Highlights: Chivas 0-0 Leon in Liga MX 2022
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11:56 PM8 months ago


11:16 PM8 months ago


It's over! Chivas and León do no harm to each other in this matchday kickoff.
11:02 PM8 months ago


Castillo's dangerous run, but he overextends his route and the opportunity vanishes.
10:59 PM8 months ago


Alvarado's cross, but Cota intervenes and keeps the ball.
10:53 PM8 months ago


Powerful shot by Elías Hernández, but the ball goes wide.
10:47 PM8 months ago


Changes in Leon. Dávila and Montes are replaced by Elías Hernández and Díaz Price.
10:46 PM8 months ago


Alvarado's pass to Alvarado, but the player ends up sending his shot wide.
10:43 PM8 months ago


Chivas changes. Cisneros and Brizuela are substituted for Mozo and González.
10:43 PM8 months ago


Dávila's left-footed shot goes well over the goal.
10:35 PM8 months ago


Changes in Leon. Mena and Campbell are replaced by Alfonso Alvarado and Yairo Moreno.
10:33 PM8 months ago


He's leaving! The referee decides to send Olivas off after the foul on Campbell.
10:32 PM8 months ago


VAR! The referee will review a foul by Olivas on Campbell.
10:22 PM8 months ago


Mena's shot, but Jiménez deflects the ball to the back post.
10:15 PM8 months ago


The action resumes for the second half to be played in Guadalajara.
9:58 PM8 months ago


Halftime at the Akron. Chivas and Leon tie at halftime with controversy.
9:57 PM8 months ago


Goalkeeper! Cota ends up deflecting Calderón's shot and avoids the first.
9:55 PM8 months ago


Penalty for Chivas! Calderón is knocked down inside the box and the penalty kick is awarded.
9:53 PM8 months ago


Good defensive coverage by Ambríz, moving the ball away from the area.
9:48 PM8 months ago


Chivas and Leon fight for the ball in midfield, both looking to generate danger in the opponent's area.
9:37 PM8 months ago


Everything is canceled! Vega's goal was ruled offside and disallowed.
9:34 PM8 months ago


Goal, goal, goal by Chivas! Vega's shot from outside the box and the ball ends up going into Cota's goal.
9:32 PM8 months ago


Calderón's shot inside the area, but Cota ends up deflecting.
9:18 PM8 months ago


León arrancó teniendo llegadas al arco de Jiménez, pero no ha logrado concretar.
9:12 PM8 months ago


The fourth round of the Liga MX Apertura 2022 is underway.
9:00 PM8 months ago

Leon: LineUp

R. Cota; B. Castillo, O. Rodríguez, P. Bellón; D. Rodríguez, L. Montes, A. Mena, F. Ambríz; V. Dávila, J. Campbell, L. Di Yorio.
8:57 PM8 months ago

Chivas: LineUp

M. Jiménez; A. Mozo, G. Sepúlveda, J. Orozco, L. Olivas, C. Calderón; F. Beltrán, F. González; A. Vega, R. Alvarado, J. González.
8:52 PM8 months ago

To the court

Both teams are already on the field warming up before the start of this important match.
8:47 PM8 months ago

At home

Chivas is already at the Akron and will be looking for its first victory tonight.

8:42 PM8 months ago


León will be looking to continue their winning streak and beat their opponents in a great way, in addition to providing their fans with a great match.
8:37 PM8 months ago

Not even to the bench!

Despite the possibility of seeing minutes tonight, it is confirmed that Santiago Ormeño will not see action against León.
8:32 PM8 months ago

Watch out for this player!

Lucas Di Yorio is the Emerald's player that the red and white backline has to pay a lot of attention to, the striker is the one who leads the offense.
8:27 PM8 months ago

Law of the ex?

Tonight, Santiago Ormeño could see his first minutes as a red and white player, making his debut against his former team.
8:22 PM8 months ago

What an honor!!!

Three players who will participate in the MLS All-Star Game are on these teams. Alexis Vega and Fernando Beltran with Chivas, while Mena was called up and plays for Leon.
8:17 PM8 months ago


These teams have met 34 times, Leon has won on 11 occasions while Chivas has taken all three points in 14 matches, in addition to nine draws.
8:12 PM8 months ago

We're back!

We're back for minute-by-minute coverage of the Chivas-León match. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information about both teams, as well as the confirmed lineups.
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Stay tuned for the Chivas vs. Leon live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Chivas vs. Leon live, as well as the latest information from the Akron Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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What time is the Chivas vs Leon match of the Jornada 4 of the Apertura 2022 Liga MX match?

This is the kickoff time for the Chivas vs Leon match on July 20, 2022 in several countries:


Mexico: 19:30 hours

Colombia: 21:00 hours

Ecuador: 21:00 hours

Panama: 21:00 hours

Peru: 21:00 hours

Bolivia: 10:00 p.m.

Chile: 22:00 hours

Paraguay: 10:00 p.m.

Venezuela: 22:00 hours

Argentina: 23:00 hours

Brazil: 23:00 hours

Uruguay: 23:00 hours

United States: 7:00 p.m. PT and 11:00 p.m. ET

Spain: 04:00 hours (Thursday, July 21)

7:52 PM8 months ago

Leon Statements

Renato Paiva spoke after the draw against Puebla: "The big difference is this, almost all teams seek to play, seek the opponent's goal and that for those who want to have the ball and have good principles of ball possession to reach the opponent's goal, is good".

"Right now I don't want any movements, 'Plátano' will play as a nine, that's why no one will come to replace Ormeño, I believe a lot in his qualities because he is a definer. I also have a boy named Saúl (Zamora) who works very well in the middle".

7:47 PM8 months ago

Chivas Statements

Ricardo Cadena spoke at the press conference: "I am not satisfied because it is not within what we had planned and it leaves me with that bitterness for not giving the fans the result they are waiting for, which is to get the win, but also to be aware that it was a very complicated place and we had not scored a goal, so, in a way I hope that the team will free itself from that situation, of not having scored and obviously the first 70 minutes left me with good soccer".

"Tepa' is a homegrown player, born in the institution. Whenever one of the players who started his life in the institution, it's always a pleasure to see him score. He is the one who opens the tournament for us, in converting for our cause and of course he is a player like the others, who are working within the club, who are viable and are an option for one."

"In the case of Ormeño, until now, I know that the situation is still advanced with my board, but as long as there is no notification or green light, he has not yet trained with us."

"Remind you that Alan initially joined us and was coming from an injury, an injury that kept him away from training, from matches, even with Pumas and also, within that, we have been developing because he had been working with a line of four, for him to play with three central defenders and play as a winger, requires certain movements that he has been interpreting quite well, he has incorporated very well and today he is in a better physical condition, he is a player who can be an option and viable at any time."

7:42 PM8 months ago

How does León arrive?

León arrives at this match after a 1-1 draw against Puebla, as well as two draws and one win in the current league.

7:37 PM8 months ago

How are Chivas coming in?

Chivas arrives to this match without a win, with two draws and one defeat, and in their last match they tied against Santos by one goal. In this match, Chivas will go all out to get their first three points.

7:32 PM8 months ago

The match will be played at the Akron Stadium.

The Chivas vs León match will be played at the Akron Stadium located in Guadalajara, Mexico. The stadium has a capacity for 46,355 people. 
7:27 PM8 months ago

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