Tennessee Thrashes Kentucky In Border-Brawl Rivalry
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Tennessee Thrashes Kentucky In Border-Brawl Rivalry

Kentucky went a third straight week without a win once long time rival Tennessee came into town and dominated the 'Cats from the start. Tennessee looked like a championship team with their near spotless performance in Commonwealth.

Pat Duerr

Tennessee looked like a top 25 team while facing the Wildcats and handing them their second straight blowout.

Kentucky looked clueless on offense, only gaining 2 yards of offense halfway through the first half. Kentucky's defense managed to pick up a 77-yard touchdown before Kentucky got a 1st down.

Kentucky's defense looked ready to play at the start, but when the offense doesn't keep them off the field, the defense tends to get a little tired. That may explain Kentucky's complete collapse near halftime.

What isn't explained is how Kentucky allowed a kick-off return of over 100 yards from Evan Berry or a punt return of 84 yards for a touchdown from Cameron Sutton. Those kinds of plays from the Kentucky specials team are unacceptable. These two return plays happened back-to-back in the 3rd quarter and it absolutely destroyed any rally Kentucky had waiting. The 3rd quarter ended any hopes of the Wildcats making a comeback being outscored 28-7.

Tennessee's coverage on receivers was a huge part in why Kentucky could not move the ball. Whenever QB Patrick Towles hit a target in or came close, it would get broken up instantly by help defense or dropped.

Penalties were a huge story for the Wildcats as well, having 9-93 yards and most would come off of holding calls on offensive plays. These mistakes killed momentum and kept the 'Cats from getting into a rhythm.

Kentucky RB Stanley "Boom" Williams was a story in the game as he went down awkwardly on his arm mid-first half near the goal line. Williams laid on the field for a few minutes before being helped to the locker room and later returned to the sidelines after being announced that he won't return to the game. Losing Williams for the year in any kind of season-ending injury would spell disaster for the Wildcats.

The Wildcats replaced their star player with RB Mikel Horton who had 109 yards on 14 carries. Horton proved himself with his performance and the Kentucky offense will likely try to incorporate him more.

Another week, another running quarterback abusing Kentucky. Tennessee QB Joshua Dobbs had 51 rushing yards and 2 TDs on 7 carries. Dobbs also finished with 233 passing yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT to add to Kentucky's pain.

Kentucky's QB Patrick Towles had a less than satisfying game with 184 passing yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. An outing like this for the junior quarterback leaves much more to be desired from the fans.

Tennessee won the lopsided rivalry for the 4th straight year and doesn't look to let Kentucky catch up anytime soon. After 26-straight years of losing, the Wildcats can't think it could get worse right?

It might be getting worse.

Week 10 Schedules

South Carolina at Tennessee 11/7/15

Kentucky at Georgia 11/7/15