Highlights and goals: Sri Lanka 0-2 Thailand for Asian Cup Qualifiers
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With the victory, Thailand took the lead of the group with six points and waits for the rest of the round to know where they will finish in the classification after the two rounds. Sri Lanka remains without points and in the bottom.


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Sri Lanka 0-2 Thailand.
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In the final minutes, Kanitsribampen scored the Thai team's second goal.


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Let's go up to 95 minutes.
9:52 AM25 days ago


Thailand exchange passes in attack and let time pass.
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Sri Lanka can no longer exchange passes. It's just Thailand.
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Finishings: 1-22.
9:28 AM25 days ago


Finishing: 1-20.
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Second half at the same pace as the first, with Thailand dominating the shares. There are 17 shots on goal for Sri Lanka.


9:12 AM25 days ago


The game goes 1 to 0 for Thailand.


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Sri Lanka 0-1 Thailand.
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Let's go to 49 minutes.
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First time of total dominance in Thailand. There were 13 shots, nine corners and 74% ball possession. Sri Lanka only defends itself.
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After so much attacking and creating chances, Thailand opened the scoring with Thitipan Puangchan.
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Thailand continues to be better in the match and finishing more so far. That's 11 shots against one from Sri Lanka.


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Sri Lanka starts to come out of the defensive field and take more breath after Thailand's strong start.
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It only gives Thailand in the match. Sri Lanka barely manages to get past the midfield mark.
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Thailand with three shots in the opening minutes and 74% possession.


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Thailand starts taking the initiative in the game with 72% possession of the ball.


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It's Asian Cup Qualifiers on VAVEL.
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Thailand set!

Tedsungnoen; Bunmathan, Hemviboon, Tristan Do, Yooyen; Pomphan, Charoenrattanapirom, Phala, Puangchan, Dangda; Sukjitthammakul.
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Sri Lanka set!

Perera; Fernando, Chameera, Rathnayake, De Silva; Diharar, Rahuman, Sebastianpillai, Aakib, Shabeer; Dilshan.
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Sri Lanka has not won an official match in 14 games.


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Tune in here Sri Lanka vs Thailand live score

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Speak up, Polking!

"The result against Maldives is not é surprising. However, we can do better," Polking said, referring to "agrave; your team's effectiveness in converting your opportunities. "We made a good start and I am satisfied with the three points.


“The next game é against Sri Lanka and we have to continue this drive to achieve the victory. If we can do that, we go to the game against Uzbekistan for the first place in the group. 


“This game will beá a very difficult and very different game because Uzbekistan is a very different game. very strong, has many stars in the cast. So this one is also é a big challenge for the Thai team."

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Probably Sri Lanka!

Perera; Rathnayake, Dilshan, Chameera, Fernando; Dihara, Rahuman, De Silva, Jesuthasan; Shabeer, Aakib.
9:24 PM25 days ago

How does Sri Lanka arrive?

The Sri Lanka é one of the last teams in the world. It occupies the 105th position of the 211 teams that are on the list. In the Qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar, the team fell in the second phase and did not win a single point. In the group with South Korea, Lebanon and Turkmenistan, there were six defeats in six games, two goals scored and 23 goals conceded. Sri Lanka's last victory was on June 11, 2019. After that, there were 11 defeats and two draws, including 8-0 and 5-0 defeats to South Korea. There was a 4-4 draw against Maldives in that period.


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Understand the Playoffs!

The champions of each group and the top five runners-up will join the other 11 teams in the Asian Cup.


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Likely Thailand!

Tedsungnoen; Do, Hemviboon, Bunmathan; Pophan, Sukjitthammkul, Charoenrttanapiram, Yooyen; Puangchan, Phala, Dangba.
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How do you get to Thailand?

Thailand é at 111º placed in the FIFA ranking. The Thai team comes from a very positive history in the last 10 games. There were seven games, two draws and only one defeat.


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- Sri Lanka

- Thailand

- Uzbekistan

- Maldives.

Photo: Publicity/AFCON
Photo: Publicity/AFCON
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The match will be played at the Markaziy Stadion

The Sri Lanka vs Thailand match will be played at the Markaziy Stadion with a capacity to receive 21.000 people.
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