Jørgensen: We never settled into the game

Jørgensen: We never settled into the game

Mattias 'Zanka' spoke to HTTV after the disappointing loss at Stoke, as the Terriers near the relegation zone.

Glenys Furness

Huddersfield Town centre-back Mathias Jørgensen accepted that the Terriers weren't good enough in their 2-0 loss away at Stoke City.

In a match both teams needed to win, Huddersfield looked to move themselves clearer of the relegation zone while Stoke aimed to escape the bottom three.

'Zanka' was asked what went wrong, as it was clear the team had not played very well in the match, and replied:"It's difficult to say. It was a fight and we didn't really win enough second balls to be dominant in this game. Too much of it ended up in Stoke's hands."

Talking about the goals that Huddersfield conceded, the defender admitted that Stoke scored one really good goal, but luck wasn't with his team for the other.

"If we were a little bit lucky Scottie deflected it off the line." 

The Dane was asked about the first 20 minutes or so of the match where Town failed to get going, and looked to be really struggling.

They [Stoke] came out blazing, had the crowd behind them, and put in a lot of energy. We never settled into the game to play the game we like to do." 

Tough games ahead

Zanka went on to talk about what they had tried to do in the second half to change things up and get the team going.

"We tried to do things differently, we fought but never really created any big chances. We accepted that the game was going to be a game of second balls, so to be more pressing in the midfield."

The Dane admitted that sometimes this worked and they won the ball, and sometimes it didn't work, was then asked about going forward, with the team, the staff and the fans all stick together and pull together in the same direction to get through the difficult period ahead.

Zanka said: "I think everybody, unless you were very optimistic at the start of the season, knew that there would be times in the season where we be in situations like this.

"We've got two very difficult games coming up (Manchester United away, Liverpool at home), that's the way it is. That's why I joined this club."

"It might be tough, but it's going to be all the sweeter when we accomplish it."