Damian Lillard makes history at All-Star Weekend
via: NBA

Damian Lillard is not just the only player to ever participate in every event at All-Star Weekend, but now he's the first player to perform live at All-Star Weekend.

The Portland Trail Blazers Guard was selected to be in the All-Star Game, but wasn't able to compete due a groin injury. Regardless, Lillard still put on a show during the Saturday challenges performing alongside rappers Jeremih and Lil Wayne.

On the mic, Lillard is known as Dame D.O.L.L.A and has released three albums since 2016. His latest, "Big D.O.L.L.A.," came out in August 2019 just before training camp started. The 29 year-old out of Oakland, California has earned the respect from the players as the best rapper in the NBA.

''Appreciate the NBA for the opportunity and all the love from everybody as well as the criticism and hate! Proud to continue to break barriers and show we are more than just athletes and should push through our other passions... A night I won't ever forget.'' Lillard said.

Lillard also paid tribute to the late Kobe Bryant by wearing a ‘Mamba Forever' jacket on stage.