Mathias Jørgensen says Leicester  clash will be “tough” due to short match turnover

Mathias Jørgensen says Leicester  clash will be “tough” due to short match turnover

Centre-back Mathias Jørgensen spoke to HTTV to preview the Leicester City Game on New Year’s Day.

Mollie Firth

Mathias Jørgensen, or ‘Zanka’ as he is more commonly known, spoke to the press after Huddersfield Town drew 0-0 against Burnley at the John Smith’s Stadium, as he looks ahead to the game against Leicester City which is less than 48 hours ahead of The Terriers, at the time of speaking.

“It will be tough”

He was asked how tough it would be on the legs: “It will be tough physically and it will be tough mentally buts it’s something you’ve just got to do.”

“I think with all of the training we’ve been doing in pre-season, and how we’ve been conducting ourselves, I think we’ll be ready for the challenge on Monday.”

The interviewer comments how it’s the extra little details, such as going straight to PPG Canalside after the Burnley Game, that help the players be fresher for the upcoming matches:  “When you’ve only got less than 48 hours to recover, you’ve got to do everything that’s in your power to be as fit as possible, and I think that’s why we give money to John [Iga]. That’s his job to make sure we are ready to perform again on these conditions.”


Leicester has “special” players

He is then asked what he expects from the Leicester side, since they have a different manager from when they last played each other: “It’s a team that has quality players, especially forward in the pitch, they have real quality players, like Mahrez and Vardy, among others.”

“We’ve got to be ready for that challenge, that can be a little bit tougher than in other games, but every team in the Premier League has good players, but this team has some really special ones.”

‘Zanka’ should know Jamie Vardy’s movements fairly well after playing against him earlier this season and when he was at Copenhagen, which should help him during the game on Monday: “It’s not very often in this league that I come up against players that I’ve played three or four times before, but this is going to be one of them.”

“Hopefully you can take some of that knowledge and use it in your favour.”