Hungarian GP: Talking points
Esteban Ocon celebrates his first ever Formula One win. (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

1. Ocon takes maiden win

Esteban Ocon. That's it. That's the talking point.

Of all the possible race-day scenarios, I would imagine that Esteban Ocon emerging as the race winner was not one that many had considered. 

However, that's exactly what happened. 

Ocon started from eighth on the grid and watched on as chaos ensued around him - more on that later - allowing him to slip through into second place. 

Ocon emerged unscathed out of turn one and found himself behind the leading Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton as the safety car, and eventually, a red flag was brought out to neutralize the race. 

During the 30 minutes red flag, the conditions that the race had begun in began to change. The track dried up, surely everyone would come into change from their Intermediate tire? 

Well, not quite everyone.

In what would be a race defining moment, Hamilton chose not to pit, meaning he lined up as the lone car on the grid in a truly bizarre moment that will go down in F1 history, as Ocon from P2 led the rest of the field in for a change, which meant when Hamilton pitted on lap five, Ocon took the lead. 

From here it was a straight fight between Ocon and the Aston Martin of Sebastian Vettel, with the gap being as small as 0.3 seconds at points. 

However, Ocon would make no mistakes, driving immaculately without so much as even a lock-up as he drove home to take his, and Alpine's first F1 wins. 


2. Lap one, turn one

I'm sure many of you will be familiar with the phrase 'No heroic's into turn one please".

It would appear that a few drivers neglected this message as they lined up on the grid. 

Firstly, Valtteri Bottas, not his finest hour. 

Starting from P2, Bottas struggled off the line, being passed by Sergio Perez and Lando Norris. As the field approached turn one, Bottas misjudged the braking zone and went straight into the back of the McLaren, starting a chain reaction. 

Norris would be punted into Verstappen - who would suffer damage that would effectively end his chances of a successful race, whilst Perez would be hit by the out-of-control Bottas, eliminating both. 

Norris would continue but later be retired during the red flag period. 

Secondly, Lance Stroll.

From 12th on the grid, Stroll would arrive at turn one with too much speed. He attempted to avoid Charles Leclerc's Ferrari by running onto the grass but was unable to, hitting the Monegasque driver and retiring both cars. Daniel Ricciardo would also be caught up in the chaos, sustaining damage that severely impacted his race.

Both Bottas and Stroll will take five-place grid penalties in Belgium, however for Bottas, there could be bigger issues at hand.

3. The crash costs Bottas his seat?

Oh, Valtteri...

As mentioned before, it really not his finest hour - potentially when it mattered the most. 

One of the key storylines throughout this 2021 F1 season has been the battle for the second seat alongside Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, with the two protagonists being the incumbent Valtteri Bottas, and Mercedes junior George Russell - racing at Williams

This battle of the second seat has continued to simmer as talk around the paddock and in the media continue, will Mercedes stick or twist?, will Valtteri get another shot, or will Russell be granted his big chance? 

The battle between the pair when Russell stepped in to replace Hamilton at Mercedes in Sakhir last year, the crash between the pair in Imola as Russell looked to overtake Bottas in the wet along with the main straight - leading to an exchange of words and gestures between the pair. 

But would Sunday be the defining moment in the 'rivalry'. 

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has long insisted that the battle for the seat would be decided in the summer break, which following Hungary is now upon us, so, not the best time for Bottas to leave this impression. 

You have to worry that this error at such a crucial point in the season for Bottas could cost him everything. 

Could Hungary be the final nail in Bottas' Mercedes coffin? It's highly likely. 

4. 10/10 for Williams

Finally, for the first time since Germany 2019, Williams has scored points in an F1 race. 

What's more, Hungary 2021 marks the first race since Italy 2018 where the team scored points with both cars. 

A fantastic achievement for one of the most famous team's in F1 - who have struggled in recent years and whose form looks to be on the up. 

Started 17th and 18th after a tough qualifying for the team, which saw George Russell fail to progress to Q2 for the first time this season, both cars benefited from the first lap mayhem to find themselves in P6 for Nicholas Latifi and P8 for Russell

This would only get better after the mayhem in the pitlane as Russell emerged second, later having the giveback places to cars he overtook in the pitlane, dropping him back to seventh, whereas Latifi was running in the third position. 

From here Latifi would eventually fall back down the order, with both cars crossing the line in eighth for Latifi and ninth for Russell, however, both would later be promoted one position following Sebastian Vettel's disqualification from P2. 

A 10 point haul for the Williams team moves them to eighth in the constructor's standings in what was truly a 10/10 day for the team.

5. The Championship battles take another turn

Cast your mind back to a time prior to the British Grand Prix, just over two weeks ago.  

Red Bull came into that event 44 points clear in the constructor's championship, whilst Max Verstappen led the driver's championship by 33 points from Lewis Hamilton

Just two races later, Hamilton leads the driver's standings by eight points, with Mercedes 12 points clear in the constructors. 

Red Bull and Verstappen were the victims for the second time in as many races as the turn one incidents ruined any chances of scoring meaningful points on Verstappen's car, and any chances of any points at all on Perez car as he retired. 

Additionally, there are concerns at Red Bull following Verstappen's Silverstone crash and Perez crash in Hungary that each driver will run out of permitted Power Unit's - forcing grid penalties further down the line.

As for Mercedes, despite the circumstances in which they took the championship leads, they will be over the moon to be the team leading the standings once again. 

Having won the previous seven drivers and constructors' standings, it has become natural to associate Mercedes with leading the standings. 

Despite it being more disaster for Red Bull as opposed to Mercedes being the stronger team, the Brackley outfit leads again and Red Bull will look to chargeback when Formula One returns at Spa in three weeks' time.