UFC 245 LIVE Stream Online: Usman vs Covington, Holloway vs Volkanovski and Nunes vs Randamie


12:59 AMa year ago
12:58 AMa year ago

Judges unanimously decide Alexander Volkanovski's victory over Max Holloway

48-47, 48-47 e 50-45
12:55 AMa year ago
The fight is over
12:55 AMa year ago
12:52 AMa year ago
Holloway hits australian's ribs
12:51 AMa year ago
Volkanovski kicks high but Holloway defends
12:50 AMa year ago
Round four ends
12:47 AMa year ago
Holloway gives two two jabs and Volkanovski low kicks
12:44 AMa year ago
The fourth round begins
12:43 AMa year ago
End of round three
12:41 AMa year ago
Volkanovski punches left and hits Hawaiian
12:38 AMa year ago
Let's go to the third round
12:36 AMa year ago
End of round two
12:36 AMa year ago
Holloway hits right on Volkanovski
12:36 AMa year ago
Holloway jabs against the australian
12:32 AMa year ago
Volkanovski hits from below to prevent Holloway from moving
12:29 AMa year ago
Fighters study and chat in the octagon
12:27 AMa year ago
Holloway kicks from below
12:25 AMa year ago
Let's go to the fight
12:11 AMa year ago
12:08 AMa year ago


By unanimous decision of the judges, the Brazilian takes the best: 49-44, 49-46, 49-45
12:06 AMa year ago


Judge's decision
12:05 AMa year ago
Fight remains on the ground, and Amanda throws punches and elbows at Germaine
12:04 AMa year ago
Germaine Kicks From Under, Amanda Reacts, and Takes Down the Iron Lady
11:59 PMa year ago
Amanda releases a string of punches on the Dutchwoman's face
11:58 PMa year ago
The fifth round begins (last)
11:57 PMa year ago
End of fourth round
11:57 PMa year ago


Amanda Nunes overthrows Germaine for the seventh time and breaks the record in defending a belt. The Lioness has passed Ronda Rousey
11:52 PMa year ago
On the floor, the brazilian punches the Iron Lady
11:52 PMa year ago
Amanda Nunes wears ground and pound on Germaine
11:51 PMa year ago
Let's go to the fourth round
11:49 PMa year ago
End of round three
11:48 PMa year ago
Amanda gives Germaine a punch sequence in the rib
11:46 PMa year ago
Amanda puts the ground and pound into action
11:45 PMa year ago
Germaine uses right in brazilian
11:44 PMa year ago
Round three begins
11:44 PMa year ago
Round ends
11:43 PMa year ago
11:40 PMa year ago
Lioness puts the Dutchwoman on the floor
11:40 PMa year ago
Germaine hits a blow and Amanda goes steady
11:38 PMa year ago
Ready for round two
11:37 PMa year ago
End of first round
11:37 PMa year ago
Amanda walks over the Dutchwoman. The Brazilian leaves her knee in Germaine
11:35 PMa year ago
11:34 PMa year ago
Amanda tried the guillotine, but Germaine escaped
11:33 PMa year ago
Lioness showing the claws! Amanda fills her hand and puts Germaine on the grid
11:32 PMa year ago
First round begins
11:25 PMa year ago
Brazil x Netherlands
11:25 PMa year ago
In defense of the belt, Amanda Nunes faces Germaine De Randamie
11:24 PMa year ago
The big time has come! Lioness x Iron Lady
11:23 PMa year ago
Women's World Cup Champion Allie Long at UFC 245
11:17 PMa year ago
All right between them
11:16 PMa year ago
Marlon vibrates while indignant Aldo
11:14 PMa year ago


29-28, 28-29 e 29-28
11:11 PMa year ago
End of the fight, which will be decided by the jury
11:10 PMa year ago
Marlon kicks from under
11:08 PMa year ago
11:07 PMa year ago
Delirium of the guys! Athletes start the fight by holding on. Then Magic drops three jabs on Aldo
11:05 PMa year ago
Ready for round three
11:03 PMa year ago
11:02 PMa year ago
Marlon fills Aldo with a punch. The people's champion reciprocates with a left hook
11:00 PMa year ago
The second begins!
10:59 PMa year ago
First round ends
10:58 PMa year ago
Marlon hits Aldo, who throws several punches
10:55 PMa year ago
An eye on Brazilians: Marlon Moraes x José Aldo
10:38 PMa year ago
10:37 PMa year ago
Kicking high, Petr Yan knocks Urijah Faber in 43 seconds
10:34 PMa year ago
Third round
10:34 PMa year ago
In floor! Faber gets punched from Petr Yan and falls
10:31 PMa year ago
Oops! Petr Yan drops his hand to the american's face
10:29 PMa year ago
Fighters stand in the grid
10:28 PMa year ago
End of round
10:26 PMa year ago
The Russian gets a right cross and stamp Faber's face
10:25 PMa year ago
Petr Yan kicks, but Faber surprises and holds his leg
10:23 PMa year ago
Faber hits a high kick. Soon after, Petr Yan tries to retort with a knee, but misses
10:04 PMa year ago

10:01 PMa year ago

Soon there will be the lioness in the octagon

10:00 PMa year ago
Start the round
9:58 PMa year ago
Bantamweight: Urijah Faber vs Petr Yan
9:45 PMa year ago
9:44 PMa year ago


Nos 1m30s, Neal venceu Mike Perry por nocaute técnico
9:41 PMa year ago
It's no joke! Neal hits a kick in Perry's stomach. He does not feel and retaliates
9:39 PMa year ago
First round begins
9:25 PMa year ago
Let's go to the last preliminaries fight: Geoff Neal vs. Mike Perry
9:21 PMa year ago
Eye on the hook
9:19 PMa year ago
That's it my friends! Irene Aldana gives no chance, knocks the Brazilian with beautiful hook and put Ketlen to sleep
9:18 PMa year ago
Ketlen absorbs kick under mexican
9:13 PMa year ago
Brazilian Ketlen Vieira faces Mexican Irene Aldana
9:11 PMa year ago
9:11 PMa year ago
Unanimity! All Judges Declare Omari Akhmedov Winner of Ian Heinisch Fight: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28
9:10 PMa year ago
Heinisch leaves Akhmedov on the wall.American kicks the Russian, however, he does not sit and punches with the left
9:09 PMa year ago
All set to start round three
9:08 PMa year ago

End of round two

10-9 | Akhmedov
9:08 PMa year ago
Akhmedov hooks left, and makes Heinisch dizzy
9:07 PMa year ago
Heinisch has difficulty hitting the Russian
8:55 PMa year ago

End of round

8:54 PMa year ago
Wow! Akhmedov carries Heinisch and puts the American on the floor
8:52 PMa year ago
Akhmedov takes two blows on Heinisch's face
8:51 PMa year ago
The next duel will be by Ian Heinisch and Omari Akhmedov
8:50 PMa year ago
Vibrating Immortal
8:48 PMa year ago
Matt Brown has already beaten Ben Saunders by TKO. The fight last 4m55s of the second round.
4:03 PMa year ago
4:02 PMa year ago
For his debut, Aldo confirmed the 61, 6 kg. If the people's champion triumphs, he will be the new challenger in the category.
4:02 PMa year ago
Marlon Moraes, known as Magic, has won 10 fights by knockouts, six submissions and six judges decisions.
4:01 PMa year ago
Marlon Moraes is first in the ranking.
3:58 PMa year ago
The people's champion will face Marlon Moraes, also brazilian
3:52 PMa year ago
Besides Amanda Nunes, José Aldo also fights, but in a new category: featherweight division
3:52 PMa year ago
3:50 PMa year ago
Amanda Nunes will defend the belt for the fifth time. For her, fighting Randamie brings back memories: Lioness beat the Iron Lady by TKO in 2013
3:49 PMa year ago
Randamie has nine triumphs and three setbacks. The Dutch is unbeaten in five fights
3:49 PMa year ago
Germaine de Randamie, 35, leads the rooster weight ranking. However, Amanda Nunes is second behind
3:47 PMa year ago
Amanda Nunes arrives with 18 wins, 13 by knockout, three submission and two of the judges. The 31-year-old fighter suffered only four losses
3:46 PMa year ago
Unbeaten since 2014, the UFC women's bantamweight and featherweight champion, brazilian Amanda Nunes has put the belt in contention on the main card
3:44 PMa year ago
Amanda Nunes vs. Germaine de Randamie meet at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for UFC 245
3:40 PMa year ago
Now you follow all the emotions in REAL TIME of the fight between Amanda Nunes and Germaine de Randamie live