Patty Mills Donates Salary To 'BLM' Organizations
via: The Score.

Patty Mills will be joining the San Antonio Spurs for the resumed NBA season, expected to start late July. He did consider not participating, but then a thought process came to his mind which shows the kind of person he is.

The Spurs guard intends to donate his salary while at 'The Bubble' (roughly $1Mill) to organizations combating racism, including the Black Lives Matter movement.

"So, I'm playing in Orlando because I don't want to leave any money on the table that could be going directly to Black communities." Mills said. 

Earlier this year, Mills along with the rest of Australian players in the NBA, donated $750,000 towards relief and recovery efforts of the bushfires that were happening at the time at their home country.

Yet another class act by Mills, who continues to show the importance of having a platform and good salary, and using it for the better of the world. 

The Spurs (27-36) currently sit outside of the playoff picture as the Western Conference's 12-seed. Mills has played 63 games this season, averaging 11.7 points per contest.