Full Highlights: Kings 106-102 Clippers in 2020 NBA Scrimmages
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6:30 PM8 days ago

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6:30 PM8 days ago

Kings 106-102 Clippers

6:30 PM8 days ago

Q4 Ends

Kings Win
6:28 PM8 days ago

Kings ahead with less than 20 seconds to go

Bjelica for the lead
6:25 PM8 days ago

Q4 - 0:54

 Patterson 3pt Shot
6:20 PM8 days ago

Q4 - 2:10

Bogdanovic 3pt Shot
6:14 PM8 days ago

Ball movement

6:13 PM8 days ago

Q4 - 4:27

Giles III 3pt Shot
6:07 PM8 days ago

Q4 - 6:39

 Mann Driving Reverse Layup Shot
6:02 PM8 days ago

Q4 - 8:11

Mann Putback Layup Shot
6:01 PM8 days ago

Q4 - 9:14

Jeffries Cutting Layup Shot
5:54 PM8 days ago

Q4 - 12:00

Last quarter of play is underway!
5:54 PM8 days ago

Q3 Ends

Kings 73-83 Clippers
5:46 PM8 days ago

Big Zu Is Back

5:44 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 3:37

Hield 3pt Shot
5:43 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 4:27

Leonard 3pt Shot
5:41 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 4:53

Leonard Driving Floating Bank Jump Shot
5:40 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 5:20

Leonard 3pt Shot
5:39 PM8 days ago

PG13 ready for the restart

5:37 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 6:09

Marc Morris Sr. Cutting Layup Shot
5:32 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 7:35

 Bogdanovic Jump Shot
5:25 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 9:35

George 3pt Shot
5:25 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 10:11

Zubac Cutting Dunk Shot
5:25 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 10:36

Marc Morris Sr. Pullup Jump shot
5:24 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 11:25

 Bazemore Driving Layup Shot
5:24 PM8 days ago

Q3 - 12:00

Third quarter starts!
5:04 PM8 days ago

Q2 Ends

Kings 43-52 Clippers
5:03 PM8 days ago

Q2 - 0:51

Barnes 3pt Shot
5:03 PM8 days ago

Q2 - 1:11

Fox Jump Shot
5:02 PM8 days ago

Hield To Giles

4:56 PM8 days ago

Q2 - 4:20

George Step Back Jump shot
4:54 PM8 days ago

Q2 - 4:53

Bogdanovic Driving Floating Jump Shot
4:49 PM8 days ago

Q2 - 6:25

 Jackson Jump Shot
4:41 PM8 days ago

Q2 - 8:31

Patterson Tip Layup Shot
4:38 PM8 days ago

Q2 - 10:08

Mann Driving Layup Shot
4:38 PM8 days ago

Q2 - 10:39

Giles III Cutting Finger Roll Layup Shot
4:34 PM8 days ago

Kawhi Freezing Cold

In his last five quarters, Kawhi's 4-of-23 from the field and 0-of-12 from beyond the arc for just 8 points.
4:33 PM8 days ago

LA Stats

Paul George: 9 pts, 3 rebs, 1 ast

Marcus Morris: 5 pts, 1 ast, 1 stl

Joakim Noah: 4 pts, 2 rebs, 1 ast

Reggie Jackson: 3 pts, 2 rebs, 2 asts

4:33 PM8 days ago

Fine Like Wine

4:32 PM8 days ago

Q2 - 12:00

Second quarter is underway!
4:32 PM8 days ago

Q1 Ends

Kings 22-26 Clippers
4:31 PM8 days ago

Q1 - 0:46

Joseph 3pt Shot
4:31 PM8 days ago

Q1 - 1:21

Barnes 3pt Shot
4:31 PM8 days ago

Q1 - 1:49

Green 3pt Shot
4:31 PM8 days ago

Q1 - 2:49

 Hield Tip Layup Shot
4:16 PM8 days ago

Q1 - 7:01

Noah Tip Dunk Shot
4:14 PM8 days ago

Camera Angle Crazy

4:13 PM8 days ago

Q1 - 8:41

George 3pt Shot
4:13 PM8 days ago

Q1 - 9:13

Leonard Running Dunk Shot
4:13 PM8 days ago

Q1 - 10:00

Bogdanovic Cutting Layup Shot
4:13 PM8 days ago

Q1 - 10:57

 Bazemore Pullup Jump shot
4:12 PM8 days ago

Q1 - 12:00

Game is underway!
3:53 PM8 days ago

Kings 5

Fox, Bogdanovic, Bjelica, Barnes & Holmes
3:52 PM8 days ago

Clippers 5

Jackson, George, Leonard, Morris & Zubac
3:30 PM8 days ago

NBA implements fans watching games

3:10 PM8 days ago

Kings players went bowling at 'the bubble'

3:08 PM8 days ago

Clippers coach spoke out about police brutality and social injustices in wake of George Floyd's death

“I knew as a kid when I was going to Melrose Park and I was walking, there was a very good chance the police would pull over, stop me,” he said. “My dad would tell me: 'Be respectful, show your hands -- both of them -- and talk.’ Then he said, 'Don’t tell them your dad is a police officer, because they wouldn’t care. They don’t care. They don’t look at that, they look at you.’

3:06 PM8 days ago

Kawhi, Lou and Trezz expected to be in the season awards convo

3:03 PM8 days ago


Last scrimmage game for both before the real deal.

Clippers will face the Lakers on July 30th. while the Kings will go at it against the Spurs on July 31st.

3:01 PM8 days ago

Rico and Fox getting shots up

3:00 PM8 days ago

Last Meeting

The Kings defeated the Clippers, 112-103. De’Aaron Fox recorded 20 points, 4 rebounds and 8 assists for the Kings, while Kawhi Leonard tallied 31 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists for the Clippers in the losing effort.
2:59 PM8 days ago

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Full strength for LA at 'the bubble'

All the players in the Clippers roster, including Ivica Zubac and Landry Shamet are now at Orlando.

Los Angeles will try to make history at 'the bubble'.

11:57 PM9 days ago

Lou Williams to self-quarantine

The NBA has announced the Clippers guard will undergo a 10-day self quarantine.

Williams, who left 'the bubble' on an excused absence, was photographed at the Atlanta gentleman’s club, Magic City, by the rapper, Jack Harlow. 

11:56 PM9 days ago

Bagley out for the season

Shams Charania from The Athletic confirmed Marvin Bagley III will be out for the remainder of the season with a right foot injury. The Forward suffered a lateral foot sprain and is expected to be in a boot for at least two weeks.

11:53 PM9 days ago

Kings Scrimmages

Sacramento is 0-2 so far in 'the bubble', as they lost to the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks.

Luke Walton's team will try to squeeze into the playoffs as the eight seed in the West.

11:52 PM9 days ago

Clippers Scrimmages

Los Angeles has won their first two scrimmages, defeating Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards.

The Clippers look to finish the regular season as the second best team in the West.

11:51 PM9 days ago

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