Touchdown and Highlights: Georgia 10-3 Clemson in NCAA Football
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Thank you for following the NCAA Day 1 telecast of the Clemson-Georgia game.
11:07 PM16 days ago

Duel of defenses

Defenses prevailed throughout the night, but Georgia ended up with the win over Clemson to start the season off on the right foot.
11:06 PM16 days ago

End game

Georgia 10-3 Clemson.
11:06 PM16 days ago

4Q 00:47

Zamir White with the carry to move the chains and seal the victory.
11:00 PM16 days ago

4Q 02:18

Based on power, Zamir White runs for 10 yards and brings Georgia closer to victory.
10:56 PM16 days ago

4Q 08:13

James Cook with the reversible and gets enough to move the chains and start forcing Clemson to burn their timeouts.
10:51 PM16 days ago

4Q 04:48

Uiagalelei with a 45-yard double incomplete pass and Clemson comes away empty-handed, giving Georgia possession.
10:49 PM16 days ago

4Q 06:43

Braden Galloway with the short reception to get to midfield and move the chains.
10:39 PM16 days ago

4Q 08:23

James Cook with the side pass, but is then stopped and Georgia forced to clear.
10:32 PM16 days ago

4Q 09:08


Potter 22-yarder shortens the Charlotte deficit.

10:31 PM16 days ago

4Q 09:11

Uiagalelei's high pass and Clemson still can't punch it into the end zone.
10:28 PM16 days ago

4Q 09:53

Frank Ladson dances and manages to get enough yards to move the chains.
10:26 PM16 days ago

4Q 11:02

Uiagalelei's bomb to Joseph Ngata to move the chains to the opponent's 43-yard line.
10:20 PM16 days ago

4Q 14:35

Murphy with the screen pass that doesn't work and Georgia will have to kick.
10:14 PM16 days ago

End of third quarter

Georgia 10-0 Clemson.
10:11 PM16 days ago

3Q 00:59

Once again Uiagalelei is captured and Clemson will be forced to clear.
10:04 PM16 days ago

3Q 02:38


This time Jack Podlesny hits his 22-yard field goal to increase the lead.

10:03 PM16 days ago

3Q 02:41

Daniels was looking for the end zone, but the pass is incomplete.
10:00 PM16 days ago

3Q 03:31

Another pass interference against Clemson to allow 15 yards and the Georgia offense to set up inside the red zone.
9:56 PM16 days ago

3Q 07:00

Zamir White finds space and explodes through the hole for more than 20 yards.
9:52 PM16 days ago

3Q 08:11

Anderson catches Uiagalelei and it did Clemson little good to intercept the ball.
9:49 PM16 days ago

3Q 09:39

Baylon Spector intercepts Daniel and Clemson will get the ball back.
9:43 PM16 days ago

3Q 12:00

Uiagalelei is caught and Clemson will have to clear near midfield.
9:41 PM16 days ago

3Q 13:45

From the shotgun formation, Uiagalelei finds Joseph Ngata to move the chains for the first time in the second half.
9:36 PM16 days ago

3Q 15:00

Second half begins. Clemson on offense.
9:14 PM16 days ago

Half time

Georgia 7-0 Clemson.
9:12 PM16 days ago

2Q 01:02

Uiagalelei with the incomplete pass to Ngata and then a delay of game forces them to clear.
9:08 PM16 days ago

2Q 02:50

Joseph Ngata with the long reception of nearly 25 yards to move the chains.
9:00 PM16 days ago

2Q 02:58


Christopher Smith intercepts it to Uiagalelei and returns it to the diagonal zone for the pick six.

8:58 PM16 days ago

2Q 04:53

Justyn Ross with the reception to get to the opponent's 36-yard line.
8:53 PM16 days ago

2Q 05:35

First fumble of the game on the return and Clemson recovers the loose ball.
8:52 PM16 days ago

2Q 05:35

Uiagalelei with the very high pass to Ross and Clemson will have to turn possession back over.
8:47 PM16 days ago

2Q 07:10

Kenny McIntosh with the two-yard carry when he needed three and Georgia will have to clear.
8:39 PM16 days ago

2Q 10:03

D.J. Uiagalelei has to get out on his legs after a fumble, but he can't get to the mark and Clemson will have to clear.
8:36 PM16 days ago

2Q 12:56

Will Shipley with the 12-yard reception to move the chains in Clemson's favor.
8:33 PM16 days ago

2Q 14:19

Jack Podlesny misses the 38-yard attempt and Georgia walks away empty-handed.
8:28 PM16 days ago

End of first quarter

Georgia 0-0 Clemson.

Georgia would open the quarter with a field goal attempt.

8:21 PM16 days ago

1Q 03:00

Daniels completes to Brock Bowers and Georgia moves the chains and threatens to score.
8:18 PM16 days ago

1Q 04:33

Now the pass interference is against the Clemson defense which gives away first and ten.
8:14 PM16 days ago

1Q 05:35

D.J. Uiagalelei is brought down on third down and again Clemson will have to punt inside its 20-yard line.
8:10 PM16 days ago

1Q 06:25

Defensive pass interference and Georgia gives away 15 yards to Clemson.
8:05 PM16 days ago

1Q 05:53

After thinking about it with a timeout, Georgia decides not to play it on fourth down and kick to corral the opponent inside its own 5-yard line.
7:58 PM16 days ago

1Q 08:53

Smith catches D.J. Uiagalelei inside his own five-yard line and out of a compromised zone Clemson will have to clear.
7:53 PM16 days ago

1Q 10:20

Kendall Milton with the short reception and Georgia will have to clear from midfield.
7:51 PM16 days ago

1Q 12:04

James Cook with the five-yard carry to keep moving the chains.
7:49 PM16 days ago

1Q 13:36

Rosemy-Jacksaint with the four-yard reception to move the Georgia chains.
7:46 PM16 days ago

1Q 15:00

The match begins. Georgia on the offensive.
7:38 PM16 days ago

All set

The teams are already on the field and everything is ready for the ball to return to Bank of America Stadium.
7:24 PM16 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff of the first game for both teams between Georgia and Clemson.
7:23 PM16 days ago

Unity is strength

All united and as a team, Clemson thus took the field in the post-Trevor Lawrence era.
7:18 PM16 days ago

What a standing ovation

And so the Georgia Bulldogs jumped out to a standing ovation from their fans.
7:13 PM16 days ago

The stage

Although it's a little cloudy, but the weather in Charlotte is ideal for the Georgia-Clemson game to start in about another half hour.

7:08 PM16 days ago

The helmet

Georgia will take the field in its red and white uniform, in addition to the traditional helmet with a G as its main logo.

7:03 PM16 days ago

The reunion

For the first time since January, Clemson fans and Tigers fans will meet again to enjoy the sport of tackling.
6:58 PM16 days ago

Bank of America Stadium

Clemson thus came to Carolina Panthers Stadium.
6:53 PM16 days ago

Uniform ready

Wearing the traditional orange jersey, Clemson will take the field looking to get off to a winning start.
6:48 PM16 days ago


Clemson and Georgia will play the best game of week one in what should be a great game between two of the nation's top five teams. We start with the coverage.
6:43 PM16 days ago

Tune in here Georgia Bulldogs vs Clemson Tigers Live Score

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What time is Georgia Bulldogs vs Clemson Tigers match for NCAAF?

This is the start time of the game Georgia Bulldogs vs Clemson Tigers of 4th September in several countries:

Argentina: 8:30 PM in ESPN.

Bolivia: 7:30 PM in ESPN.

Brazil: 8:30 PM in ESPN.

Chile: 7:30 PM in ESPN.

Colombia: 6:30 PM in ESPN.

Ecuador: 6:30 horas in ESPN.

USA (ET): 7:30 PM in ABC.

Spain: 1:30 AM

Mexico: 6:30 PM in ESPN.

Paraguay: 8:30 PM in ESPN.

Peru: 6:30 PM in ESPN.

Uruguay: 8:30 PM in ESPN.

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Last games

One of America's greatest student rivalries is this Georgia vs Clemson game, where the Bulldogs hold the all-time advantage of 42 wins, 18 losses and four ties, although they haven't met since 2014.

Georgia 45-21 Clemson, 2014

Georgia 35-38 Clemson, 2013

Georgia 30-0 Clemson, 2003

Georgia 31-28 Clemson, 2002

Georgia 19-17 Clemson, 1995

6:28 PM16 days ago

Key player Clemson Tigers

After Lawrence's departure, eyes will turn to quarterback DJ Uiagalelei, who had some flashes last season and will now be tasked with lifting and sustaining the Tigers' offensive powerhouse.

6:23 PM16 days ago

Key player Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia's offense promises to be one of the most explosive in the league with great ground power, but JT Daniels will have to continue with the leadership and command an aerial attack that did not end up exploding last year.

6:18 PM16 days ago

Clemson Tigers: restructuring

The unknown for Clemson is to see how they adapt to the post Trevor Lawrence era, who was the first overall selection of the last Draft by signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars; in 2020 they lost the semifinal (Sugar Bowl) against Ohio State.
6:13 PM16 days ago

Georgia Bulldogs: reaffirming their project

Georgia wants to continue to stand out nationally and to start the campaign they will have a litmus test to see what level they are made of and their expectations heading into the campaign.
6:08 PM16 days ago

To highlight

Two of the most watched games in the United States were these two teams involved in the last regular season, since the most watched was Clemson vs Notre Dame with 10.07 million viewers and, in second place, was Georgia vs Alabama with 9-61 million viewers.
6:03 PM16 days ago

A new season

The NCAA will now have a full season and the main dish for the first week will be the game between Georgia and Clemson, teams that finished among the top five in the nation and are looking to be in the main bowls at the end of the year.
5:58 PM16 days ago

Kick-off time

The Georgia Bulldogs vs Clemson Tigers match will be played at the Bank of California Stadium, in Charlotte, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:30 pm ET.
5:53 PM16 days ago

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