Goal and Highlights: Iran 1-0 Uruguay in Friendly Match


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Thank you for watching the Iran vs Uruguay match, this time the Uruguay national team was surprised taking a defeat by the minimum that will serve to work on the mistakes, be sure to visit VAVEL, so you do not miss any duel before the World Cup.
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The match ends with a victory for Iran.
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Add 3 minutes.
1:42 PM7 days ago


Suarez is fouled outside the area and is awarded a free kick.
1:37 PM7 days ago


Great failure by Suarez in front of goal.
1:32 PM7 days ago


Uruguay looks desperate on the field.
1:27 PM7 days ago


Uruguay came close in another great play.
1:22 PM7 days ago


Bentancur receives a yellow card.
1:17 PM7 days ago


Goooooooooooooooool for Iran! Teremi inside the box gives his team the lead.
1:12 PM7 days ago


Iran's long-range shot goes wide.
1:07 PM7 days ago


Foul in midfield against Uruguay.
1:02 PM7 days ago


Great shot by Valverde that bounces off the defense.
12:57 PM7 days ago


Iran avoids the goal on the line after a header.
12:52 PM7 days ago


Nearby Iran on two occasions.
12:47 PM7 days ago


Suarez came close to converting the first with a powerful shot.
12:42 PM7 days ago


Uruguay arrived on the left in a great play.
12:37 PM7 days ago


Darwin again shoots with power, but the goalkeeper saves.
12:32 PM7 days ago


A great shot by Valverde that the goalkeeper makes a good save.
12:27 PM7 days ago


The second half begins.
12:22 PM7 days ago


End of the first half.
12:17 PM7 days ago


Few opportunities on the field in a very weak game.
12:12 PM7 days ago


Uruguay's defensive error does not generate danger.
12:07 PM7 days ago


A chance on the right by Iran that ends up being solved well by Uruguay's defense.
12:02 PM7 days ago


Uruguay puts calmness into the game and does not give the ball away.
11:57 AM7 days ago


Darwin shoots with power outside the area and the ball passes very close to the goal.
11:52 AM7 days ago


Iran keeps the ball and does not allow Uruguay's danger.
11:47 AM7 days ago

Uruguay gets a corner kick.
11:42 AM7 days ago

Uruguay change
Out: Araujo
In: Rogel
11:37 AM7 days ago

Iran's first shot goes into the goalkeeper's hands.
11:32 AM7 days ago

The match begins.
11:27 AM7 days ago

Already prepared

This is how Uruguay is getting ready:
11:22 AM7 days ago

Starting XI Uruguay

This is how Uruguay comes out:
Uruguay starting XI/Image: Uruguay
Uruguay starting XI/Image: Uruguay
11:17 AM7 days ago

The last rival

Canada will be Uruguay's next opponent and after that match they will close their preparation for the World Cup, as they have many players in Europe, the calendar prevents them from scheduling another match before the start of Qatar 2022.
11:12 AM7 days ago

Uruguay is already in the stadium

This was the arrival of Uruguay:
11:07 AM7 days ago

Uruguay with new stars

The Uruguayan national team may be seeing the last World Cup of great stars such as Suarez and Cavanni, but another generation is coming to put this team at the top, Valverde from Madrid, Darwin from Liverpool and Araujo from Barcelona, are some examples that the team has a lot of potential for the future and the generational replacement will be done in a good way.
11:02 AM7 days ago

Iran with little preparation

The Iranian national team has only played one friendly match, this game was played against Algeria where they won 1-2, Iran had agreed to play against Canada, however, this match was cancelled, Uruguay will be their second match and they still have a match against Senegal.  
10:57 AM7 days ago

Uruguay with great pace in friendlies

The Uruguayan national team began its preparation by facing Mexico, the charrúa team had no complications and won 3-0, for the next match the rival was USA in a duel where they tied goalless, to say goodbye to their fans in the centennial, Uruguay faced Panama in a match that ended 5-0 in favor of the sky-blue team.
10:52 AM7 days ago

We continue

Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the Iran vs Uruguay game, today two World Cup teams are preparing to get the best way to Qatar, both have complicated groups, so they need to take confidence, because the tournament will start in a few months, do not take off because below we will tell you everything you need to know before the start. 
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Stay tuned for live coverage of Iran vs Uruguay

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Iran vs Uruguay live, as well as the latest information from the NV Arena. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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Where and How to Watch Iran vs Uruguay Online and Live

The match will be broadcasted on Claro Sports.

Iran vs Uruguay can be tuned in from Claro Sports live streams. 

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Watch out for this Iranian player

Mehdi Teremi, 30 year old center forward, currently plays for Porto of Portugal in the Primeira Liga, the player is one of the most important players in the forward line of his national team, this season he has scored 5 goals in 7 appearances, without a doubt his offensive contribution is good and if he can keep up the scoring pace for the World Cup, he can give his national team a pleasant group stage.
10:32 AM7 days ago

Watch out for this player from Uruguay

Federico Valverde, Real Madrid midfielder, is a player who in recent seasons has had an extraordinary growth, the player can play several positions on the field and in the matches is a player who constantly recovers and generates danger, so far this season he has given Madrid goals that culminate in victories and is currently one of the best players, no doubt he will arrive at the World Cup with a very positive inertia.
10:27 AM7 days ago

Latest Iranian lineup

Abedzadeh, Moharrami, Hosseini, Noorafkan, Hajdafi, Gholizadeh, Ezatolahi, Noroollahi, Jahanbakhsh, Azmoun, Teremi.
10:22 AM7 days ago

Latest Uruguay lineup

Rochet, Suarez, Araujo, Coates, Olivera, Valverde, Torreira, Vecino, Pellistri, Cavani, Arrascaeta.
10:17 AM7 days ago


Iran 1-0 Iraq
Iran 1-0 UAE
South Korea 2-0 Iran
Iran 2-0 Lebanon
Iran 1-2 Algeria

Uruguay 1-0 Peru
Chile 0-2 Uruguay
Mexico 0-2 Uruguay
United States 0-0 Uruguay
Uruguay 5-0 Panama

10:12 AM7 days ago

Arbitration quartet

To be confirmed.
10:07 AM7 days ago

Uruguay on its way to another great World Cup

The Uruguayan national team has stood out for being a tough team that does everything possible to achieve victory, this team had a complicated qualifying round that ended with the dismissal of coach Tabáres, a historic coach for the national team, his place was taken by Diego Alonso, a young coach who came from a bad experience in the MLS, however, it was with this coach when Uruguay began to have positive results, This team has a very young but talented generation, names like Valverde, Araujo, Núñez are added to the experience of Cavani and Suárez to have a very competitive team in the World Cup, their group will be formed by Portugal, South Korea and Ghana, a very even group, but very competitive, this team will seek to transcend so it will not be easy to beat them and without problems could seek the highly prized championship.
Uruguay for the win/Image: Uruguay
Uruguay for the win/Image: Uruguay
10:02 AM7 days ago

Iran with a complicated task

The Iranian national team qualified to Qatar 2022 being the leader of group A in AFC, with 25 points, this is the maximum amount of points in the conference, this team already knows its rivals in group B, in the world cup there is no easy selection because all have been the best in each conference, Iran will share group with England, USA and Wales, undoubtedly a very competitive group where only England has managed to be world champion many years ago, this confrontation against Uruguay will give the team the recognition of the rough style of play with a lot of order, being in one of the most competitive groups requires a lot of preparation and it seems to be doing well.
9:57 AM7 days ago

Qatar is getting closer

Qatar 2022 is very close and everything is ready to receive the 32 teams that have earned a ticket to the greatest soccer festival, on this occasion we will see Iran, representative of the AFC against Uruguay, representative of CONMEBOL, in a preparation game, undoubtedly two powerful teams that will keep nothing to show that they are a great team difficult to beat, expectations are high in both squads, so in this test we will see a little of what they will show in Qatar.
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