Brickley Organizes Basketball Camp in Washington Heights
via: Next Subject.

Giving back to the community is something the NBA skills trainer, Chris Brickley has always believed in. Whether he’s working out with pro players in the NBA or in a public park in New York City, he is always giving his 100%.

Brickley organized a free basketball camp in Manhattan, at the Highbridge Park Courts in Washington Heights. Even though he revealed the location of the camp only two hours before, more than 500 people attended just to be able to get in a session with the greatest basketball trainer at the moment.

The camp consisted of ball-handling drills, one-on-one games, as well as other competitions. At the end of the workout, Brickley decided to giveaway multiple gifts to the crowd who attended, including a bunch of Wilson Basketballs and Puma gear. It’s impossible anyone can dispute the skills trainer way to give back to the community, as he even gave away the jacket he was wearing during the workout.

‘’I’m no doctor but I know seeing people smile takes away my anxiety & stress,’’ he wrote on Instagram. ‘’So the fact that I was able to make a bunch of people smile & come together for a positive event makes me feel like I did my job for the day.’’

Brickley’s actions are remarkable. During the weekdays he’s busy working out with Donovan Mitchell, Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony, and other NBA players, but during the weekend in his only day off, he decided to give back to the community by organizing a free basketball camp. If you didn’t know Chris Brickley was a man of the people now you know.

During these tough times, basketball offers a distraction from the real problems in society, and even if it’s only for a few hours of the day, the kids from New York City will not ever forget this amazing experience.

Back in September, Brickley told VAVEL helping others is ''the most fulfilling thing in the world to me'', and he keeps proving it day in and day out. 

Breaking schemes is nothing new for Chris Brickley, who is on a path of his own. By making the right moves, including inspiring the next generation, the NBA skills trainer is changing the basketball culture for good.