Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19-20 Chicago Bears: Nick Foles gets the better of Tom Brady
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - OCTOBER 08: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers attempts a sneak while being tackled by Eddie Jackson #39 of the Chicago Bears in the second quarter at Soldier Field on October 08, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

In a game of few touchdowns, the Chicago Bears would make it 4-1 as they overcame the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Soldier Field.

Bruce Arians' Buccaneers would claim the first touchdown of the game through Mike Evans but a touchdown run from David Montgomery and a one-handed catch from Jimmy Graham would be the decisive factors as Nick Foles claims another win over Tom Brady

  • First Quarter

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The Buccaneers started with the ball and Brady began well, finding Jaydon Mickens for a first down and a solid gain within the opening couple of plays. 

Running back Ronald Jones picked up a nice gain of 11 yards after a flag was called on the offense before Brady found rookie Tyler Johnson for a 17 yard gain. 

The Buccs quarterback then looked for tight end Tanner Hudson on two occasions, the first being a big shot for the end zone but Brady overthrew the pass before he drilled one straight at Hudson for a first down only for the tight end to drop the ball leaving the field goal unit and Ryan Succop to get the first points of the night. 

Foles was in for the Bears but the former Super Bowl winner couldn't put together a first drive of any sort. He managed to find Mooney on second and eight, but an easy pass towards Allen Robinson was missed on third and two, leaving the Bears punting straight back to Tampa Bay. 

After an unsuccessful drive from the Buccaneers, the home side found themselves with the ball again and this time Foles got the chains moving as he found Robinson for a 24-yard completion followed by a 13-yard pass to Graham after escaping the pocket.

With the Bears moving up the field nicely, Foles looked towards his number one receiver Robinson as he was left one on one but the ball flicked up out of the wide receiver's hands and popped up for Andrew Adams to pick the ball off and turn it over for the Buccaneers. 

Brady made sure that he made full use of this opportunity as the 43-yard old then found his running back Jones but this was ruled incomplete by the referee, Buccaneers coach Arians challenged and this was overturned as they got down to the two-yard line where Brady fired a pass into Evans on third and goal to find his first touchdown of the night.

With the last play of the quarter, Foles managed to find Robinson for an eight-yard gain as they went into the second quarter.

  • Second Quarter

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The second quarter didn't start well for Foles as his first attempted pass was overthrown, he then looked to find Robinson but Antoine Winfield got in for the Buccaneers to bat the ball away, leaving the Bears with no choice but to punt on fourth and six.

The punt was good from the Bears and the Buccaneers found themselves throwing from inside their own 10-yard line, Brady managed to find Johnson on third and 10 but he was stopped one yard short but they went for it on fourth and one and Brady managed to find the yard with a quarterback sneak.

After a couple of solid runs from Ronald Jones, Brady was left with a third and seven as he looked to arrow the ball down into the end zone for Evans but his pass was too high for the receiver and Succop was back on the field to convert the field goal. 

On the next drive, Foles finally managed to get his side downfield, first finding Anthony Miller for a gain of eight and then Tommie Harris for a first down.

Things did get shaky for the Bears when they were knocked back for a loss of six and then Montgomery was found by Foles but he could only to the ball to third and 12.

Foles did find Montgomery for the first down and then found Robinson and Cordarelle Patterson as they got within the five-yard line and Montgomery managed to run the ball in for the Bears first rushing touchdown of the season. 

The Buccaneers had the ball for next to no time at all, as Brady found Jones but the running back was hit hard by Kyle Fuller forcing a fumble which was recovered by Robert Quinn leaving the Bears only 27 yards from the end zone with 1:30 left on the clock until half time. 

Foles took advantage of the fumble as he found Graham in the end zone who hauled the ball in one handed to give the Bears their second touchdown in only a matter of minutes as they took the lead into half time. 

  • Half Time: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-14 Chicago Bears

  • Third Quarter

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The Bears started with the ball but were forced backwards after a flag on Cole Kmet as they could only get up to 4th and 8, leaving the Bears to punt to the Buccaneers. 

The Buccaneers were pushed back however as Khalil Mack burst off the edge to sack Brady but back-to-back throws to Evans would leave Succop a chance to drill a 46-yard field goal which he duly converted. 

The Bears didn't have the best time of it when getting the ball back, Vita Vea burst through for the Buccaneers on second and nine to sack Foles and force the home side back to third and 18 which they could not convert. 

Brady came under more pressure in the next drive as he was sacked once again but on third and 15 he managed to escape the pocket and find Cameron Brate with a lob pass. 

After numerous flags, the Buccaneers found themselves all the way back at second and 34, they managed to get back some of the yardage to third and 27 when Brady went for the long shot for Evans downfield but this pass was incomplete, leaving them to punt. 

Foles tried to get the run game going as he handed the ball off to Montgomery who managed to pick up a few yards as the clock ticked over into the fourth quarter.

  • Fourth Quarter

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The Bears were forced backwards however and would have to settle for a 47-yard field goal from Cairo Santos to give them the lead.

Brady looked to the run game with Jones making some more good runs as he pushed the Buccaneers forward, this combined with a pass out to Gronkowski got them to within 25 yards of the Bears end zone. 

The quarterback would continue to take a beating though as Mack got through the defensive line again to sack Brady. 

A pass into Gronkowski would not be enough to make it to first down so Succop was called upon again as he lasered his fourth field goal of the night. 

The Bears really struggled to put a drive together and Foles got away with one as Barrett was called for roughing the passer on 3rd and 19, giving the Bears a first down instead of punting. 

Foles however was nearly picked off a few plays later but Jamel Dean couldn't bring the ball in for the Buccaneers, leaving the Bears to punt back downfield but it wouldn't be long until they had the ball back as the Bears defense got Brady with a three and out and only a 16-second possession. 

Vita Vea picked up an injury for the Buccaneers and Foles would take advantage of this as he found Montgomery down the sideline to get into field goal range. 

Santos entered the field as he drilled the field goal, leaving Brady and the Buccaneers 1:13 to drive his team to the game-winning field goal. 

This didn't come to fruition however as Brady lost track of his downs and couldn't make the yardage as the ball was turned over on downs leaving the Bears to kneel out the game.

  • Up next

The Chicago Bears will travel to Charlotte next to face the Carolina Panthers who are currently 2-2 at the time of writing.

While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the currently undefeated Green Bay Packers as Brady and co welcome Aaron Rodgers to Tampa.