Jermain Defoe insists Sunderland can't dwell on worst ever start

Jermain Defoe insists Sunderland can't dwell on worst ever start

The experienced striker has called for people not to focus on the Black Cats' poor start to the campaign.

Matthew Wilkinson

It has been the worst start to a season in Sunderland's history and in the history of any Premier League side, something that has caused major worry amongst fans and would startle most involved in the situation.

But not Jermain Defoe. The striker is as cool about the situation as he is in front of goal, insisting that Sunderland must "forget about the records". 

David Moyes' side currently dwell at the foot of the table with just two points and a goal difference of -13, something that makes for painful reading to anyone affiliated with the club. However, the headlines about records which simply highlight the poor season the club is having bare no interest to Defoe, as he doesn't believe they "matter", insisting the club must "stick together" and "forget what people are saying".

Only they can change it

For Sunderland, sadly, this situation isn't a new one. Relegation battles are something that those on Wearside have become all too familiar with, hence why Defoe knows everyone must stay calm and focus on the task at hand, survival. Even though the striker admits the challenge is a "tough one" the experienced frontman knows that only the players can change the situation. 

Due to the fact that Defoe and several other experienced members of the squad have been involved in several relegation battles, he believes that they can keep the "young lads positive" which is something he revealed happened to him. During his first season at the club, he admitted that the players "helped" him to adapt to the situation as it was something that he had never experienced before. 

Defoe is confident that as soon as they get the "first win" then the "whole mood and atmosphere around the place changes" which will make everyone "more confident," but that win will need to come sooner, rather than later.