Timeout Pels.

4th Quarter (1:32): Green responds by getting to the lane as well and finishing. Back up to 9.

4th Quarter (1:50): Davis spins into the lane and lays it in over Bogut. It's down to 7!

4th Quarter (2:31): Gordon pockets another triple. He's got 29.

4th Quarter (2:55): Warriors - 101 Pelicans - 89. Timeout on the floor.

4th Quarter (3:39): Curry with another ridiculously tough jumper in the face of Davis. Amazing!!

4th Quarter (3:50): Davis with another face up jumper. It's back down to 10.

4th Quarter (4:46): Evans with a solid finish around the rim. Had to adjust with the defense around him.

4th Quarter (5:07): Thompson gets a wide open corner shot. Bad defense.

4th Quarter (5:44): Curry hits another jumper, a two over Davis.

4th Quarter (6:00): Warriors - 95 Pelicans - 85. Timeout on the floor.

4th Quarter (6:00): Gordon drills a three! The Pelicans gaining some traction, attempting a late comeback.

4th Quarter (6:45): Davis puts in his 30th point of the game. 13-point game.

4th Quarter (7:37): Gordon hits on a lefty drive to the rim.

4th Quarter (7:50): Curry knocks down another three. Splish splash! Nothing but net. He's got 6 of them

4th Quarter (8:10): Cunningham tips home a Norris Cole miss.

4th Quarter (9:05): Warriors - 92 Pelicans - 76.

4th Quarter (9:05): Curry draws a foul on the drive.

4th Quarter (9:47): Barbosa stops the bleeding with a tear drop.

4th Quarter (10:04): Warriors - 88 Pelicans - 76.

4th Quarter (10:04): Anderson hits another corner jumper, same spot he hit it from a few times in Game 3. Timeout GSW!

4th Quarter (10:20): Pelicans coming alive here.

4th Quarter (10:27): A couple of free throws by Cunningham and it's down to 14!

4th Quarter (11:02): Anderson hits a step back three! It's down to 16. Perhaps they make an incredible comeback in this game?

4th Quarter (11:34): Jrue Holiday knocks down a jumper.

3rd Quarter (:00): Warriors - 88 Pelicans - 67.

3rd Quarter (:00): That ends the third. Warriors getting closer to sweeping this series.

3rd Quarter (:51): Ezeli just outworked the entire Pelicans and eventually drew a foul.

3rd Quarter (1:11): Cunningham knocks down a corner jumper.

3rd Quarter (2:21): Davis hits the Pelicans' first field goal in over six minutes.

3rd Quarter (3:04): Barnes flies through the lane for a jam!

3rd Quarter (4:10): Warriors - 85 Pelicans - 62. Timeout.

3rd Quarter (4:10): Green leads Iguodala for an easy dunk in the fast break. This one seems to be over but anything can happen.

3rd Quarter (4:38): Thompson drills a looong three with the shot clock winding down.

3rd Quarter (5:35): Curry scoops it in.

3rd Quarter (6:05): Warriors - 78 Pelicans - 60.

3rd Quarter (6:05): Not much scoring going on but Curry does get fouled to go to the line for two.

3rd Quarter (7:02): Pelicans look disheartened.

3rd Quarter (7:49): 23 for Curry so far tonight on 7 of 11 shooting.

3rd Quarter (8:01): Warriors - 74 Pelicans - 60. Timeout Pelicans.

3rd Quarter (8:01): Thompson stops on a dime again, lets the defense blow by and gets an easy two.

3rd Quarter (8:36): What an over the shoulder pass by Curry to Barnes for a dunk. WOW!!!!

​3rd Quarter (9:00): Curry hits another long bomb!

​3rd Quarter (9:59): Warriors - 69 Pelicans - 60. Timeout Warriors.

​3rd Quarter (10:11): Davis finds two under the rim off a nice look by Gordon.

​3rd Quarter (10:35): Gordon quickly responds.

​3rd Quarter (10:49): Curry finds Bogut for a two.

3rd Quarter (11:40): Anthony Davis gets the Pelicans going in the second half. He's got 21.

Halftime: Curry, Thompson, and Green have combined for 55 points at the half with 20, 15, and 20 points respectively.

2nd Quarter (:00): Warriors - 67 Pelicans - 54.

2nd Quarter (:07): Curry nails another long three!!!

2nd Quarter (:30): Davis gets another corner J to go down.

2nd Quarter (:45): Draymond Green is every where! He gobbles up the offensive board and finds an easy two for himself.

2nd Quarter (1:18): Thompson stops on a dime and knocks down another jumper.

2nd Quarter (1:45): Warriors - 60 Pelicans - 50. Timeout on the floor.

2nd Quarter (1:45): What a half Gordon is having as he hits another jumper and draws a foul on Curry using the pump fake.

2nd Quarter (2:01): This is fun to watch. Splash after splash.

2nd Quarter (2:27): Curry tosses a behind-the-back pass to Green who swung it to Thompson and he drills another three.

2nd Quarter (2:58): Couple of blocks by the Pelicans, but the loose ball went to the Warriors as Thompson hit a three.

2nd Quarter (3:18): Gordon with an amazing scoop finish at the rim and a foul! Three fouls on Bogut.

2nd Quarter (3:26): Thompson hits another. Warriors up 10.

2nd Quarter (4:01): Warriors - 51 Pelicans - 44.

2nd Quarter (4:17): Gordon able to get another long jumper to go down.

2nd Quarter (4:44): Green a strong finish around the rim in transition after Livingston fumbled the ball.

2nd Quarter (5:12): Thompson hits the floater and draws a foul.

2nd Quarter (5:25): Gordon hits his first three of the game.

2nd Quarter (5:46): Curry is not to be denied. He answers with a three!

2nd Quarter (6:05): Davis has 17 points now as he raddles in another jumper.

2nd Quarter (6:23): Warriors - 43 Pelicans - 37. Another timeout.

2nd Quarter (6:30): Great cut by Cunningham to finish around the rim.

2nd Quarter (7:11): Warriors - 43 Pelicans - 33. Timeout.

2nd Quarter (7:12): What a dish by Livingston to Green for a finish around the rim.

2nd Quarter (7:46): Davis connects with a short jumper.

2nd Quarter (8:06): Iguodala lobs it to Barnes in transition for an easy lay in.

2nd Quarter (8:37): Warriors - 37 Pelicans - 31. Timeout.

2nd Quarter (9:39): Anderson uses a fake, steps to the side and drills a three. First of the game for NOP.

2nd Quarter (10:20): Iguodala with an incredible up and under layup.

2nd Quarter (10:34): Barbosa gets another, but Anderson answers.

2nd Quarter (11:30): Barbosa showing some of his quickness, blowing past the Pelicans defense for a layup.

1st Quarter (:00): Warriors - 31 Pelicans - 24.

1st Quarter (:04): Green nails a three. What a quarter for him. He put in 13 points!

1st Quarter (:48): Curry hits from waaaay downtown! Splash!

1st Quarter (1:57): Curry gets a steal and draws a foul on Cole on the other end.

1st Quarter (2:15): Warriors - 23 Pelicans - 22

1st Quarter (2:54): Barbosa gets it to Iguodala in transition for a one-handed stuff.

1st Quarter (3:31): Davis blows by Ezeli, gets to the cup and finishes with an and-one play.

1st Quarter (3:50): Beautiful backdoor pass to Curry for two on the ohter end.

1st Quarter (4:06): Gordon makes another drive to the basket.

1st Quarter (4:31): Davis charges to the lane for two.

1st Quarter (5:18): Eric Gordon hits another two. He is staying inside the arc today. Tied at 15.

1st Quarter (6:17): Davis working hard and draws a second foul on Bogut.

1st Quarter (6:47): Davis swishes a corner J.

1st Quarter (7:08): Green is on fire! Another three!

1st Quarter (7:53): Curry splashes a three!

1st Quarter (8:23): Green with a grown man move in the paint and he has all 7 points for GSW.

1st Quarter (9:10): Asik, one field goal all series long, puts in a two down low and draws a foul.

1st Quarter (9:41): Gordon with another.

1st Quarter (10:00): Gordon hits a long two, and Green responds again!

1st Quarter (10:45): Green quickly answers back with a nice pick and roll play with Curry.

1st Quarter (10:52): Davis rattles home a two to get things started.

1st Quarter (12:00): We are underway.

You guys ready!?

Game is almost underway.

About 10 minutes until tip-off!

"I would expect a sense of urgency, it’s the playoffs. Our guys are very competitive, as they showed the other night," Kerr added.

"I’m very hopeful that we come out and play better than we did last game and play a more complete game," Steve Kerr said.

Curry warming up over an hour before the game.

Going back to Curry's game-tying three, the NBA announced that there should have been a foul on Anthony Davis which was not called.

Speaking of Asik, Monty Williams has pointed the big man out, saying that they need him to play much better to increase their chances. Asik has been a complete non-factor through three contests, accumulating a combined total of five points in the entire series. His rebounding has been alright, but he hasn't made enough of an impact on this series.

Protecting the three will of course be key for the Pelicans. Through three games, the Warriors are a plus-36 from three-point territory. Obviously, that is easier said than done, but the best thing New Orleans could do is run the Warriors off the three-point line and trust their interior defense, which consists of Davis and Omer Asik.

"We've got to try to get our minds right for Saturday," Davis said.

"You can't sugarcoat it. We're all feeling like dirt right now, so obviously you want to build them up, but there is nothing that can build you up in a situation like that," Coach Williams added.

The Pelicans' best shot of pushing Golden State to the limit was on Thursday when they had that 20-point lead. Unfortunately, they were unable to protect the lead on their home floor. Now, a Game 4 victory is going to be incredibly hard since the players may be disheartened after that Game 3 breakdown.

The Pelicans have been battling hard throughout this series. They just simply don't have enough talent and offensive firepower to keep up with Golden State. Davis actually got plenty of help on Thursday, but the Warriors still found a way to comeback and win.

After the loss, Pelicans head coach Monty Williams revealed that they had intentions of fouling the Warriors before Curry could hoist the game-tying three in regulation.

We didn’t execute the game plan. We were supposed to foul,” Coach Williams said.

For the Pelicans, Anthony Davis was impressive once again. He had 29 points, 15 rebounds, and three blocks while shooting 50 percent from the floor. Tyreke Evans added 19 points, eight assists, four rebounds, and three steals. Norris Cole was another key player off the bench for the Pels, as he scored 16 points on 7 of 10 shooting, while Jrue Holiday chipped 10 points in a matter of 17 minutes.

Stephen Curry's two clutch three-pointers:

Stephen Curry finished the game with 40 points, nine assists, five rebounds, and seven made three pointers in 44 minutes. Klay Thompson added six threes of his own and had 28 points, six rebounds, and two blocks. Green put in 12 points, 17 rebounds, and five assists but fouled out late in overtime.

In the extra session, the Warriors took over the game early, but the Pelicans gave themselves a chance by fighting hard. However, it wasn't enough to overcome the brilliant play by Golden State. For some reason, the Pelicans went away from the hot hand, Ryan Anderson, late in the game. It was mind boggling that Anderson, who shot 10 of 14 for 26 points, only got one field goal attempt, which was a made three pointer, in the final six minutes of regulation and all of overtime. The guy made all three of his attempts early in the fourth, including two free throws. Why go away from him?

The Warriors suddenly were back into the game. Draymond Green was a force on the boards, while Curry was not to be stopped from behind the arc. With 11 seconds left, Curry hit a clutch three to cut the Pelicans lead to two. The Warriors fouled Anthony Davis, and he hit 1 of 2 free throws. Down three, the Warriors had the ball with nine seconds left in regulation. Curry took the inbounds pass and chucked up a three and missed, but Marreese Speights grabbed a huge offensive rebound and found Curry in the corner and this time Curry swished home a three to send the game to overtime.

The Pelicans held a 20-point lead going into the fourth period. Ryan Anderson, who had a combined seven points in the first two games, had the hot hand early in the fourth, draining corner shots over the tough Warriors defense. The Pelicans actually had a 17-point lead with a little over six minutes to go. What happened? Turnovers. The Warriors defense started to dig in and pressured the Pelicans to force miscues.

Game 3 was incredibly entertaining. The Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry started off hot, hitting 5 of 5 from three-point distance to start the game. After that hot start, the Pelicans weathered the storm and charged right back and, led by the bench unit, took complete control of the game by halftime.

On the brink of elimination, the Pelicans are probably shell shocked after that Game 3 fourth quarter meltdown. What it looked like the Pelicans were actually going to win a game in this series and open up a Game 5, turned into a major turnaround and overtime loss, with now the Warriors given a chance to close this series out.

Hello, hoop fans around the word. Welcome to Game 4 of the Golden State Warriors - New Orleans Pelicans Live score from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. I will be your host, Vahan Shakhpazyan.