Analyzing the 2015 NHL Entry Draft

This article was written by Brett Robinson and Evan Nickels. With the 2018 NHL Entry Draft today, we decided to choose a draft from the past five years that we feel would be fun to “re-draft.” We chose to do the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. We will only be “re-drafting” the first round.

Brett’s Picks:

1. EDM: McDavid

2. BUF: Eichel

3. ARI: Barzal (16)

4. TOR: Werenski (8)

5. CAR: Boeser (23)

6. NJ: Marner (4)

7. PHI: Provorov

8. CBJ: Aho (35)

9. SJ: S. Rantanen (10)

10. COL: Hanifin (5)

11. FL: Zacha (6)

12. DAL: Konecny (24)

13. BOS: Connor (17)

14. BOS: Debrusk

15. BOS: Zboril (13)

16. NYI: Beauvillier (28)

17. WPG: Roslovic (25)

18. OTT: Chabot (18)

19. DET: Carlo (37)

20. MIN: C. White (21)

21. OTT: Strome (3)

22. WAS: Samsonov

23. VAN: E. Svechnikov (19)

24. PHI: J.Bracco (61)

25. WPG: C. Fischer (32)

26. MON: Cirelli (72)

27. ANA: Meier (9)

28. NYI: Sprong (46)

29. CBJ: Zenshyn (15)

30. ARI: Dermott (34)

Brett’s biggest steal of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft: Brock Boeser 23rd overall (Vancouver Canucks)

The Vancouver Canucks stole Brock Boeser with the 23rd pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. The sniper, coming out of the University of North Dakota (UND), as compared to other UND stars such as T.J. Oshie and Jonathan Toews. Boeser sure did blow us away, scoring 29 goals with 55 points in his rookie year. After being named the NHL’s player of the month in both November and December, Boeser continued a steady scoring campaign for the underperforming Vancouver Canucks and looks to become one of the next stars in Van City.

Brett’s biggest bust of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft: Dylan Strome 3rd overall (Arizona Coyotes)

Don Maloney and the rest of the Arizona Coyotes’ Department of Scouting may have potentially drafted one of the bigger busts in NHL history by taking Dylan Strome with the number 3 pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. Though his success in the American Hockey League (AHL) may still give Arizona some hope, the likeliness of Dylan Strome living up to the expectations he once had is in days passed.

Expectations aside, Strome is still a good two-way hockey player. He’s proven he can play in the NHL, but he needs to prove he can stick and be effective on a nightly basis. He had 10 points in 28 NHL games.

Evans Picks:

1. EDM: McDavid

2. BUF: Eichel

3. ARI: Barzal (16)

4. TOR: Werenski (8)

5. CAR: Marner (4)

6. NJ: Boeser (23)

7. PHI: Rantanen (10)

8. CBJ: Provorov (7)

9. SJ: S. Aho (35)

10. COL: Hanifin (5)

11. FL: DeBrusk (14)

12. DAL: Connor (17)

13. BOS: Chabot (18)

14. BOS: Konecny (24)

15. BOS: Carlo (37)

16. NYI: C. Fischer (32)

17. WPG: Zacha (6)

18. OTT: Dermott (34)

19. DET: Beauvillier (28)

20. MIN: Eriksson Ek

21. OTT: E. Svechnikov (19)

22. WAS: C. White (21)

23. VAN: Crouse (11)

24. PHI: Roslovic (25)

25. WPG: Sprong (46)

26. MTL: Cirelli (72)

27. ANA: Malgin (102)

28. NYI: Samsonov (22)

29. CBJ: Dunn (56)

30. ARI: Greenway (50)

Evan’s biggest steal of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft: Matthew Barzal 16th overall (New York Islanders)

Matthew Barzal was chosen 16thoverall in the 2015 NHL entry draft. He may have been passed on by some teams due to his lack of size. During his rookie season (2017/18), he posted 85 points with 22 goals. Throughout the year he was able to showcase his impressive skating ability. Barzal recently won the Calder Trophy, at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas, NV. At the 16th pick, it appears the New York Islanders were able to steal a potential superstar.

Here is a quote from Max Pacioretty on playing against Matthew Barzal.

Evan’s biggest bust of the 2015 Entry Draft: Dylan Strome 3rd overall (Arizona Coyotes)

The Arizona Coyotes had the chance to add some high-end talent with the 3rd overall pick in a star-studded draft. The Coyotes chose Dylan Strome over players like Mitchell Marner, Matthew Barzal, Brock Boeser and Zach Werenski. Dylan Strome had a great amount of success with the Erie Otters of Ontario Hockey League (OHL) and continues to have plenty of success in the American Hockey League (AHL).

However, the young center does not seem to be able to produce at the same rate at the NHL level. In the 28 games, he has appeared in the NHL, he has recorded just 10 points. There is a chance that Strome will become a top-six forward in the NHL, but it appears that he was not the Coyotes best option at pick number 3.

Who do you think will be the biggest steal of the 2018 NHL entry draft tonight? Who will be the biggest bust? Comment in the section below.