Manchester United 0-0 West Ham: Five things learned as Reds held to another goalless draw

Manchester United were once again held to a goalless draw at Old Trafford by West Ham, which is happening too much for he fans liking this season, but what did we learn from the game from Manchester United?

United fans getting restless

United fans are really starting to get really restless as each game passes that United struggle to score goals, and it was more evident than ever yesterday as soon as the final whistle went the jeers from the crowd were deafening. To be fair to the crowd you can't blame them as its now happening too often recently, and every fan has he right to not be happy if what they are seeing on the pitch is not right. Louis van Gaal has to be very careful as he is slowly losing the support which every manager needs. Van Gaal will have to hope goals start flowing soon or the noise will get even louder.

Van Gaal needs to be more proactive 

The main thing that gets thrown at Louis van Gaal is that he is not proactive enough on the touch line. Van Gaal needed to change players earlier than he did against West Ham as they just weren't creating clear cut chances until late on in the second half. Van Gaal should have been out in his technical area and tried a different formation earlier on to try and get the all important goal that the team needed to get the win. Going forward this needs to change from Van Gaal as if it doesn't results may not getting any better which would be of great concern for the Dutchman. 

Memphis deserves more game time

Memphis Depay came on in the 73rd minute of the game and instantly United started to attack much quicker, and started to create more chances. Memphis has disappointed for large parts of the season so far, but he deserves more of a chance in the next few games as United need more pace in their attacks which is lacking. Memphis always has good moments in him and he proved it when he beat three West Ham defenders to set up Anthony Martial before the striker put it wide. United need to win on Tuesday against Wolfsburg and Memphis deserves to start.

United players need to work on their shooting 

United had a total of 21 shots against West Ham, but only had one shot on target which is incredibly poor. The players need to go away after the game and do some shooting practice because it is costing the team three points every game. Van Gaal cannot be blamed for the players for shooting off target, but he needs to work with them on the training pitch to get their shooting standards up to where it should be. United have been ridiculed for not having enough shots before, but now it seems the players are trying to hard, and therefore not getting settled before they have a shot which needs to stop and worked on. 

United need to invest in January 

United need to be active in the January transfer window and bring it at least a left back and a pacy winger that can create chances. United are struggling with the amount of injuries they have to the defence, but even more so at left with Luke Shaw and Marcos Rojo out for a period of time. A winger is needed to create better chances as most of the chances that were created against West Ham were from shots from a long way out. A striker is also needed for United, but if they can give Martial more chances then that might not be an issue until the summer.