Tyler Herro, making an impact on and off the court
via: Miami Heat.

The passion in sports is unlike any other, and even though sometimes is hard to explain it if you don’t follow it constantly, people are still able to see what it creates for others.

We are talking about this because of Sam Witt, a 6’2 PG from Norcross High School in Atlanta, who just went viral for his reaction to Miami Heat’s Tyler Herro giving him his game-worn wristband. The reason why Herro chose him it was because the sophomore was wearing a Kentucky Wildcats Jersey, school where the Shooting Guard attended.

A few moments later, sites like Bleacher Report, ESPN, and Fox Sports published the video on social media, allowing Sam to become an icon for the fans in the basketball world.

Tyler Herro even sent a message to Sam through the Miami Heat’s Instagram page, telling him to expect a present in the mailbox in the next couple of days.


As expected, Sam Witt has blown on social media, surpassing the 3,500 followers on IG.

These types of stories are only possible because of sports, and we should never take for granted how an action from a professional player can impact somebody’s life; for the good and bad.

Herro has been outstanding in the beginning of the season, and is one of the main reasons why the Heat are currently challenging for the lead in the Eastern Conference. Tyler has been in the league for just a matter of weeks, but has already made a noticeable impact on and off the court.