Highlights: Slovenia 94-70 Germany in Basketball in Tokyo Olympics
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In the two-point conversion, Slovenia was in the show, getting 68% right, against 48% from Germany. In three-pointers Slovenia made 43%, against 32% of the Germans. And Dragic was outstanding, with 27 points, against Germany's best, Lo, who scored only 11.
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With a great performance by Dragic, Slovenia scores 94-70 in Germany and goes to the semifinals of basketball at the Olympics!
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Barthel received in the cellar and made a great dunk. 94 - 70!
10:35 PM2 months ago


Dragic, just Dragic. MORE THREE POINTS! Slovenia 91 to 65 Germany!
10:31 PM2 months ago


Dragic is ON FIRE! No. 30 scored two more points for Slovenia, which now stands at 84-63!
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Dragic got two more points for Slovenia, which now totals 76 to 60!
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The ball is in play once again and Slovenia is the one who starts with the ball!
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And we have the end of the third quarter with two free throw hits for Germany, with Wagner. After that Doncic hit his two free throws. Finally Saboiu scored two points to close the quarter 66-54 for Slovenia.
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Dragic recovers a ball that seemed lost and makes a BEAUTIFUL basket! Slovenia 62 to 50 Spain!
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After a little confusion, Germany had free throws to shoot and reached 47 points, but Slovenia leads with 56.
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Bonga tried to make the play on a platter but Tobey sent the ball wide! Slovenia 53 - 42 Spain!
9:57 PM2 months ago


Doncic hits a beautiful 3-ball after two points for Germany. 51-39 to Slovenia.
9:55 PM2 months ago


And the match already starts hot. Slovenia had a basket for two and another free throw for an unsportsmanlike act - a swear word to be exact - by Lo on the court. 48-37.
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The ball is in play once again, and it starts with possession for Slovenia!
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Players on the court

The players from Slovenia and Germany are already on the court once again to start the third quarter.
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So far Slovenia has a great success in 2-balls, with 71%m against Germany's 60%. In 3-balls there is a balance, with 38% for Slovenia and 33% for Germany.
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And the second quarter ends and we go to halftime of the match! At the end Dragic hit a beautiful three-ball to make it 44-37 for Slovenia!
9:35 PM2 months ago


After this good moment of Germany, Slovenia has already imposed its rhythm again, with many baskets of two and leading 41 to 34.
9:31 PM2 months ago


Lo turned the game around but Tobey hit a beautiful three ball and turned it around once again! Now after a Doncic tray we have 36-32!
9:28 PM2 months ago


The three points are the way! Lo makes another beautiful three-point basket and drops it to 31-29!
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Good run of points by Germany, which cut it to 27-21, with Saibou making a three on the last play!
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And the ball already flies into the second quarter, with Germany going on top, but seeing Slovenia add two points with a tray by Dimec! 27 to 14!
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Now we go to the first break in the game after the end of the first quarter, with Slovenia winning 25-14. Dragic is the main highlight of the game, with nine points. For the German side Giffey has scored eight points so far. Remember that in the quarter in basketball the time starts with 10 minutes and goes decreasing.
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Slovenia 23 x 12 Germany.
Dragic is off to a great start, scoring two more points on a beautiful tray!
9:07 PM2 months ago


Germany relies on three-point shooting, while Slovenia infiltrates through the middle with quality At the moment we have Slovenia 13-10 Germany.
9:03 PM2 months ago


The first two points of the match go to Doncic. After that Cancar sinks the net with a dunk! 4-0 to Slovenia!
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The ball is in play and who starts with possession of it after the dispute over the top in the middle is Slovenia!
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The starting lineups are as follows.

Germany: Bonga, Giffey, Voigtmann, Thiemann and Obst.
Slovenia: Tobey, Blazic, Dragic, Cancar, and Doncic.

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Ademir Zurapovic will be the referee in charge of the match.
8:55 PM2 months ago

National anthems

Now the national anthems of Germany and Slovenia, in that order, are played on the court.
8:53 PM2 months ago

Teams in court!

The first team to take the court is Germany! Next up is Slovenia!
8:38 PM2 months ago

The are ready!

The Slovenian team are ready to the finals!

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A little of the warm-up of Slovenia now!

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German Squad

The German squad, meanwhile, consists of: Moritz, Thiemann, Lo, Giffey, Bonga, Voigtmann, Obst, Barthel, Saibou, Wimberg and Wank.
8:19 PM2 months ago

Slovenian squad

While we don't officially have the starting lineups, let's go to the squads. Starting with the Slovenian, the call-ups are Dragic, Blazic, Tobey, Cancar, Prepelic, Doncic, Nikolic, Cebasek, Rupnik, Hrovat, Dimec, and Muric.
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Good evening!

Now begins the broadcast of the quarterfinal match between Slovenia and Germany in the Basketball Olympics!
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Germany line-up

Germany's possible line-up for this match is: Isaac Bonga, Joshiko Saibou, Maodo Lo, Niels Giffey and Jan Niklas Wimberg.
12:33 AM2 months ago

Slovenia line-up

Slovenia's possible line-up for the match is: Luka Doncic, Jake Blazic, Zoran Dragic, Vlatko Cancar and Mike Tobey.
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In the group stage, Slovenia shot 61.9% from two-point range, compared to 52.5% for Spain. In three-point shooting things are reversed, where Slovenia made 35.8% of its attempts, against 41.8% for Germany. The free throws the Germans do better, too, with 84.8%, against 71.1% for Slovenia.
12:23 AM2 months ago

Group B

Germany, on the other hand, qualified third in its group with four points, with one win and two losses. The leader was Australia, with three wins and six points. Italy came second with five points from three matches, with two wins and one loss. Nigeria scored three points, with three losses.
12:18 AM2 months ago

Group C

Slovenia had a flawless group stage campaign, taking six points from three games, with three wins, 100%. Second in group C came Spain, with five points from two wins and one loss. Argentina had four points, with one win and two losses, while Japan had three points, with three losses.
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Sentence: Germany

Germany made its debut on Sunday (25), when it was defeated by Italy by 92 to 82. The second match was against Nigeria, where the Germans won by 99 to 92. Finally, last Saturday (31), Germany was beaten by Australia, who won by 89 to 76.
12:08 AM2 months ago

Sentence: Slovenia

Slovenia began its participation in the Olympics on Monday (26), when it faced Argentina and won by 118 to 100. In the second game the victim of the turn was Japan, on Wednesday (29), with a 116 to 81 victory. Finally, yesterday (01), Slovenia beat Spain by 95 to 87, closing its classification.
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