Jose Mourinho: “We will be fighting for second place”

Jose Mourinho has hammered his Manchester United side following a 2-0 defeat away to Tottenham Hotspur, and the Portuguese manager believes that Manchester City are too far ahead to catch up with.

United went 1-0 down after 15 seconds as Christen Eriksen slotted in the opener in what was the third fastest goal in Premier League history, and Phil Jones slammed the ball into his own net 27 minutes later after trying to clear away a Kieran Trippier cross.

The visitors barely created any chances and only registered three shots on target, and new signing Alexis Sanchez was far off the pace playing his new side, as the former Arsenal winger was constantly hounded and booed by the Spurs home fans.

“We will be fighting for these positions”

With City winning 2-0 on the night, United are now 15 points behind their city rivals. Speaking to the press after the game, Mourinho said: “The Premier League finishes for us at Old Trafford in May against Watford but you knew the distance to the leader was already considerable even before this match.

"Now we have us, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal, we will be there fighting for the positions."

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“Four mistakes after 15 seconds”

Mourinho also slammed his side for conceding early in the game, saying: "I don't think it is very normal to concede a goal like we did after 15 seconds. It is especially ridiculous because the players, they watch it before, we analyse opponents and work on opponents' dynamics and routines.

"The players they knew the long ball, they knew that Harry Kane, before the kick-off, is already inside the opponent's half. We knew everything. Then we don't press the ball, one mistake. We don't pick the ball in the air, second mistake. We don't win the second ball on the ground, third mistake. We don't cover the inside when (Christian) Eriksen comes, four mistakes.

"Four mistakes after 15 seconds and you are losing 1-0 against a good team.”