Schindler: We have to stay in the game

Schindler: We have to stay in the game

Huddersfield Town centre-back Christopher Schindler reflected on the loss to Liverpool.

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Huddersfield Town centre-back Christopher Schindler spoke to HTTV after the loss to Liverpool on Tuesday.

The German was asked if the loss was a tough defeat to take, especially considering the Terriers have not won a Premier League match since before Christmas.

And having lost their last four matches in the top flight, the Terriers need some more points to edge towards survival.

Frustrating game against high quality

Talking about the first half, Schindler described the goals: "The first one is a bit unlucky with the deflection, and the second one straight before half-time, which I think is somewhat killing the game. This is really frustrating actually." 

The German added: "Yes, of course. Against a top six team it's important we keep a clean sheet as long as possible, or at least keep the game alive as long as possible."

Schindler then went on to talk about the tactics in the first half where the team were staying compact and creating chances, commenting on the fact that they appeared to be working quite well for most of the first half.

"I think this was the game plan, which worked quite well. maybe hard for the supporters to see as we are usually chasing teams at home.

"Especially in the second half, we could see [Liverpool] have a lot of quality playing behind. We stayed a little bit deep in the first half, I think it worked out quite well." 

The Terriers centre-back went on to say: "They had, I think two shots on target and two goals, we had two shots on target and zero goals, that's the story of the first half.

"At the end of the day, that is the difference, the quality we face at the moment."

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Liverpool second hard to digest

The German was then asked about the second goal and how disappointing it was when Liverpool scored, just before the end of the first half.

"It's very hard, as I said we have to stay in the game against a top six team.

"Against Liverpool you can score we saw that today, however, to score twice is really really tough, especially for us, a team that is not scoring a lot of goals, to concede this goal just before half-time is very frustrating." 

Moving on to talk about the fans and the support especially at home, Schindler said that it was very important for the fans to get behind the team, be the 12th man or woman.

The German appreciated that a run of losses is frustrating for the fans, and re-iterated about remembering where the club has come from, and that team will be trying their best every day.

Next up for the Terriers is a trip to Old Trafford and Manchester United. Huddersfield Town will be looking to repeat the result when the sides last met in the Premier League, where they defeated United 2-1.