Kevin Durant re-signs with Golden State Warriors

While his decision this time around came as far less of a surprise and much less consequence, Kevin Durant has decided to stay with the Golden State Warriors for at least two more seasons.

Durant, who was named the NBA Finals MVP this past month after leading the Warriors to a 4-0 series sweep over the Cleveland Cavaliers, will be making the maximum annual salary allowable under the CBA, $61.5 Million total over the next two seasons.

Durant's effect on the NBA

Kevin Durant's signing with Golden State originally held a significant impact on the NBA as a whole.

Since signing with the Warriors back in 2016, they have yet to lose an NBA Finals in back to back seasons, after taking down LeBron James and the Cavaliers. His moving to Golden State has drawn criticism from fans around the league, but that doesn't appear to have influenced his decision to stay in any way and continue the dynasty that the Warriors are building in San Francisco.

Ultimately, it doesn't seem like the Warriors are going to go away from what's been working for them, and will likely maintain their core group for the 2019 NBA season as well in hopes they can attempt a three-peat as NBA champions.

Kevin Durant's statistical output

While Durant has always been one of the best players in the NBA, he's continued that dominance since coming over to Golden State from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Durant is coming off his second best season percentage wise from beyond the arc of his career and has had his two best seasons in terms of field goal percentage and effective field goal percentage the last two years as well. He did see a dip in rebounds per game though, following a career-high his first year with the team. He set a new career high for blocks per game this season as well, and increased his assist per game numbers from his first season with the Warriors as well, only falling a tenth per game short of his career high.