Michael Carrick plays down Cristiano Ronaldo links to Manchester United

Michael Carrick revealed that it was a joy to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United but would not go into much detail about the possibility of Ronaldo returning to United this summer.

Over the last couple of weeks it emerged that Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid in the summer over the accustaions of tax fraud and predictably, like every summer, he has been linked to a return to United.

Carrick would welcome a Ronaldo return to United this summer

Carrick won six trophies in three years at United with Ronaldo and he revealed how lucky he was to play alongside him but would not endorse a United move for the Real Madrid man.

Speaking to Sky Sports News about the rumours of Ronaldo returning to United this summer, Carrick said "everyone knows how good he is and what a career he's had," so no one can ever doubt him. However, Carrick says it is "not for [him] to get involved," on whether Ronaldo was to come to "United or leaves Madrid, that's not my business."

Carrick went on to say that he has been "lucky enough" to play with Ronaldo and that it was just a "joy to work so closely with him and see how he plays" so, therefore, Carrick believes that it will be interesting to see how everything "pans out over the next few weeks and months" on whether a move does materialise or not.

A Ronaldo return to United is far from certain

Ronaldo would undoubtedly be a fantastic signing for United if they were able to sign him this summer given the fact he has already proved himself in the Premier League during his younger years and is exactly what United are missing currently.

Even if United are interested in signing the Portuguese, though, he may sign a new and improved contract at Real Madrid this summer if they 'sort out' his tax situation with the Spanish authorities.