Highlights and Baskets of Pistons 87-133 Bulls on NBA 2022
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10:33 PM17 days ago

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10:29 PM17 days ago

Back to winning ways

The Bulls, after a loss, are back to winning ways and they do it in a resounding manner - they crushed the Pistons!

10:27 PM17 days ago

LaVine's great game

By far the best player of the game, great way to score touchdowns and also give play to his teammates.


10:21 PM17 days ago

4th Quarter 0:00

More than forty points!
The game ends with a more than resounding victory in favor of the Bulls. 
10:14 PM17 days ago

4th Quarter 3:31

Thomas doesn't stop hurting and makes another three-point basket with great technique. 
10:11 PM17 days ago

4th Quarter 6:06

Jackson commits another foul and Ball sinks one of the two penalty shots. 
9:52 PM17 days ago

3rd Quarter 0:00

End of the 3rd quarter and Chicago leads by more than 30 points. 
9:47 PM17 days ago

3rd Quarter 1:34

Great play by Withe who finished with a fantastic move in the air. 
9:44 PM17 days ago

3rd Quarter 4:20

Two more points for Vucevic, who already has 16 in his personal account.
9:39 PM17 days ago

3rd Quarter 8:25

With a basket by Vucevic the Bulls reach 80 points on the scoreboard, they get too far away from the Pistons.
9:09 PM17 days ago

2nd Quarter 0:35

From the penalty spot the Bulls surpass 60 points with two shots by White. 
9:07 PM17 days ago

2nd Quarter 0:42

Good shot by Diallo that brings three points closer to the Pistons although the scoreboard reflects a good advantage. 
9:04 PM17 days ago

2nd Quarter 2:02

After a couple of missed shots by the Pistons, Ball makes a basket from three-point range. 
9:01 PM17 days ago

2nd Quarter 4:22

The Bulls take the lead by ten points and seem to be on their way to victory. 
9:01 PM17 days ago

2nd Quarter 8:42

LaVine shoots from long range and gets three points for Chicago. 
8:43 PM17 days ago

2nd Quarter 11:19

Great shot by Jones Jr. who gets two points and the Bulls get to 30.
8:40 PM17 days ago

1st Quarter 0:10

DeRozan with a great closeout and two more points to his account. Surprisingly the Bulls come back before the end of the first quarter. 
8:36 PM17 days ago

1st Quarter 2:10

Detriot continues to dominate and does so through the addition of Stewart's points.
8:28 PM17 days ago

1st Quarter 4:28

Detriot continues to dominate and does so through the addition of Stewart's points.
8:20 PM17 days ago

1st Quarter 8:13

Stewart gets two points after a foul and the Pistons take the lead.
8:12 PM17 days ago

1st Quarter 12:00

The game starts between Bulls and Pistons.
7:58 PM17 days ago

Great connection between fans and team

This is what gives great strength to the Chicago team; the fans that at every game accompany them at home.

7:54 PM17 days ago

Pistons starting lineup

Well they say that the team that wins repeats lineup and so it will be with the Pistons by starting with: 

Hayes, Cunningham, Diallo, Bey and Stewart.

7:52 PM17 days ago

Bulls starting lineup

These are the Bulls players who will take the court tonight against the Pistons: 
L. Ball; Z. LaVine, D. DeRozan, Jones Jr. and N. Vucevic.
7:47 PM17 days ago

Tough challenge to beat the local

It is true that the Bulls are the best team in the Eastern Conference, and this is largely due to the great show they put on at home, where they have 14 total wins and have only been defeated on four occasions.
7:42 PM17 days ago

Injury report

These are the players who, due to injury and force majeure circumstances, will not be able to play tonight.

7:37 PM17 days ago

The home team

DeMar DeRozan and company are already warming up for tonight's game, where they will look to get back to winning ways after a couple of losses.

7:32 PM17 days ago

Fairly even rivalry

These teams have met a total of 306 times, with a favorable balance of 154 wins for the Bulls and 152 for the Pistons, who are not that far away from matching the mark.
7:27 PM17 days ago

Positions in the table

The Bulls' good season keeps them in first place, but this is largely due to the large number of wins with 26; while the Pistons have a total of 30 losses and only nine wins.
7:22 PM17 days ago

LIVE Broadcast begins

Welcome to the Pistons vs Bulls game coverage, in a moment we will bring you the starting lineups and everything related to this afternoon's game.
7:17 PM17 days ago

Stay with us

In a moment we will present you all the details of this NBA game, starting quintets and the best minute-by-minute of the game.
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How and where to watch Bulls vs Pistons

The game will be broadcasted only through the NBA League Pass app. 

If you prefer to follow the game LIVE online, remember that VAVEL USA is your best option. 

7:07 PM17 days ago

Pistons last five

The Detroit team sent these players to the court in the last game: 

41. Saddiq Bey, 6. Hamidou Diallo, 28. Isaiah Stewart, 2. Cade Cunningham and 7. Killian Hayes. 

7:02 PM17 days ago

Bulls' last lineup

These were the players who initially faced the Mavericks:
11. DeMar DeRozan, 5. Derrick Jones Jr, 9. Nikola Vucevic, 8. Zach LaVine and 2. Lonzo Ball. 
6:57 PM17 days ago

Key player of Pistons

The Pistons forward, Saddiq Bey has been very important in the last two victories of the team, as he has been quite accurate in front of the hoop. 

He will have to continue with this good moment so that with his help, the team gets out of the last positions of the conference. 

6:52 PM17 days ago

Key player of Bulls

When it comes to getting forward, Chicago has an offensive arsenal, but Zach LaVine is to be admired from any perspective. 

The 6-foot-6 shooting guard has a great ability to score from any space that opens up on defense, so he'll be key to his team's win tonight. 

6:47 PM17 days ago

Pistons want to bounce back

The Detroit team comes with a streak of two consecutive victories, and will seek to beat one of the best teams this season. 

In the previous meeting they defeated the Utah Jazz, with a score that ended 126-116.

6:42 PM17 days ago

The Bulls will be looking for a win

The good season of the Chicago team is undeniable, however, they are dragging a defeat they got after a nine-game winning streak.

In the previous game, things got complicated and they were defeated by the Mavericks with a score of 113 - 99.

6:37 PM17 days ago

The match will be played at the United Center

The Pistons vs Bull match will be played at the stadium United Center on Chicago, USA with a capacity of 23,500 people. 

This stadium was inaugurated in August 1994 and its name comes from its main sponsor, United Airlines, the airline company that pays around 1.8 million dollars a year to name the stadium. 

It is currently home to the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks and the NBA's Chicago Bulls.

6:32 PM17 days ago

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Tonight we will have a game in which the Chicago team arrives with all the spotlight as the best team in the Eastern Conference. 
And they will face a Pistons that are in the second to last place in the same conference, so tonight the Bulls are heavily favored.