Andre Drummond signs with the Lakers
via: NBA / Getty Images.

Andre Drummond has joined the Los Angeles Lakers after being bought out by the Cleveland Cavaliers

It was rumored that Drummond would sign with either the Lakers, the Boston Celtics, or the New York Knicks but he chose the defending champions. 

A great move from LA who have been in need of another center. They had a great lineup of centers last year in JaVale McGee, Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis could play that role at an elite level when called upon. 

They lost this when they traded McGee to the Cavaliers and Howard chose to join the Philadelphia 76ers.

Marc Gasol and Montrezl Harrel are valuable in their own right but neither measure up to what the Lakers had at the five defensively.

Gasol also can pick up fouls quickly and this would have put the Lakers in a tough spot before signing Drummond. He also makes them better defensively as he can protect the paint at a better level than Gasol can. 

He is also a great rebounder, he has led the league in rebounds per game four times in his career. He is now averaging 13.5 rebounds a game along with 17.5 points.

The question with Drummond is will he be able to fulfill a very simple role in the Lakers. That is play defense and rebound. 

Drummond averages 47.4% from the field which isn't good enough for a center. He also averages 43% at the rim which is terrible for any position. 

For him to succeed at the Lakers he will most likely need to take fewer shots and understand his role. He will need to do less on offense but he likely will flourish in this role. 

Drummond said: "I'm not here to do anything besides win."

Lakers have addressed a key weakness in their team and will undoubtedly be even stronger when LeBron James and Davis return from their injuries.