South Carolina Gamecocks - Georgia Bulldogs Score And Result Of 2015 College Football
The 68th meeting between South Carolina and Georgia takes place Saturday in Athens - USA Today/Daniel Shirey
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9:28 PM EDT: That will do it for VAVEL USA's coverage of this SEC East showdown. The final once more from Sanford Stadium in Athens: Georgia 52, South Carolina 20. Stay tuned to VAVEL USA for continued coverage of NCAA Football.

9:27 PM EDT:  Georgia outgained South Carolina on the day by a margin of 576-258.

9:26 PM EDT: Greyson Lambert set the record in this game for the most consecutive completions in Georgia Bulldogs history, while also setting the FBS record for completion percentage in a single game (24/25, 96%).

4th (00:00) That is the end of the game. The Georgia Bulldogs rout the South Carolina Gamecocks 52-20 at home.

4th (00:17) UGA's defense makes one more emphatic tackle and that will end the ball game.

4th (00:45) Only one more play will need to be run.

4th (1:23) Nunez runs the ball for USC as the clock continues to wind down on this game.

4th (1:33) Georgia punts the ball away and South Carolina takes over.

4th (2:22) Georgia will punt after not being able to pick up the first down.

4th (3:08) Marshall has the ball handed to him again as the clock continues to wind down.

4th (3:54) Marshall reaches the 44 yard line. Georgia seems content to keep the ball on the ground.

4th (4:30) Keith Marshall continues to be the featured back for UGA as he picks up a first down on the ground.

4th (5:17) The USC punt flies out of bounds at the 23, which is where UGA will take over.

4th (6:04) An option pitch will gain USC about 10 yards but they are still well short of the line to gain.

4th (6:47) South Carolina loses 2 more on another pass play behind the line. Third and forever coming up for the Gamecocks.

4th (7:27) Nunez is nearly sacked but throws the ball forwards, yet it still goes for a large loss of yardage.

4th (8:04) Nunez completes a pass down field on first down to pick up another. He has looked sharp since entering the game.

4th (8:12) After the kickoff return, South Carolina will start near their own 28.

4th (8:18) Georgia recovers a loose ball on the kickoff and returns it for a score. However, they are flagged for an offsides penalty and are forced to re-kick.

4th Quarter: As a team, the Bulldogs have 34 carries for 231 yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground.

4th Quarter: The Georgia scoring drive: 9 plays, 83 yards, 5:25.

4th (8:24) It is 52-20 Bulldogs over the Gamecocks after the extra point.

4th (8:24) Keith Marshall enters the game and scores on his first carry, much to the pleasure of the fans in Athens. Touchdown Georgia.

4th (9:08) Nick Chubb back in and he is stopped at the 3 yard line after a run up the middle.

4th (9:43) Michel carries again, breaks a couple of tackles and is pushed out of bounds after gaining 3 yards. The Gamecocks are flagged for another personal foul, setting up another first down.

4th (10:12) Timeout has been called on the field.

4th (10:12) Sony Michel carries the ball for a short gain on first down.

4th (10:47) South Carolina is flagged for inciting the altercation on the field.

4th (10:47) A scrum has broken out on the field and more flags are being thrown by the officials.

4th (10:47) Lambert has to scramble outside and completes a pass but it will be called back due to an offensive pass interference penalty.

4th (11:00) The completion is negated due to a defensive pass interference penalty which is accepted. First down.

4th (11:00) Lambert completes another pass and it's to his favorite target, Malcolm Mitchell, for the ninth time today.

4th (11:35) Chubb runs and is stuffed for just a 1 yard gain. This is the 11th straight game in which Chubb has rushed for over 100 yards.

4th (11:56) Chubb runs again and picks up yet another first down.

4th (12:36) Nick Chubb has now reached 2,000 yards in his (16 game) career on an 8 yard pickup. That is the second quickest to 2,000 yards in school history, only behind Herschel Walker.

4th (13:07) Lambert hooks up with Terry Godwin and that is his 20th straight completion, a Georgia record. First down.

4th (13:32) Lambert connects with Malcolm Mitchell once more, tying the school record for consecutive completions at 19.

4th (13:43) South Carolina goes with the pooch kick which is returned to the 17 yard line.

4th Quarter: The South Carolina scoring drive: 4 plays, 54 yards, 1:16.

4th (13:49) The extra point by Fry is up and good. 45-20 is now the score as UGA still leads USC.

4th (13:49) Nunez walks into the end zone for a touchdown. Georgia is flagged for another perasonal foul at the end of the play.

4th (14:15) Nunuez continues to run the ball on his own. This carry sets up a second short on the far hash for the Gamecocks.

4th (14:51) Georgia is flagged for a personal foul after the play and the Gamecocks get the ball moved half the distance to the goal.

4th (14:51) Nunez carries the ball again and gets all the way down to the UGA 29 yard line.

3rd Quarter: Georgia is now leading South Carolina in total yards 498-205.

3rd (00:00) That will be the end of the thir dquarter. Georgia is running away with this one, as they lead South Carolina 45-13.

3rd (00:00) Nunuz runs and is stopped just shy of the marker.

3rd (00:07) Pharoh Cooper returns a punt past the 45 yard line. Nunez comes out with the Gamecocks offense.

3rd (00:49) Lambert completes his 18th straight pass, 1 shy of the UGA record (19).

3rd (1:25) Michel carries again and gains one yard. Third and long.

3rd (1:57) Sony Michel carries the ball and is dropped for a loss. Second down.

3rd (2:05) The punt bounces out of bounds at the 22 and that is where the Dawgs will take over.

3rd (2:14) A pass to Samuel falls incomplete. It's now fourth down for South Carolina and this time they'll punt it away.

3rd (2:52) Carson carries the ball and gains maybe a yard. It's third down.

3rd (3:27) This time Nunez runs and is stopped near the 41 yard line.

3rd (3:52) Lorenzo Nunez throws his first pass of the game and it is complete for a first down.

3rd (4:03) Carson returns again before be bottled up and fumbling near the 20. The Gamecocks recovered and will take over on offense.

3rd Quarter: Nick Chubb is now 3 yards shy of 2,000 on the ground for his career.

3rd Quarter: The Georgia scoring drive: 2 plays, 23 yards, 0:36.

3rd (4:13) After the extra point it is now 45-13 Georgia over South Carolina.

3rd (4:13) Chubb takes a handoff and is untouched on his way to the end zone once more. It's getting ugly at Sanford Stadium.

3rd (4:41) The ball is pitched to Nick Chubb who rips off a run down to the 7 yard line where he is finally wrestled down.

3rd (4:49) The Gamecocks go for it again and Shon Carson is stopped at the line. The Bulldogs will take over on downs.

3rd (5:35) The ball is given to Williams once more and he falls down in the backfield. Fourth down.

3rd (6:09) Williams carries again and is stopped a half of a yard shy of the line to gain. Third down.

3rd (6:40) David Williams carries the ball to the 22, it will be second and short.

3rd (6:48) Confusion between center and quarterback leads to a fumble which is recovered by South Carolina. They take over deep in their own territory.

3rd (7:07) Lambert hits Malcolm Mitchell once again for another first down, to the 13 yard line.

3rd (7:39) Reggie Davis is left wide open down the field and he picks up a first down at the 31 on a pass from Lambert.

3rd (7:59) Chubb patiently waits behind his line and then bursts through a hole for a first down.

3rd (8:24) Georgia picks up 7 yards on first down.

3rd (8:34) UGA will start at the 34 after a punt.

3rd (8:45) Perry Orth returns to the game and has his pass dropped. It'll be fourth down.

3rd (9:29) Carson runs again and the Georgia front seven swallows him up once more. It's third and long.

3rd (10:10) Shon Carson takes an outside handoff but is stopped for no gain. Second down.

3rd (10:54) South Carolina goes for it on fourth down and Nunez picks it up on a keeper.

3rd (11:22) A botched option handoff leads to Nunez getting stopped at the line of scrimmage.

3rd (12:05) David Williams runs the ball for the second time today to set up third and short.

3rd (12:36) Lorenzo Nunez is back in the game for USC. He hands the ball off for a 4 yard gain.

3rd (12:42) Shon Carson returns the ball to the 22 yard line. First down Gamecocks.

3rd Quarter: The Georgia scoring drive: 1 play, 11 yards, 0:06.

3rd (12:48) The extra point is good. Georgia now leads South Carolina 38-13.

3rd (12:48) Lambert finds Michel again, this time on a slip screen out of the backfield and he dives in for a touchdown. Georgia is just piling on now.

3rd (12:54) The review determines that Georgia will start at the 11 yard line. First down for the Bulldogs.

3rd Quarter: The ball was fumbled at the end of the play but was recoverd by Georgia. The return is under review.

3rd (12:54) A pass for Deebo Samuel sails on Orth and is intercepted by Dominick Sanders of UGA.

3rd (13:05) Orth aims for Cooper again but it goes off his hands on an attempt at a diving catch. Third down.

3rd (13:11) Perry Orth intends a pass for Pharoh Cooper but leads him too far and the pass is incomplete. Second down.

3rd (13:15) The kickoff is knelt down for a touchback.

3rd Quarter: The Georgia scoring drive: 5 plays, 75 yards, 1:45.

3rd (13:15) The extra point is good and Georgia extends their lead of South Carolina once again. They're now up 31-13.

3rd (13:15) A remarkable drive by the Bulldogs is capped off with a quick touchdown. Sony Michel takes a bubble screen from Lambert makes a nifty cutback and scores.

3rd (13:43) Nick Chubb continues to shred the Carolina defense as he sprints down to the 11 yard line. First down.

3rd (14:12) The handoff to Nick Chubb goes for another big play as he is dragged down at the 42 of South Carolina.

3rd (14:33) Mitchell catches the ball in the same spot and is pushed out at the 45.

3rd (14:53) Greyson Lambert finds his favorite target Malcolm Mitchell for a first down at the 37.

3rd (15:00) The opening kickoff of the second half goes out of the end zone. Georgia will start at the 25.

1st Half: Georgia will receive the second half kickoff, leading rival South Carolina 24-13.

1st Half: While it was a competitive first half, South Carolina's defensive deficiencies plagued the team throughout. Better tackling will be the key to mounting a comeback in the second half.

1st Half: The Bulldogs outgained the Gamecocks in the first half by a margin of 323-150. On the ground, UGA has a 133-84 edge, led by the 1-2 punch of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.

1st Half: On the other side, Greyson Lambert had an incredibly efficient first half. He completed 14/15 passes for 190 yards and a touchdown, good for a 221.7 passer efficiency rating.

1st Half: Perry Orth played decently for South Carolina under center in the first half. He's 6/13 passing for 66 yards so far with a rushing touchdown as well.

2nd (00:00) That ends the first half of play. Georgia leads South Carolina in Athens 24-13.

2nd (00:00) Elliott Fry nails a 51-yard field goal as time expires to get the Gamecocks on the board one last time before the half.

2nd (00:07) Georgia is flagged for a facemask after the play, setting the Gamecocks up at the 34 yard line of UGA.

2nd (00:07) Shon Carson busts off another great kickoff return, reaching the Georgia 49 yard line.

2nd Quarter: The Georgia scoring drive: 8 plays, 78 yards, 1:53.

2nd (00:17) It is now 24-10 Bulldogs over the Gamecocks after the extra point.

2nd (00:17) Mitchell is wide open on a play-action pass and he receives a perfect strike from Lambert for a score.

2nd (00:20) Chubb carries again and is stopped at the 5 yard line. Bulldogs immediately call their last timeout of the half.

2nd (00:29) Malcolm Mitchell catches a slant pass for a first down to the 9 yard line.

2nd (00:38) Georgia calls timeout, their second of the half.

2nd (00:38) Chubb carries the ball on a pitch and is tripped up at the 23 yard line. Second down and short for Georgia.

2nd (00:44) The call is officially overturned, no targeting. First down Georgia.

2nd Quarter: The play will be overturned. Hard hit by Johnson but it was to the shoulders of Davis, not the head or neck.

2nd (00:44) Kansas Jayhawks transfer Isaiah Johnson is flagged for targeting at the end of the play for South Carolina. The play is under review.

2nd (00:44) Reggie Davis makes a great jumping catch down the sideline after beating poor coverage by South Carolina.

2nd (1:09) Another completion, another first down for the Bulldogs.

2nd (1:41) Chubb is back in the game and carries the ball for 6 between the tackles. Second down.

2nd (2:02) Lambert continues to roll, hitting Jackson Harris again for another first down.

2nd (2:10) Kickoff coverage has been good for South Carolina today. UGA will start at their own 22.

2nd Quarter: The Gamecocks now have 84 yards on the ground today.

2nd Quarter: The South Carolina scoring drive: 9 plays, 72 yards, 5:13.

2nd (2:17) The extra point is good. After a good run by Perry Orth the Gamecocks cut the Bulldogs lead to 17-10.

2nd (2:17) Orth fakes a handoff and keeps the ball himself, running to the outside and picking up a touchdown for the Gamecocks.

2nd (2:57) South Carolina tries to set up a double pass with Cooper, but the play is blown up. Cooper still runs the ball to the 4 yard line.

2nd (3:25) Pass from Orth is high but is pulled in by Jerell Adams who picks up the first down and carries defenders all the way down to the 8 yard line.

2nd (4:17) Perry Oth returns to the game but South Carolina continues to run the ball. This time Carson is stuffed at the line.

2nd (5:02) South Carolina continues to run the ball with Nunez in the game. David Williams gains 5 on the ground.

2nd (5:26) Wilds is now down injured after being tackled. Timeout on the field to tend to him.

2nd (5:26) Brandon Wilds back in the game and he takes a handoff to the 28 yard line for another Gamecocks first down.

2nd (6:05) Nunez remains in the game and pitches the ball to Cooper who gains 11 and a first down.

2nd (6:46) This time Nunez hands to Pharoh Cooper who is stopped at the 49. Second and 6.

2nd (7:22) South Carolina pulls out the wildcat offense and quarterback Lorenzo Nunez runs it down to the 45 for a first down.

2nd (7:30) Shon Carson has another solid return. Carolina will start at the 28.

2nd Quarter: Nick Chubb and Sony Michel have now combined for 13 carries, 97 yards and 2 touchdowns.

2nd Quarter: The Georgia scoring drive: 7 plays, 88 yards, 3:42.

2nd (7:37) The extra point is true and Georgia has opened up a 14-point lead over South Carolina 17-3.

2nd (7:37) Michel finds a hole and runs all the way to the end zone for another Bulldogs touchdown. UGA burned the Gamecocks on the ground on that drive.

2nd (7:57) Another give to Michel and he runs down to the 22 for another first down. Georgia getting great blocking up front today.

2nd (8:26) Michel takes the ball again and rumbles to the 38 yard line. Second down.

2nd (8:56) Malcolm Mitchell grabs a perfect throw from Lambert at the USC 45 for a first down.

2nd (9:32) Sony Michel grabs a screen pass and makes a few moves to get down to the 39 yard line, bringing up second down.

2nd (9:56) Terry Godwin catches a pass and is dropped near the first down marker, but he is flagged for an illegal shift. That negates the play, it will be first and 15.

2nd (10:30) Lambet finds his tight end Jackson Harris over the middle for a first down all the way to the 34.

2nd (11:14) Sony Michel gains a couple yards on a handoff up the middle.

2nd (11:19) Sean Kelly's second punt of the game bounces out of bounds at the 12 yard line. First down for UGA.

2nd (11:28) Deebo Samuel nearly pulls a ball down along the sideline but it is broken up at the last second. Fourth down.

2nd (11:35) Spurrier calls anouther timeout, South Carolina's second of the half.

2nd (11:35) Perry Orth throws it away under pressure. Third down coming up.

2nd (12:18) Shon Carson carries the ball as play resumes and he crosses into Georgia territory. Second and 6 coming up.

2nd Quarter: Timeout on the field as trainors tend to the injured Gamecock.

2nd (12:33) There is a player down on the field for South Carolina.

2nd (12:33) This time Orth completes a pass to Deebo Samuel for a first down.

2nd (12:40) Another incompletion from Orth brings up third and long. Bulldogs brought the heat on that play.

2nd (12:44) Bad throw on first down falls incomplete, intended for Jerell Adams.

2nd (12:49) Shon Carson returns the kickoff to the 32 yard line. Here comes Perry Orth and the Gamecocks offense.

2nd Quarter: Nick Chubb now has 50 yards on 9 carries with a touchdown so far today. South Carolina has 23 total rushing yards.

2nd Quarter: The Georgia scoring drive: 9 plays, 82 yards, 3:35.

2nd (12:56) Extra point is up and good. Georgia now leads South Carolina 10-3.

2nd (12:56) Nick Chubb pushes through the pile and lunges into the end zone for a touchdown. His low center of gravity and insane leg strength proved vital on that play.

2nd (13:02) Georgia calls timeout before they snap on first down. That's their first of the half, each team now has two remaining.

2nd (13:15) After a short first down gain Lambert completes a pass down to the 3 yard line to set up first and goal.

2nd (14:09) Chubb carries again and gains 15 yards down to the 26. One of the hardest players in all of college football to tackle. First down.

2nd (14:33) Nick Chubb gets the ball and picks up a first down, rumbling to the 41 yard line.

2nd (14:52) With no receivers open Greyson Lambert runs for nine yards to the near side on first down.

1st Quarter: Georgia is currently leading South Carolina in total yardage 96-60.

1st Quarter: That last catch was made by Terry Godwin.

1st (00:00) That will end the first quarter. Georgia has the ball and we are all tied up at 3.

1st (00:07) 17-yard gain on a slant route to pick up a first down for UGA.

1st (00:45) Pressure gets to Lambert but he dives back to the line of scrimmage to avoid a loss of yardage. Now it's third down for the Bulldogs.

1st (1:22) Chubb carries up the middle to the 25. Second and short.

1st (1:31) Georgia starts at their own 17 after a short kickoff return.

1st Quarter: The South Carolina scoring drive: 13 plays, 48 yards, 5:40.

1st (1:36) Elliott Fry comes out for a field goal attempt and nails it from 45 yards out. We are tied between the hedges 3-3.

1st (2:11) A delayed blitz up the middle from the Bulldogs is unblocked and Orth is tripped up back at the 28 yard line. It's fourth down.

1st (2:19) Georgia brings the heat and forces Orth to roll out and throw the ball away. Third down.

1st (2:25) Orth aims for the end zone but throws it well out of bounds. Second down.

1st (2:30) Timeout called by Steve Spurrier and South Carolina after they had confusion with their alignment. That's their first of the half.

1st (3:05) Orth rolls pout to his right and hits Cooper for a first down near the 21.

1st (3:41) Shon Carson gets his first carry of the game and only gains about a yard. Third and 4 for the Gamecocks.

1st (3:47) Georgia is flagged for offsides before the snap. It will be second and 5 for South Carolina.

1st (3:47) Cooper makes a fantastic effort to lay out for a ball and catches it but lands out of bounds near the goal line. Second down for Carolina.

1st (4:22) Orth throws down field for 15 yards and another first down. He got the throw off under tremendous pressure.

1st (4:59) Pharoh Cooper takes a sweep handoff for the second time but this time around he gets just one yard. Second down.

1st (5:34) First down pass is complete for another first down, from Orth to his tight end Jacob August.

1st (6:04) This time Wilds bursts through the line and picks up a first down near the Georgia 39. First down Gamecocks.

1st (6:34) Orth throws for the first time and it's a gain of about four on the completion. Third down.

1st (7:11) Another carry for Brandon Wilds and he still has not gotten through that front line of Georgia. Gain of 2.

1st (7:16) Morgan kicks it into the end zone again for another touchback. Perry Orth and South Carolina will start at the 25.

1st Quarter: That kick was made by Marshall Morgan for Georgia.

1st (7:18) Georgia is on the board after a 30-yard field goal. Bulldogs lead the Gamecocks 3-0.

1st (7:18) Lambert throws his first incompletion, aiming for his tight end in the back of the end zone and sailing the throw. Forth down for the Dawgs.

1st (7:59) Chubb carries again and is met by Skai Moore who brings him down. Third and long for the Bulldogs.

1st (8:33) This time the Gamecocks swarm Chubb in the backfield and bring him down for a 3-yard loss.

1st (9:04) Georgia is tearing up the South Carolina defense. They get another first down, they're at the 15 yard line.

1st (9:45) Four yards gained on first down.

1st (9:59) Another first down pass goes for yet another first down for UGA.

1st (10:14) Nick Chubb carries for the first time, makes a nifty move on the sideline and gets to the 40 for another Georgia first down.

1st (10:49) Another first down pass, this one for about 5 more.

1st (11:14) Pass goes to Malcolm Mitchell who makes the grab and brings a horde of Gamecocks along for a ride all the way to the UGA 48. First down.

1st (11:47) Greyson Lambert throws on first down and picks up 5 on a quick hitch to the tight end. Second down.

1st (11:52) Georgia will start at their own 17 after a short return on a good punt from Sean Kelly.

1st (12:33) Orth keeps the ball on a QB draw and he gains only two yards. First punt of the game coming up.

1st (13:03) Perry Orth has to scramble out of a collapsing pocket and runs out of bounds at the line of scrimmage. Third and long for South Carolina.

1st (13:44) Wilds takes a handoff again and is stuffed again. No gain, here comes second down.

1st (14:13) Pharoh Cooper takes a sweep handoff to the near side and picks up a first down near the 39 yard line.

1st (14:55) Brandon Wilds takes the ball on the first play of the game and is stuffed up the middle. Second down.

1st (15:00) The kickoff flies into the end zone and bounces over the back line for a touchback. Here come the Gamecocks.

5:57 PM EDT: Kickoff is still slated for right at 6:00 PM EDT in Athens.

5:50 PM EDT: This is one of two intra-divisional games in the SEC East today. Coming up at 7:30 PM EDT, Kentucky (2-0, 1-0 conference) plays host to Florida (2-0, 0-0 conference).

5:35 PM EDT: Defensively, the Gamecocks are 87th nationally in total defense. The Bulldogs rank 50th.

5:20 PM EDT: Georgia enters this game ranked 65th in the nation in total offense, while South Carolina is ranked 76th.

5:03 PM EDT: This game could make or break the season for South Carolina. A loss tonight would drop them to 0-2 in their own division, while Georgia would be undefeated and would hold the tiebreaker. Mizzou has no losses in conference yet, however also has only played non-conference games.

The South Carolina Gamecocks will take on the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday evening at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:00 PM EDT.

Each of these teams have three remaining non-conference games, including ones on September 26 at home and in the final two weeks of the season as well. Next week South Carolina will host the UCF Knights at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, while Georgia welcomes the Southern Jaguars to Sanford Stadium.

After losing to Kentucky last weekend and already low expectations entering 2015, South Carolina is a dark horse at best in terms of chances to win the SEC East this year. The Gamecocks have only won the division once during their time in the SEC. They fell to eventual national champion Auburn in the 2010 SEC Championship Game 56-17.

Georgia is the early favorite to win the SEC East division and to earn a berth in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta this December. Missouri has won the division the past two seasons, however, lost in the championship game both years. Last time Georgia made it to the SEC Championship Game, they ran out of time after being stopped at the five yard line, falling by a score of 32-28 to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

In his career as a head coach, Steve Spurrier has a 16-6 record against Georgia, including a 5-5 record during his time at South Carolina. Mark Richt took over the Georgia Bulldogs in 2001 and has an 8-6 record against the Gamecocks. These teams first played in 1894 and have played every year since South Carolina entered the SEC in 1992. In 67 total games between the two schools, Georgia leads the series 47-18-2.

It is expected to be a warm but not unbearable day temperature-wise in Athens. The day's high is projected to be 88 degrees with light winds, with the nighttime low dropping to 63 degrees. Expect it to be nearly prime playing conditions from kickoff to the final whistle.

Sony Michel will be an interesting player to watch for Georgia this weekend. He will take carries out of the backfield a decent amount but he is also a potent weapon in the passing game. Malcolm Mitchell has been the favorite target of Greyson Lambert thus far this season, pulling in more passes than anyone else on the roster in 2015. Watch for Mitchell to see numerous targets downfield on Saturday evening.

While Perry Orth likely won't have his arm relied on too much Saturday, it is imperative that he proves that he can make some plays with his arm. Pharoh Cooper will likely see a plurality, if not a true majority, of the targets from Orth in Athens. Cooper is one of the top athletes in the nation and has the playmaking ability of a true stud. While the Gamecocks offense will be primarily run-oriented, there will likely be many plays designed specifically for Cooper to get the ball in space with the chance to bust off a big play.

Georgia will be relying heavily on Nick Chubb, who is thought of by many as not only the best running back in the SEC but as the best in the entire nation. Chubb's unparalleled combination of speed and power makes him a nightmare for opposing defenses, especially one with deficiencies in tackling such as South Carolina's. Expect a heavy dose of Chubb early and often for the Bulldogs offense.

The focal point on offense for both teams will be the running game. South Carolina's ground attack is led by senior Brandon Wilds, who has enough speed to break away from defenders while also being powerful enough to muscle through small holes. Shon Carson will serve as something of a de facto change of pace back for the Gamecocks. His breakaway speed is something to marvel at, as was evidenced by his 48-yard touchdown run against North Carolina in the first game of the season.

Virginia transfer Greyson Lambert is the starting quarterback for the Bulldogs after prevailing in the team's training camp quarterback competition. He has only thrown 33 passes in UGA's first 2 games combined, but his foremost task is not to make huge plays, but rather to not turn the ball over. Don't be surprised to see some brief action from backup Brice Ramsey at some point on Saturday.

The Gamecocks enter this week's game with another new starting quarterback after kicking off the season with a new starter as well. Perry Orth will take over the starting job in the wake of an injury last week to Connor Mitch. Orth has seen a decent amount of playing time in the last two weeks, but he will be the go-to guy for South Carolina between the hedges this weekend.

South Carolina has won four of the last five meetings between these two schools, including an upset at home at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia last year. Georgia's last win in the series came in 2013 in Athens, which broke the Gamecocks' three-game winning streak (their longest such streak in the rivalry's history).

On the other side of things, Steve Spurrier will lead his Gamecocks into a game which is effectively a must-win early this season. After escaping the first game of the season against North Carolina with a win and faltering last week against Kentucky, South Carolina needs a win to avoid falling to 0-2 in SEC play (and 0-2 in their own division), which would put them in dire straights before they ever got off the ground in 2015.

Mark Richt's Bulldogs enter this game ranked #7 in the nation and they have their sights set not only on an SEC East title, nor just an SEC championship, but a berth in the College Football Playoff as well.

Hello and welcome to VAVEL USA's coverage of the 2015 college football season. Today we have a matchup between two fierce SEC rivals, as the South Carolina Gamecocks take on the Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia.