NCAA Bans Satellite Camps Dealing Huge Hit To Big Ten
(Photo Source: USA Today/Rick Osentoski)

This past Friday, the NCAA held a vote amongst the Power Five Conferences and five smaller conferences discussing whether or not the use of satellite camps should be allowed. The vote resulted in a 10-5 against the use of satellite camps. The Big Ten was the only Power Five conference in favor of the use.

The NCAA's rule will mostly hurt The University of Michigan and Ohio State University, who had a major portion of their recruits come from southern states such as Florida. The rule will cost multiple recruits a shot at a northern school. Many of these coaches were competing with the Southeastern Conference, but now the SEC will have the upper hand. Most of the talent in the college football world comes from southern high schools that contain under recruited players. The SEC could easily grab under valued players, because they are right down the street. The Big Ten won't have the luxury of recruiting those guys without satellite camps.

What Was the Reason for the Ban

The main question college football fans across the country are wondering: What was the reason behind the ruling? The NCAA made this ruling due to the fact that the Big Ten was stealing recruits from other parts of the country outside of their own "territories". Prior to this ruling, the Atlantic Coastal Conference and the Southeastern Conference had already ruled against their schools holding a satellite camp outside of 50 miles from their campus. 

How the Big Ten Will Go About Recruiting

The Big Ten will obviously be the conference most effected by the rule. Their coaching staffs will now have to find a new way to go about recruiting. Programs could advertise their camps more in southern areas. They could also lower the price camps to make it more affordable. Despite this major hit to Big Ten recruiting, It is unlikely that Urban Meyer and Harbaugh will suffer. But, the non-blue bloods of the conference will suffer and that's a true tragedy.