Highlights and Touchdowns: Chicago Bears 9-21 New Orleans Saints in NFL Playoffs 2021
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the NFC Wild Card game between Chicago and New Orleans. See you next time.
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Simple victory

The Saints were in no great hurry to win and eliminate Chicago. In the next round they will face Tampa Bay.
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End game

Bears 9-21 Saints.
8:51 PM2 years ago

4Q 00:00

TD Chicago

Graham with the reception on the last play of the match.

8:48 PM2 years ago

4Q 00:40

Ridley with the catch to enter rival field.
8:47 PM2 years ago

4Q 01:20

Trubisky with personal carriage to move the chains.
8:46 PM2 years ago

4Q 01:53

Ridley with the reception to keep the Bears series alive
8:43 PM2 years ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break.
8:41 PM2 years ago

4Q 02:09

They reversed the decision and Brees didn't score, he stayed inches away.
8:38 PM2 years ago

4Q 02:19

TD Saints

Brees launches into the diagonals to seal the victory.

8:36 PM2 years ago

4Q 02:20

Kamara runs in third and goal but stays inches away from scoring. Time out from Chicago.
8:34 PM2 years ago

4Q 03:09

Second time out of New Orleans.
8:33 PM2 years ago

4Q 03:16

Offside of the defense and New Orleans has first and goal.
8:27 PM2 years ago

4Q 05:33

Brees with personal carriage to move the chains once again.
8:25 PM2 years ago

4Q 07:07

Harris with the reception, another first and ten for New Orleans and they'll keep on lowering the clock.
8:21 PM2 years ago

4Q 07:45

Trubisky with the incomplete pass and Chicago to clear
8:20 PM2 years ago

TD Saints 21-3

8:15 PM2 years ago

4Q 08:50

TD Saints

Kamara for the centre makes her first score of the day.

8:14 PM2 years ago

4Q 08:53

Time out of New Orleans.
8:11 PM2 years ago

4Q 10:38

Holding on to the defensive and New Orleans will have first and goal again.
8:10 PM2 years ago

3Q 11:55

Cook with reception by the centre for the first and goal.
8:08 PM2 years ago

3Q 13:00

Great move by Jordan to dodge a tackle and get to the first and ten mark.
8:05 PM2 years ago

4Q 14:52

Harris with another trap to move the chains.
8:02 PM2 years ago

Final third quarter

Bears 3-14 Saints.
8:01 PM2 years ago

3Q 01:24

Kamara's reception and the Saints have first and ten beyond midfield.
7:55 PM2 years ago

3Q 02:22

Trubisky with the short shipment and Chicago to clear once more.
7:55 PM2 years ago

TD Saints 14-3

7:49 PM2 years ago

3Q 04:08

TD Saints

Murray with the reception and goes to the diagonals to extend the advantage.

7:47 PM2 years ago

3Q 05:07

Out of place of the defensive and they give away the first and ten.
7:43 PM2 years ago

3Q 07:07

Sanders with the reception to move the chains in the red zone.
7:41 PM2 years ago

3Q 10:08

Big play with Thomas' reception and New Orleans has first and ten in rival field.
7:35 PM2 years ago

3Q 11:44

Trubisky with the incomplete pass and Chicago to clear
7:32 PM2 years ago

3Q 13:28

Robinson with the reception and Chicago has first and ten.
7:28 PM2 years ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. Bears on the offensive.
7:13 PM2 years ago

Half time

Bears 3-7 Saints.
7:10 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:56

Montgomery haulage that falls short and Chicago will have to clear.
7:05 PM2 years ago

2Q 01:55

Brees with the incomplete shipment to Thomas and New Orleans will have to clear.
7:02 PM2 years ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break.
7:01 PM2 years ago

2Q 03:17

Harris takes advantage of the bad marking and reaches midfield.
6:56 PM2 years ago

2Q 04:21

New Orleans has challenged the possible fumble.
6:56 PM2 years ago

2Q 04:21

Incomplete pass when they had already marked fumble. Chicago to be cleared.
6:53 PM2 years ago

2Q 06:06

Miller with the reception for the first and ten.
6:50 PM2 years ago

FG Bears 3-7

6:49 PM2 years ago

2Q 06:22

The pressure is choking Brees, who throws incomplete and New Orleans will have to clear.
6:48 PM2 years ago

2Q 07:27

Offside of the defense and New Orleans has the first and ten.
6:43 PM2 years ago

2Q 08:07

FG Bears

From 36 yards Cairo Santos shortens the difference.

6:41 PM2 years ago

2Q 08:57

Miller with the reception, but they fall short of the mark. Fourth down.
6:38 PM2 years ago

2Q 10:59

Motgomery with the first and ten and Chicago is already in the red zone.
6:37 PM2 years ago

2Q 11:30

They deflect the pass to Brees and the Chicago defence intercepts it.
6:36 PM2 years ago

2Q 12:10

Kamara with the transport through the centre to get four more opportunities.
6:34 PM2 years ago

2Q 13:03

Time away from New Orleans.
6:32 PM2 years ago

2Q 13:10

Incomplete pass from Trubisky to Miller and Chicago will have to be cleared.
6:31 PM2 years ago

2Q 14:09

Wil Lutz misses the 50-yard field goal and the Bears will have a good field position.
6:29 PM2 years ago

2Q 14:50

Kamara with the carry, but falls short of the mark. Fourth down.
6:29 PM2 years ago

2Q 14:48

The referees reverse the situation and there is no interception.
6:25 PM2 years ago

2Q 14:48

Doug makes the big move and intercepts Brees. Chicago goes back on offense.
6:22 PM2 years ago

Final first quarter

Bears 0-7 Saints.
6:21 PM2 years ago

1Q 00:40

Harris appears with the catch at the 40-yard line of the rival, first and ten.
6:19 PM2 years ago

1Q 01:45

Hill with the hauling from the Wil Cat formation to move the chains.
6:15 PM2 years ago

1Q 02:05

Trubisky runs and stays one yard from the first and ten. The Saints will go on the offensive again.
6:13 PM2 years ago

1Q 02:12

Time away from Chicago.
6:13 PM2 years ago

1Q 02:48

Trubisky's short pass and Chicago will have fourth down.
6:11 PM2 years ago

1Q 03:53

They give the reception to Wiks in the long pass of the Trubisky. First and ten Chicago.
6:06 PM2 years ago

1Q 03:59

Montgomery with the short haul to move the chains for the first time to Chicago
6:04 PM2 years ago

TD Saints 7-0

6:01 PM2 years ago

1Q 05:09

TD Saints

The first connection between Brees and Thomas appears to open the scoreboard.

6:00 PM2 years ago

1Q 05:52

Kamara with the carry and the Saints are already on the 11-yard line.
5:58 PM2 years ago

1Q 06:38

Harris with his first first and ten reception and the Saints are still alive.
5:56 PM2 years ago

1Q 08:42

Kamara with the short haul to move the chains in rival territory.
5:52 PM2 years ago

1Q 09:37

Trubisky's pass is about to be intercepted. Chicago three and out, clear.
5:47 PM2 years ago

1Q 10:48

The pressure falls on Brees who throws incomplete. Fourth down and the Saints to clear from midfield.
5:44 PM2 years ago

1Q 12:27

Hill with the haulage through the centre to move the chains, already in Chicago territory.
5:42 PM2 years ago

1Q 14:19

Thomas with the reception and makes the first and ten of the game.
5:40 PM2 years ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Saints go on the offensive.
5:36 PM2 years ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Chicago and New Orleans. We'll bring you every detail of the NFC Wild Card.
5:30 PM2 years ago

Don't lose the ball

Chicago will have to avoid ball deliveries, as they ended the regular season with a minus four, to be the tenth worst in the league.
5:25 PM2 years ago

Power over land

Both offensively (fourth best) and defensively (sixth best) New Orleans dominates on both sides of the line and could be key to determining victory.
5:20 PM2 years ago

Two consecutive defeats

The Saints have two straight postseason losses, both in overtime: 2019, 23-20 in the NFC final against the Los Angeles Rams and 2020, 26-20 in the Wild Card against the Minnesota Vikings.
5:19 PM2 years ago

Medical work is recognized

In this pandemic, the Bears have also appreciated the great work of doctors to help with the battle that is going on in the world with this pandemic.

5:16 PM2 years ago

Chicago dominates in the postseason

Twice these franchises have been seen in the Playoffs and twice Chicago has come out on top, which New Orleans will be looking to break tonight.
5:09 PM2 years ago

They are already warming up

New Orleans Saints players are already in the dome warming up before the Wild Card Game.


5:07 PM2 years ago

How did Chicago come about?

A three-win streak in the last four games, coupled with two losses at the end of the Arizona season, caused Chicago to make the playoffs.
5:03 PM2 years ago

How did you get to New Orleans?

They scored 12-4 and were undefeated in their division, causing them to end up in second place at the National Conference.
4:59 PM2 years ago

Will it be your last game?

Various sources indicate that this would be Brees' last season in the NFL and, should he lose, this could be his last game of his career.

4:55 PM2 years ago

Through the back door

Chicago was one of two teams in the National Conference that did not have a winning record and entered the postseason. This is the first time a seventh-place franchise has entered the playoffs.
4:52 PM2 years ago

Favourite in Las Vegas

According to the bookmakers in Las Vegas, the Saints should have no problem eliminating Chicago as they are favored by 10 points.
4:48 PM2 years ago

They will play

Both Kamara and Thomas will be playing this afternoon in great news for the Saints.


Alvin Kamara 

Michael Thomas 

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson 

Deonte Harris 

Marcus Williams 

Patrick Robinson.

4:46 PM2 years ago

In the visitor's uniform

Ready are the Chicago locker rooms with their respective uniforms, here the case of the Montgomery running back.

4:44 PM2 years ago

This is how they came

A few moments ago, the Chicago Bears arrived at the Superdome to face their return to the Playoffs.


4:42 PM2 years ago

Inactive Chicago

These are the Chicago players who will not be available for this afternoon.


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We started

With an hour to go before the Bears vs Saints game begins, we begin coverage of the NFC NFL Wild Card.
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Follow it here

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Lastest games

New Orleans leads the historical series with a 17-15 mark, however, the two times it has faced the Bears in playoffs it has lost.
1:53 PM2 years ago

How to watch Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saints Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: CBS.

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Key player New Orleans

In the twilight of his career and in what could be his last game, Drew Brees wants to return to victory in the playoffs after a regular season that struggled with injuries and the inaccuracies of his long passes.

1:43 PM2 years ago

Key player Chicago

David Montgomery had a great campaign by land as he was the maximum reference of the team with 247 carries, for 1,070 yards and eight scores.

1:38 PM2 years ago

Last result New Orleans

The Saints put on a great show last week to beat the Carolina Panthers 33-7 on home soil
1:33 PM2 years ago

Last result Bears

Despite falling 35-16 at home to the Green Bay Packers, the Cardinals' defeat helped them advance to the playoffs.
1:28 PM2 years ago

Saints: putting pressure on QB

Mitchell Trubisky is an expert at making ball deliveries, coupled with the fact that the team is the third best in terms of ball differential with +9, so if these two points come together they could tip the balance in New Orleans' favour.
1:23 PM2 years ago

Bears: stopping the ground game

Stopping Alvin Kamara and putting the game back on Drew Brees will be one of the possibilities for Chicago to get into the fight of the game.
1:18 PM2 years ago

The most unbalanced game

According to the bookmakers in Las Vegas, the Saints are favored by more than eight points over the Bears and should have no trouble advancing to the next round.
1:13 PM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saints match will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, in Louisiana, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:40pm ET.
1:08 PM2 years ago

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